Losing the Golden Reins

There was gold in the middle of midnight, and Envy smiled over his satisfaction. The trail of honey hair snaked like Medusa strands over the pillow, twisting and turning, a motion of living, twining tresses, and fingers dipped down to the depths, down until he brushed by the scalp. Lips parted, hissing, and Envy stared down at his conquest, watching the golden eyes as they opened, as the sunbeams coated the length of long lashes.

Edward was an image of beautiful lust, of hips that rolled like wanton hills, a chest that shook and trembled as it held a thunderstorm of passion and moans. His legs spread wider, an ocean that opened to desiring hands, and the secrets of his body were there, lying pliable under lingering, teasing touches.


Envy smiled, before diving down to eat the word from the throat of which it was hatched. It tasted of fire and blood, of something ingrained down into the depths of DNA, that carnal pleasure that came from the core of all copulating creatures. He licked the length of the tongue, tasted the words that went beyond syllables, sucked it all down into him and gave it a home.

His nails were unbreakable, hard and sharp against his skin, and what the golden boy took as heady need, Envy used as anger, a channel. When the blood seeped to the surface, a murmured, "...ssssofter..." found the air and ears.

Envy snickered a little, but did as he was bid, even going so far to run the flat of his tongue over those scratches along the curve of ribs, to taste that longing metallic over the riddle of bumps on his tongue. He was purring before he could stop it, that rumble of pleasure over the taste, over the weakness, over how such a lovely nectar was kept inside the husk of human skin. The curve of his lips formed a wicked little smirk and there was little to hide it with, so he let it shone as the sun while he buried his lips down against the flat of the strong stomach before him.

Deft fingers tickled down the dip of smooth thighs, and palms were apt to follow, a hungry mouth with a need to feel, to taste, to adore. Calloused heels pressed into the mattress, and hips rose, offering all the gifts Edward's young body had to offer.


Who would ever turn a blind ear, a blind thought to such a plea? Envy's mouth was down around him, the sharp points of his teeth running lightly over the length, enough to tantalize, to make the mortal heart skip a beat, to make the stomach turn over as Edward hissed. Mismatched hands found the homunculus' shoulders, squeezing, tight, hard, pulling him away even as the rest of his body protested and shoved forward, driving his length into that dangerous mouth, searching for the nucleus, for the core.

The sin was in a haze, that tantalizing haze of red desire. Sliding up that writhing body, grinding hips and arousals into one another, he could feel the cold metal of false limbs rubbing into his opposite sides. One hand was searching for something, anything in the nightstand that might help, and after coming away with some lotion (surely not the shrimp's; he wasn't that froo-froo, was he now?), he began to hurry.

Couldn't keep the man of the hour waiting, now could he?

When Envy pushed in, past flesh and muscle and down into the depths of the Hell that every human body carried, Edward cried out, tearing at the linen beneath them.

The sin's tongue lapped at parted, panting lips. "Say my name again."

A shaky, trembling breath, hurried among heartbeats, and he groaned as the thrusts started. "Al...AlalalalalAl!"

The bedroom door slammed open, and brown eyes met their reflection, their shame, wicked mirror image that was prowling over his brother. Alphonse's lips opened, worked without sound, without thought, without screams or words, just that haunting silence of a house long abandoned. He fell into the door, shoulder striking the wood, legs trembling, knees knocking, knocking, knocking but no one was home.

Envy laughed as he kept drilling, kept shoving in even as Edward was scratching at him, ripping at the hair that was only a whisper darker than the gold that made up his own. He fell into giggling hysterics as Edward was screaming at him to stop, to stop dammit, who the fuck did Envy think he was, this wasn't what it was supposed to be like, wasn't supposed to be so damn twisted, and why wasn't he Al, his precious Al, his lovely Al!

"You call me twisted," Envy sneered as the hair began to run dark, began to twist and change under a metal fist. "But you're the one wanting to fuck his brother."

Edward tried to buck him off, started to clap his hands, and the alchemy was in the air for a moment, before it was stopped with a solid punch to the blonde's face, leaving tender, fuckable lips split and streaming blood that stained pretty golden hair. Dazed, the blond head slumped to the side, off the pillow, and lemon eyes rolled back a little, showing too much white. Envy's narrow hips, woman hips when he fancied, thrust down into the dazed body, and with wicked eyes, he looked back to Al, poor Al, frozen in the doorway.

"Didn't know, did you?" he hissed. "Didn't know your brother wanted you? Shitty way to find out, I suppose." As Al shoved himself from his spot and began to shuffle forward, began to come to his brother's aid, Envy laughed and pressed his hands to Edward's throat, threatening. "Want to try it? Risk it? Is it worth it? After all, I'm almost done."

As the glassy overture in Edward's eyes began to dissipate, Envy finished, fell off his climax with a cry and a shudder, a roll of his violet eyes. Nails ran down the strong chest beneath him, leaving lines in their wake while he pulled out with a groan and a pop of flesh eager to go back to something decently comfortable. When Edward sat up as much as he could, as much as pain and shame would allow, Envy was already at the window, still laughing, still taunting, still...victorious.

"Next time, your lovely Al really will have to join us," he purred. "It can be like a fun little family reunion." And he was flipping backwards out of the window before either of them could say a word.

The brothers stared across the destruction of lust, and said nothing.