Al paused on the doorstep, shifting his suitcase to his other hand, and tugged at the collar of his coat. The snow swirled around him, blanketing Central in fine white powder, and the sight made him smile through the cold nipping at his cheeks and nose. He slid the key into the lock, twisted it, and made his way in, dumping both suitcase and coat on the floor as he did so. "Brother, I'm home!"

His only reply was a muffled yell from upstairs. Al kicked his boots off, shut the door behind him, and wandered into the kitchen, where he set the kettle to boil. When Ed didn't come down after he'd poured his brother out a mug of coffee, he went upstairs to investigate; it wasn't that uncommon for Ed to become so obsessed with his research he ignored everything, but usually Ed could be counted upon to at least greet his younger brother. "Brother, are you in here?" He poked his head into the study, frowning at the stacks of books. Ed had been there recently—there was a still—warm mug of coffee on the desk, a book open with a bookmark covering one page, notes on which the ink had only just dried—but he wasn't there now.

"In here," Ed called from the open door of their bedroom.

"Brother, it's not—"

"Not what?" Ed eventually asked, after Al made no effort to finish his sentence, move, or even blink. Ed sighed and shifted slightly, making himself more comfortable underneath the blankets, and let the handcuffs rattle against the headboard.

"... How did you get yourself into those?" Al asked. "Hold still, I'll get you out—"

"Don't bother," Ed replied, languidly tilting his chin up. His hair was unbraided, and fell bright and golden around his shoulders. Al began to have the uncomfortable feeling that Ed was naked under the bedcovers, and couldn't help a blush. Yes, he'd seen his brother's body before; they were certainly not virgins, and they showered together quite frequently, but Ed was usually the more dominant one, and to see him in such a position was having quite the effect on Al's body. He crossed the room in a few easy strides, and paused over Ed, fingers curling around the edge of the blanket. Ed's eyes were half-lidded, giving him an almost sultry expression, and the handcuffs rattled again as he arched his back in an attempt to claim a kiss. He fell short, but Al leaned in to make up the difference. Ed's kiss was passionate, wet and messy, his mouth moving sloppily over Al's, and when the younger Elric broke away he had to wipe away the saliva Ed had left behind.

"Damnit, brother," Alphonse managed, and Ed grinned at him. "I was only away for a week!"

"I noticed," Ed muttered, and jiggled his hips impatiently. "Come on, Al, take off the blanket. It's too hot down here."

"Aa—sorry," Al said, blushing deeply, and tugged the blankets down past Ed's hips. "Um."

"Thanks," Ed said, as though it were routine for Al to find him utterly naked, aroused as hell and handcuffed to the bed. "I missed you. Now get undressed and fuck me, I've been waiting an entire damn week!"

"You waited like this the entire week?" Al asked, stretching out a hand to rest it lightly on the steel of Ed's bound automail arm.

"Well, no. I did this about an hour ago. But come on, Al, hurry up!" Ed punctuated this sentence with a hopeful thrust of his hips, and a whimper when Al got off the bed and left the room. "All right, all right, I thought you'd like it and I'm sorry I was wrong. Just get me out of these damn handcuffs and give me five minutes in the bathroom and we'll never talk of it again, okay? Al?" When there was no reply, Ed let his head thump back onto the pillows and groaned. Why had he come up with this stupid idea? It'd seemed fine when he first came up with it; of course, then, he hadn't anticipated waiting an hour with his desire growing steadily by the minute, and being unable to do anything about it. He squirmed irritably, trying to ignore the ache in his cock, but instead succeeded only in thrashing pointlessly on the sheets and whimpering under his breath. Fuck, he was too hard, and if only he could get the handcuffs off he might be able to do something about it—

He opened his eyes just as Al got back on the bed, straddling Edward's thighs, as starkly naked as his older brother, and with a tiny bottle in his hand. He raised an eyebrow with an expression that could almost be called a smirk, and leaned upwards over Ed's body to put the bottle on the bedside cabinet; the motion brushed his erection against Edward's own, and the older Elric yelped and bucked up in the contact. Al retreated quickly enough, but seemed perfectly content to just sit on Edward's thighs and watch his older brother tremble, a small smile on his face. Ed hissed between clenched teeth, unsure whether this was any better than when he thought Al had gone, and pulled on the handcuffs. "Come on, Al, please," he moaned. "Fuck me!"

He thought his plea had been answered when Al stretched out a hand and dropped it onto his belly, sliding it slowly downwards to curl loosely around his cock. Ed let out a choked gasp, his hips bucking up into the pleasurable pressure, but the grip was too loose to be anything more than arousing. Al leaned over him again, fingers leaving his shaft to slide back up his body and tweak his left nipple as he lapped playfully at the other, and though Ed tried to regulate his breathing, he couldn't help a low moan. Damn, Al knew he hated foreplay, and revenge was evidently sweet—judging from his younger brother's expression as Al bit lightly at the nipple under his lips, then swiped his tongue along to sooth any sting. "Al," Ed managed, trying to growl but succeeding only in sounding needy and pathetic, "stop fucking around, you're really starting to piss me off—"

Al's free hand passed, slowly and gently, over the head of his cock, and whatever else Edward was about to say was lost in a breathless grunt. "Fuck," he groaned, as Al's fingers shifted, tracing patterns over his erection, and his tongue sped up on Ed's nipple. "God, more," Ed purred, parting his thighs to give Al better access; but with those words Al raised his head from Ed's chest and swiped the bottle of lube from the bedside table, releasing his brother's cock. Ed closed his eyes tightly, making odd little whining sounds in the back of his throat at the end of the pleasure, and almost didn't feel it when Al grabbed one of his legs and held it in a firm grip. He did feel it when his younger brother slipped a slick finger between his buttocks, however; he growled for real and blearily opened his eyes. "Warn me next time," he sniped, but Al smiled at him and his finger was pushing and shifting and it hit that spot and—

Ed ground his teeth, refusing to give Al the pleasure of hearing him beg for more, not when Al was being like this. When a second finger joined the first, he wriggled his hips a little, trying to slide further down on the bed and shift the fingers inside him. The sharp pain blossoming in his flesh shoulder when he pulled too harshly on the handcuffs made him forget that plan, and he was left whispering vague instructions—which Al ignored anyway.

Presently Alphonse must have decided he was ready, as his hand retreated to grip Ed's automail knee. Edward obliged by spreading his legs a little further apart, and Al moaned his thanks as he shifted closer, the tip of his erection pressing lightly against Ed's entrance.

The first thrust was awkward and ungainly—it always was, and the unusual angle didn't help any. Ed growled, yelped, cried out and thrashed against the oiled blunt heat pushing slowly inside him; he was usually on top, and though Al had prepared him for it, it was still a surprise. Once Al was buried fully inside his brother, he stayed still for a couple of seconds, letting Edward's body adjust to the strange intrusion; beads of sweat trickling down his face and neck bespoke of the self-will involved in not simply giving in and screwing Ed, as hard and fast as he could.

Ed shifted again, biting his lip and making a few strange disconnected noises, but presently he squeezed with his thighs and asked, almost lazily, "What the hell are you waiting for? We're not going to come just sitting here, Al."

"Sorry, brother," Al mumbled, sliding his hands down Ed's legs to secure them in his grip. He slid slowly out of Edward, and then thrust back in, a little faster this time. Ed gasped, the handcuffs screeching on the bedrail as he arched his back, pressing his hips against the source of pleasure. Al wasn't perfect; he estimated he must be hitting the perfect angle about once out of five times, but it was enough. He squared his jaw, trying to keep himself back; his endurance wasn't really that phenomenal, and seeing Ed like this—flushed with need, crying out his name as each thrust hit that spot deep inside him, as wanton and lustful as ever Al had seen him—was making it harder and harder to resist.

"Brother—" he tried, and Ed moaned weakly, stirring as his hands clenched above his head, teeth gritting as he raised his hips a little. "Brother," Al tried again, and on the next thrust it was—there, everything at once, and the pleasure curling his belly raced through the rest of his body leaving him spent and breathless. In the post-orgasm haze, he was dimly aware of pulling out of his brother and collapsing across Edward's midriff, and rested there as his breathing slowed and his vision returned. He drifted out of the cloudy fuzziness to realize Ed was rattling the handcuffs and moaning, body shaking slightly, and it took him some time longer to realize that his brother still hadn't come. He'd released his brother's thighs when he climaxed, but Ed raised no objections when he hefted them over his shoulders, wriggling closer to his brother's cock. This much he was familiar with, and after licking his lips experimentally and toying lightly at the head of Edward's erection, he forced back his instinctive gag reflex in order to swallow as much of his brother's cock as he could.

He was vaguely aware of Edward whimpering, his attempts to thrust upwards spoiled by the lack of leverage. Ed was already close to the edge, and it only took a few licks and bobs of his head to make his brother reach orgasm; had his hands been unrestrained, they'd've been fisting in Al's hair as usual, he knew.

Afterwards, as Ed lay panting and he licked the last trace of his brother's come away, Al crawled up his brother's body, sliding his hands sensuously up Ed's arms to the bedrail. Ed leaned up, teeth and tongue lightly grazing Al's neck in a manner sure to leave hickeys, and Al let him. His co-workers at the university already joked about his overzealous girlfriend, and Al knew they had even started taking bets on how long it would take for his brother to kill her; when asked, Al merely smiled mystically and said, "I don't think that's very likely," before returning to his work.

Ed's teeth closed gently over his collarbone, and he nuzzled into his brother's hair. "We should get you out of those, take a bath, and go to bed," he said reluctantly.

"We could always kill two birds with one stone and bathe together..." Ed purred, nipping Al's earlobe at the end of the sentence.

"We could indeed," Al replied with a slightly evil expression on his face, and pressed his hands against Ed's before slipping them onto the steel of the handcuffs. They fell away, and Ed sat up, massaging his living wrist, only to be met with a sudden armful of Al. "Or, we could just skip the bath and get some sleep."

Ed laughed, tugging the blankets up over their hips, still too heated to require any more. "We can do that," he agreed, then paused when he realized Al was already asleep. He touched his forehead to Al's and smiled, whispering, "Welcome home," into his brother's face, and even dozing, Al's lips twitched into a smile.