"Once, a very long time ago, God created the world and angels, and life was perfect.

"But God's favorite, God's most beloved, fell from grace, and God turned His face away from the angel, forsaking him. God decided that he had done something terribly wrong in making the angels, and so He started over and created man.

"But the spurned angel, angry at God's rejection, hated mankind, and swore that he would be the eternal enemy of humanity—and he who was once beautiful and adored became as a hungry lion stalking the earth and looking to devour everything."

Envy paused, narrowing his amethyst eyes as he looked past his captive into his own past.

"That angel hated God's second born. He was jealous. Why was he so easy to cast aside and walk away from? How could those callow, imperfect humans replace the angel in God's heart?"

The Sin bared his teeth, trembling with barely constrained rage. He took a deep breath and composed himself, then continued.

"God elected a man to be His Son, and so that man became both God and man incarnated in one flesh. The angel knew that this man was God's specially chosen, and it came to be that the angel had the God-man tortured and sacrificed."

Envy crouched down, tracing a finger along Ed's jaw, and the blond alchemist cracked open his swollen eyes. He had taken quite a beating, but finally he lay still, slumped against the wall in a pool of his own blood, his breathing labored as he struggled to inhale with broken ribs.

The homunculus was unscathed, due to his inhuman body's natural regeneration. His fingertips drifted along his half-brother's bloody split lips then touched them to his own, tasting the metallic salt of their shared blood. His tongue flicked sensuously along the long, slender digits.

The human boy gasped, his mouth working as he tried to say something. Envy leaned in closer, licking the sweat and blood painting his face before tilting his head against Ed's shoulder, wanting to hear what he had to say.

"What?" he murmured softly, the word a bare puff of air against his heated skin. "What are your last words, Ed?"

"F—Father... Why have you forsaken me?"