Rough gloved fingers tangled in brazen blond hair, yanking back hard, and the alchemist gave a startled, pained yelp, clawing at the surface of the desk once more for a brief moment before he reasserted self-control. The heavy wood was already scarred from his steel digits digging at the varnished surface.

"God damn you..." Ed snarled, but his voice was trembling and weak; he sounded young and vulnerable, and the dark-haired, blue-clad man leering over his shoulder just grinned viciously in response and then thrust harder, grinding into the smaller body under his.

"You want information..." He groaned, sucking in his bottom lip and rolling his eyes, momentarily distracted by the tight heat of Ed's body. "...then you have to be willing to pay for it."

"I did! I sold my soul; I became military dog; I've done all your stupid missions!" The blond twisted awkwardly between the desk and the man fucking him so ruthlessly into it that his words were broken as the breath was pounded out of his lungs, but he was corrected for his squirming by another sharp tug on his hair, and the dark-haired one laughed.

"You think that's all there was to that? Joining the military was the price you paid for access, but for the specialized information you so desperately want...well..." He laughed again, stroking Ed's sweat-lathered back with his free hand, enjoying the slickness of his skin and the strong muscles under it.

Ed shuddered violently, twitching his hips as though he was either trying to speed things along or else as though he was enjoying this more than his protests would indicate; his eyes squinted down to narrow slits as another tremor worked down his spine and he shifted his weight to his heels, arching his back. "No..." he moaned, rocking now in time to the ever-quickening pace, gold bangs swinging. "Not like this..."

"Like this," came the breathily whispered answer, nearly lost in the heady sounds of their coupling. "Like this... It's personal, Ed, what I do for you, and the payment should be personal. Give me something I can't get any other way. Give it to me... Give, Ed..."

The younger jerked spastically, his lithe body tensing in rhythmic jolts, and the dark-haired man groaned again in pleasure, gripping one slim hip to hold his quivering partner steady as their illicit meeting reached its climax.

They fell silent for a few minutes, their chests heaving as they caught their breath, and then the man shifted, pulling away with a short, barking laugh that did not suit his voice.

"Well, Shorty... You're even sicker and more desperate than I'd previously thought. You just can't get enough punishment, can you, you little masochist?"

"Shut up," Ed slurred from his place still slumped against the desk, waiting for the delightful post-coital shivers to die down entirely. "Just shut the fuck up, ok, Envy?"

"Oh, I'm not complaining..." The Sin shifted out of Roy Mustang's form and hopped up on the desk, smiling as he reached to brush stray hair out of Ed's flushed face. "I enjoy this far, far too much to complain about it. I'm just making an observation."

The alchemist scooted up onto the furniture as well, sprawling out across the top on his belly, one arm thrown across Envy's lap comfortably and his still booted feet dangling off the edge. "'Observation', my ass."

Envy grinned broadly, twirling gold hair around his fingers and then feathering a ghost's touch along Ed's shoulder. "I observe that your very fine ass is rather wet and sticky... Want me to clean that up for you?"

The blond propped his head up on his elbow and smirked back, wiggling a little as encouragement, completely relaxed. "Yeah, why don't you put that mouth of yours to better use, huh?"

The homunculus laughed delightedly and crawled over his lover's prone form, dipping his head to lap at the drying spatters on Ed's thighs and kneading his buttocks—like a large housecat, Ed mused, claws, rough tongue, and all.

"Next time," he said aloud, " that bastard. Next time, father."

Envy paused for a heartbeat, and then Ed felt the distinctly fangy press of teeth as his lips curled in a particularly savage grin.

"Yes," he growled. "Next time."