luc court

Luc, short for Lucas, is a member of the Blackbirds group. He works in B2B Solutions during the day, writes as a hobby at other times to keep from throwing hard drives out the window. Luc should be kept away from all manner of scripting devices, including (but not limited to) pens, pencils, keyboards, crayons, styluses, rubber bands, english muffins, cd cases, and other people. Luc is unsafe for public consumption and should not be administered to anyone under the age of three without medical supervision. In event of allergic reaction to Luc, please contact your local Poison Control Center at 1-900-HASTURHASTURHASTUR.

Around when the hour of nine rolls up to the door, fat as a bellied barfly, Roy has already taken his jacket off the hook and has gone outside to walk.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | Riza Hawkeye | Roy Mustang | angst | drama

Roy Mustang was shipped back home last week. Neat as a parcel of vegetables with the stamp upside-down on the crate.

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | pre-series | Maes Hughes | Roy Mustang | angst | drama

Death could come to Roy on his time. Appointment first. Lunch, maybe.

rated:K-V | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | Roy Mustang | Scar | angst | dark | drama | introspective

Years later when they shipped him off on a belated honeymoon, Roy went without audible protest.

rated:K-V | GEN | Fullmetal | pre-series | Roy Mustang | angst | drama | intense

He hates the military. Maybe he doesn't. Roy and straight-line thinking aren't on speaking terms anymore, though he likes to pretend.

rated:M-S | M×F | Fullmetal | mid-series | SP: ep 15 | Riza/Roy | angst | drama