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Every so often, Scimitar Smile holds a contest, the Green Lion, to give new authors a chance to shine and current authors a chance to try something new. Most contests revolve around a theme of some sort, though this is often left as ambiguous as possible to give authors plenty of room for interpretation. You do NOT need to be a previously hosted author at Scimitar Smile in order to participate. New authors are welcomed and encouraged.

The basic rules for the Green Lion remain relatively unchanged since the beginning, although specific contests may have additional details.

Submission guidelines

To qualify, you must submit a new, previously unpublished fanfic. It's all right to show it to just a few friends or beta-readers, but your story cannot have been publically posted anywhere on the web prior to submission to this contest. In the case of stories over a certain length, they can be considered eligible so long as not more than 5,000 words have been published previously. Only completed works can be submitted.

To submit, you can now upload your story (or stories) yourself, using the sakusha site. A few things you might want to have ready when you start uploading:

Depending on the challenge's parameters, submissions will be stripped of their identifying information and placed on the Green Lion page as they arrive. (This is the usual process for all challenges that aren't nomination-based.) You can enter a maximum of one story per category for a total of two stories. A single story cannot receive more than two awards.

Please submit final-draft quality stories only. If a story has not been adequately edited, it will be returned to the author so that spelling/grammar issues may be addressed. Every story should be on equal footing with its coompetition.

The webmaster also reserves the right to reject any story which fails to meet this criteria, or which for any other reason (plagiarism, trolling, lack of relation to the FMA series) would be rendered invalid.

Judging and Awards

The judging varies depending on the specific challenge and who's available and/or willing to judge. See the specific challenge page for more information. If multiple award categories are applicable for a challenge, all stories will automatically be considered for any 'overall' categories such as Best in Show, Webmaster's Selection, and/or Reader's Choice. All entries in all categories, whether or not they win, will be permanently hosted on Scimitar Smile on the contest homepage.

Previous Green Lions

Award-winning stories are scattered around the site, and noted with the Green Lion icon. Look for them on author pages and story list pages.