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Semi-retired Evil Overlord. Believes in adjectival order, oxford commas, complex compound sentences, asskicking fight scenes, characters of moral ambiguity, encouraging the inner geek, ontological hermeneutics, analyzing slashy subtext, cherishing unloved sidekicks, and world domination. Not necessarily in that order.

He decided, then, quite firmly, that he wasn't ever going to drink coffee again, with anybody. It was too risky.

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"Just who're you calling..." Edward's voice stuttered to a halt as he saw where the man was pointing. "...short?"

rated:G | GEN | Fullmetal | pre-series | Gundam Wing | Alphonse Elric | Edward Elric | action | drama | 354th FG HQ

You'd have to be inhuman not to quake in fear when she stares you down.

rated:K-V | GEN | Fullmetal | mid-series | SP: ep15-20 | Alphonse Elric | Edward Elric | Izumi Curtis | Winry Rockbell | angst | drama | redux

An alchemical reaction of the most ancient kind: sitting down to eat as though filling the stomach could replace the gap in one's heart.

rated:K-L-V | GEN | Fullmetal | post-series | SP: ep 25 | DF: ep 30 | Alphonse Elric | Edward Elric | Roy Mustang | action | angst | drama | intense | ref. noncon | 354th FG HQ

It hurt, somehow, to know that there was no one now who could see past the mask if he didn't want them to.

rated:M-L-V | GEN | Fullmetal | post-series | SP: ep 25 | DF: ep 28 | Alphonse Elric | Edward Elric | Roy Mustang | action | angst | drama | mystery

Most of the early scientific practices rooted in alchemy are based on the belief that one must taste, touch, see, feel, hear and smell a tangible result--and be able to duplicate it--rather than take the results for granted.

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Who can do alchemy? If alchemy is a route to understanding/embracing one's own godhood, do all humans have such godhead potential as a state of being human?

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