The lighter side of hentai.

It was inconceivable to think that this could ever be called beautiful...but the same could have been said for her once, couldn't it?

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Fullmetal | mid-series | SP: ep 40 | Lust/Sloth | drama | tentacles

To he who seeks, let him find. That was Ed's motto.

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Alt Universe | Ed/Alfons | noncon | tentacles

There was a foul, slightly decaying scent that lingered cloyingly in his nose even after he turned his head to the fresh breeze.

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Fullmetal | noncon | tentacles | Al/OC

Ed woke up slowly, and wished he hadn't.

rated:M-L-S-V | GEN | Fullmetal | action | drama | noncon | tentacles | torture