The author was born in New Jersey. She would like to offer this as an excuse. She currently attends an all-girls’ college in Pennsy. Coincidentally, she was introduced to FMA during her freshman year at said school. Usually a yaoi fan, she suspects her fervent and unusual love of the Roy x Hawkeye pairing stems from a year’s shortage of testosterone.

She accepted the label and its implication without argument, lifting the revolver and sighting along its barrel.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | SP: ep 36 | Riza Hawkeye | Winry Rockbell | angst | drama

"I know how things work, sir," the boy continued, laying the watch across his lap.

rated:K-V | M+F | Fullmetal | all-series | SP: ep 25 | Maes Hughes | Riza Hawkeye | Roy Mustang | angst | drama