It'd been Alphonse who had set this up, Alphonse who had combed his hands through his long, honey-coloured hair and said—with a surprisingly sweet grin, "Normal punishments don't work on my brother. We'd better come up with something else." Alphonse who had whispered in Heiderich's ear; Alphonse who had arranged everything while Edward had only been to watch, helplessly.

"I like that," Heiderich had replied, with a flash of teeth, as Al drew back. "I like that a lot."

"WHAT?" Ed had sputtered, his eyes widening as the implication sank in. "Al, no, you can't do that—I'm sorry, I'll behave, just—"

Not for the last time, Edward Elric wondered what he had done to deserve this. Aside from not doing the dishes. Oh, and swearing loudly at Al's kitten while his brother was in earshot, although in his defense he'd tripped over the furry little bastard coming down the stairs, and it deserved everything it had gotten. And of course, delegating the chore of cleaning the house to Heiderich, who was sick again and should be kept far away from dust; that had been a really dumb idea. He'd never seen Al as pissed as he'd been when Heiderich had, feather duster in hand, gone into a coughing fit that had nearly lasted for five whole uninterrupted minutes, during which he'd collapsed on the floor.

But still, he reminded himself, screwing his eyes shut, surely he didn't deserve this; sitting here, fully clothed and with his arms tied to the back of a chair while Alphonse and Heiderich gave each other mutual blowjobs. At the same time. In full view, sprawled over the covers of their bed like a pair of naughty kittens, filling the air with the gentle sounds of suction and licking, while he could only sit there and try not to notice!

It was unfair, he thought, that Heiderich's illness—while handily preventing him from doing any spring cleaning and ensuring that both Elrics had to keep the house spotless—didn't seem to prevent him from giving Al's cock one long, slow lick along the side, from closing his lips around the head and suckling. From breaking off to gasp and shudder softly as, between his own legs, Alphonse dragged his tongue up, under his balls to the sensitive strip of skin beneath and oh god, he was watching, he'd sworn he wouldn't do that...

Alphonse gave a little gasp before Ed could find the self-will to tear his gaze away, and his eyes flitted up the tangled bodies, tracking golden skin down to where Heiderich had gently closed a fist around the base of Al's cock; was pumping, slowly as he licked at Edward's younger brother's shaft, mouth moving hesitantly up. Alphonse was writhing on the sheets—had let go of Heiderich's own cock, eyes nearly rolled back into his head, and was making small, breathless little noises at the sheer sensation.

Fuck, Ed thought, the sight of his little brother's pleasure helping his own body to heat up. He was blushing, he knew; could feel his cheeks and ears burning, and the way Heiderich placed a kiss on the crown, the way he was sucking again, his tongue flickering out to circle the tiny slit was really not helping.

Alphonse spread his legs wider, ignoring his brother's struggles against the ropes securing his arms to the chair, ignoring the murderous glint to Ed's eyes over the top of the white strip of fabric, serving as a gag, focusing entirely on the head full of bright blond hair, and the warm mouth drawing him closer and closer to the edge. He seemed lost in the heat and wetness of Heiderich's mouth, to the skill of his tongue.

And finally—Heiderich drew back, and sucked on the very tip of the younger boy; eyes closed and expression intent. Alphonse started, gasped, and shuddered violently as he came; he was nearly silent, always had been. Edward managed to squeeze his eyes shut, managed not to see the dazed, content expression on his little brother's face as Heiderich busied himself with cleaning up the semen; but behind his back, his hands attempted to clench into fists, restrained only by the careful transmutation Alphonse had performed to ensure that he could not move either of his arms. Damn his little brother, anyway; he was such a manipulative little—little—little nuisance!

And a very sexy one, at that, his subconscious chirped. He grudgingly opened an eye as Heiderich ran the back of his hand over his chin to clean it, like a cat, and then licked the contents; back on the bedding, Alphonse was a tangle of sun-bronzed skin and honey-dark hair, limbs splayed all over the place and beautiful copper eyes half-lidded, mouth twisted into a sleepy smile.

Ed gritted his teeth, and snarled curses into the muffling constraint of the gag. He was hard already; desperately wanted to get free and go roll his little brother over and fuck him, wanted to move into him and feel heat and tightness around his cock. But Heiderich was moving—was slipping off the bed, still stark naked, his erection still marked with Alphonse's saliva, drying from where the boy had left off before he'd finished. And he said nothing as he stood in front of Ed, reached around to remove his friend's gag; pressed their mouths together in a long, messy kiss.

Edward could taste Alphonse in that kiss, the slightly bitter tang of his brother's seed that Heiderich had swallowed. It just made him moan, breathlessly, into Heiderich's mouth; made him tug against his bindings harder, as he struggled to sling an arm around Heiderich's neck and force him closer, wanting to kiss him deeper, wanting to push him between his legs and make him use that marvellously talented mouth on his crotch.

But the bindings were holding, and the best he could do was lean into Heiderich's mouth slightly, making small, needy noises that Heiderich merely swallowed straight off his tongue without comment. And it was Heiderich who broke the kiss—wiped his mouth off, then fixed the gag back, despite Ed's frantic squirming. "Jeez, Ed," he said, with a grin, "You're desperate."

Ed glared at him, and would have bared his teeth at the taller blond had it not been for that damn gag, wedged in between his teeth. His eyes managed to convey what he thought about the whole thing; but Heiderich merely smiled and shrugged. "Don't look at me like that," he said. "It was Al who decided your punishment. I merely gave him a helping hand."

Behind him, on the bed, Alphonse made a sleepy sound of agreement. Heiderich turned back to say something to him—and then paused, grabbing for the back of Ed's chair with one hand and raising the other to cover his mouth, body bending slightly under the force of the fit of coughing that captured him. Alphonse sat up, hurriedly; reached out and gripped Heiderich by the waist, tugging him back to sit on the edge of the bed, and nuzzled up to one of the blond's shoulder blades, hand stroking Heiderich's lower back soothingly, until the spasms eased.

"Thanks," Heiderich said when they did, tilting his head to flash Al a smile over his shoulder.

"Don't mention it," Al replied, with a smile, and leaned forward to kiss him.

Snarling through the gag, Ed stomped his boot against the floor in an attempt to get them to notice him; Alphonse merely flapped a hand at him in a vaguely irritated manner, which said that Edward should just shut up, already. It worked; Edward—shocked at being so casually dismissed—forgot to protest when Al kissed Heiderich on the chin, then under his throat; then pushed him gently onto his back and began to lay a line of kisses down his body, towards his still-present erection.

Oh, fuck no, Ed thought, in despair, as Alphonse placed a kiss on the tip, with a flash of tongue. This is not fair! Knock it off already, you two!

They ignored his protests, transmuted into wordless grumbling by the fabric. Heiderich wound long fingers in Al's soft bronze hair; tipped his head back and gasped, softly, up at the ceiling. Ed tried to shift his weight—but the chair had been transmuted into the floorboards, and without leverage he couldn't even use his automail to free himself.

Damn Alphonse, anyway. Who'd want to have sex with—with someone so damn beautiful, and so naturally talented with his tongue... Ed watched Heiderich lean forward, abruptly, teeth bared in a silent sneer of victory, hands still clenched in Al's hair and eyes glazed; felt his mouth watering with longing. Damnit! Damn Heiderich and his fantastic blowjobs, damn Al and his fantastic blowjobs, damn Al's 'punishment'—damn it all!

As he watched, Alphonse managed to take the entirety of the head of Heiderich's cock, and then some. Ed stared, wide-eyed and longing, as his younger brother deep-throated the blond—as more and more of Heiderich's erection vanished into that warm mouth—and wished, just for a moment, that Al would bite the blond, even if by accident. He still felt bitter by the time Heiderich came with a soft exhalation, a contented sigh as if he'd been holding his breath the entire time. He might well have been.

He glared at them both through narrow eyes, but tried not to look too annoyed. Now that they'd both finished, surely they would untie him—-?

But—no. They seemed perfectly content to kiss each other, mouths meeting and not parting for what felt like hours. Ed tried emphatic noises through the gag, and was ignored; for his brother and Heiderich, the world seemed to have been reduced to each others' mouths, wandering hands exploring sleek, strong bodies, Heiderich's skin slightly paler and his shoulders slightly broader; Al's smaller, thinner body marked with a handful of scars. Heiderich smoothed each one gently, under his fingers and then pushed Alphonse down, went over the thin, pale lines with his tongue as Edward stared, eyes wide gold.

Not fair! Ed's mind screamed, That's my trick, that's what I do to Al and he can't copy me, he can't! My brother! My boyfriend! How come they're teaming up against me?! They're both mine!

As he watched, Alphonse raised a hand—touched Heiderich's cheek, and grinned. "The oil's in the second bedroom," he said, hopefully. "I made the bed there—should be nice and soft."

"You want to go again?" Heiderich said, blue eyes reflecting the shock in his voice. "But we—"

"I may be eighteen at heart," Al said, solemnly, "but my body is that of a fourteen-year-old boy." He shrugged and smiled, moving his hand up, and ruffled Heiderich's hair. "Don't you remember being fourteen?"

"... Point," Heiderich admitted, lowering his head to swipe his tongue swiftly over a vertical scar, cutting over Al's collarbone. Besides the bed, Ed set up frantic protests, struggling with the restraining fabric as hard as he could; Heiderich glanced up wearily and pressed a finger to his lips, while Alphonse merely snorted. Still naked, he wriggled out from underneath Heiderich and crossed over to his brother, undoing the gag.

"Don't go," Ed said, straight away. "Please don't go, don't leave me, don't go—"

"Sssh," Al interrupted, with a frown. "Are you sorry for what you did, brother?"

That bought Ed up short. "Sorry? For what?" he asked cautiously, and Al sighed, pitching the gag back onto the bed.

"Looks like he hasn't learned a thing," he said to Heiderich, with a sad little smile. Heiderich shrugged in response, and said, "Maybe not, but it seems cruel to leave him there."

Alphonse raised an eyebrow, and turned his back to his brother, who fixed hungry, desperate eyes on the sight of Al's naked ass. "He made you sick, " Al said, with a frown. "That's why you're coughing so much today. You shouldn't be too generous to him, right?"

Heiderich gave him a sad little smile, and stood up, too. "But I don't want him to be alone," he said, hesitantly, and Al sighed.

"Fine," he snapped. "Fine. We can compromise."

Ed cocked his head to one side, arching an eyebrow, and Heiderich sat back on the edge of the bed. "How?" the long-haired blond asked, wetting his lips nervously; Alphonse tossed him an evil grin, and he cringed.

"I'm going to go fetch the lube," the younger Elric said, with dignity. "We won't be leaving him alone, we'll just be... giving him a good show."

Ed's screeched protests could probably be heard from the next street.