Blood Bonds

Most people knew enough to leave Envy alone when he was so clearly unhappy.

Dante had told him yet again, in no uncertain terms, to leave Edward Elric alone for the time being; she needed the boy, and Envy should know that by now, as he should also know that his own desires came in a poor second to hers.

And so Envy was once more explicitly denied the pleasure of killing Ed, and he was pissed.

He had stormed through the manor house, silently seething; he had been viciously pleased to see Lust pull Gluttony into the sanctuary of the kitchen from the corner of his eye as he passed through the hallway, and to note the timid hush of the upstairs rooms when he reached the top of the stairs.

They all knew to leave him alone.

All of them, that was, except that stupid little hairball.


He was lounging insolently against the doorframe of Envy's room, grinning. Fucking grinning. Envy's violet eyes narrowed and he bared his own teeth in response. Ah. It was clear that here, at last, was an outlet for all his irritation; the younger Sin only wore that particularly smarmy expression when he'd done something really bad, and tonight Envy was only too pleased to punish him for whatever he'd done this time.

"Well, well, you little shit," he greeted nastily. "What do you think you're doing here?"

"I wanted to ask you something." Wrath either wasn't aware of dangerous position he'd put himself in, or else didn't care. His ability to use alchemy sometimes made him foolishly overconfident, Envy knew—or else the kid was just sickly desperate enough for attention that he didn't mind risking the worst his elders could dish out.

"Oh? And what would that be, hm?" Envy asked, sarcastically faux-cheerful, stepping in to lean back against the other side of the doorframe. "Maybe you'd like to know what it's like to actually be beautiful, instead of looking like an unkempt sheepdog puppy left out in the rain, could that be it?" He didn't wait for an answer; Wrath's sharp intake of breath and the way his face contorted to the insult was enough. "Or maybe you wanna know what it's like to have a real body—an adult's body—instead of being stuck in that pathetic little kid's form, never to grow up?"

"Oh, you bastard... " Wrath breathed softly, the pupil of his one visible eye contracting in rage, and Envy knew what the brat was going to do even before he did it; the elder Sin closed the distance between them, springing on the younger like a hunting cat taking down its prey, not giving him the chance to use his alchemy.

It was a brief tussle; Wrath was smaller and less experienced, but he was still inhumanly strong and as difficult to hold onto as a struggling weasel, nearly slipping out of Envy's grip entirely before the androgynous homunculus grabbed a handful of his wild mop of hair and drove his head into the hardwood floors, splintering the flooring and knocking Wrath senseless for a few minutes.

Envy had found relatively early on that the easiest way to deal with the volatile alchemy-using Sin was to scramble his brains enough so that he simply couldn't function enough to use the special skills Edward's limbs enabled him. There were several very reliable ways of achieving this end result, but Envy's favorite was through use of pain.

He dropped the still-stunned smaller Sin onto his bed, ignoring the dark smears of blood that soaked into the blankets; Wrath healed slower than the others, and Envy had a pretty good idea that this was because of his human taint. It wasn't a huge time difference, but it was enough—barely enough. The elder retrieved a shining object from the nightstand drawer, then straddled over Wrath, his smooth, strong thighs gripping his childishly narrow waist and pinning his arms to his torso.

Envy smiled—a slow, rich twisting of lips—as he saw Wrath's large violet eyes blaze with fury... then track the moment of the silver blade in Envy's hand, knowing what this portended. This would not be the first time.

"No... " he whimpered, head shaking from side to side. He still was, in many ways, a child. "Envy, no... "

Envy chuckled softly, savoring the pathetic pleading even as the knife gleamed on its downward sweep into the pale flesh of his little brother's face, the tip tracing along full lips, accenting cheekbones. "Hold still," he hissed, concentrating on his work, his catharsis, his pleasure, even as Wrath writhed under him, tears beginning to pour down his face and dilute the blood. The younger Sin was screaming shrillily "Just hold still."

The smaller body beneath him was almost the right size... not muscular enough and just a little too short to be perfect, but close enough. It was shocking, really, how similar Wrath looked to... Envy paused, considering. His coloring was a mockery, an inhuman, negative copy: violet where there should be gold, dark instead of blond, pale rather than tanned. The elder Sin brushed the tangled hair out of Wrath's face, wishing he had more hands, more space.

It really needed to be braided.

Shoving that idea aside, Envy smiled. He wasn't allowed to kill Edward Elric, but for tonight, he'd found an acceptable substitute, one that he could slice into ribbons as much as he wanted, one that wouldn't die.

The blade caught the light as it descended again.