This is what lovers do, thought Ed. They sacrifice for the other's pleasure.

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Shambhala | noncon | abuse | Ed/Hohenheim

No one talked of Equivalent Exchange in England, but they had a saying that came close: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

rated:K | S×S | Shambhala | post-series | angst | noncon | abuse | Ed/Hohenheim

They were sharing a bed by necessity that winter, piling all the quilts onto one bed and hiding under them while the little radiator struggled to warm the small room.

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Fullmetal | drama | Ed/Hohenheim

Predator-sleek and supple like a malignant-looking trickster, blurring the lines between human and inhuman, male and female, dead and alive.

rated:M-L-S-V | S×S | Fullmetal | drama | noncon | Ed/Hohenheim

Edward needs pushing. Hohenhiem wants to push him with his own two hands — to touch.

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Mangaverse | noncon | squick | Ed/Hohenheim

"No," said Ed, his voice quiet. "You can't hurt me."

rated:M-L-S | S×S | Shambhala | noncon | abuse | Ed/Hohenheim