Once upon a time, in a far away country (believe me, it’s really far) there was a little girl. But we don’t care about little girls, so... let’s just say in this country also lived Elihice, and she was bored to death. Hundreds of wise doctors, magicians and wandering fools tried to cure her illness, but no one succeeded. "I know!" Said the eldest and wisest magician "We shall give her... cable internet!’ Almost everyone agreed except for one of the wandering fools who cried "It’s too dangerous! She’ll become one of those....fanfiction writers!" Since the words of a wandering fool were nothing against the wise magician, they all ignored him. By the time they realized Elihice was writing fanfiction, it was too late.

Even so, you still are a manipulative bastard.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | post-series | SP: ep 15 | Roy Mustang | angst | drama | introspective

Sometimes they race to see who can get to Winry's house faster.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | Edward Elric | angst | drama

And if he did forget mom's face, what would be next? Her voice? Her smile? The color of her eyes?

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | Alphonse Elric | Edward Elric | Maes Hughes | angst | drama

...the two men drank Roy's good whiskey, clinked glasses and Maes exclaimed that It was about damn time.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | SP: ep 25 | Maes Hughes | Roy Mustang | angst | drama | introspective