Kid Gloves

Ed stalked into Mustang's office, growling ill-temperedly under his breath. Waves of irritation radiated off the blond alchemist like heat from an aluminum roof, causing Fury and Havoc to scatter like squawking ducklings before him.

He strode up to his commanding officer's desk and threw a long, thin cardboard box down upon it, seething.

"Ahhh... Yes, Fullmetal?" Roy hid his smile behind folded hands and leaned forward a bit. He focused all of his attention on Ed, not sparing a glance for the item that had so obviously riled the boy up. "Is there a problem?"

"What in the hell is this, you bastardly colonel?" Edward's hands hit the edge of the desk hard and he glowered back at those narrowed, smirking eyes. "Do you think this kind of shit is funny...?"

"I was under the impression that you might appreciate a new pair, that's all." Roy cut him off smoothly. "And I thought that you might prefer something a little... higher-end."

"Velvet," the blond snorted indignantly. "Velvet gloves!" He tore furiously at one of the cotton ones he was currently wearing, and then practically climbed up on the desk to give Roy a very close-up look at his automail.

"It's steel, not iron, you smartass!"

So saying, Edward Elric wheeled away and stomped out the way he'd come in, leaving Mustang snickering quietly to himself at his joke.