sky dark

The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher

chapter 6.

They had been back in Central for little more than half an hour and already
Ed was trying to rush off to headquarters.

"No," Al said firmly and held onto Ed by his flesh arm
on the half chance that Ed would uncouple the automail one to escape.

He dragged his struggling sibling back to the dorms, shoved
him into their room, shut the door and planted his 7 foot self firmly in front
of it, arms folded. He was fairly certain he could beat Ed to the window if
he took a dive for it.

"What is with you?" his elder brother screeched and stomped
all around the room, "In case you didn't know it, I have a job! I'm a state
alchemist, I have to report in when I get places! I have to go and get debriefed,
I have to make reports!"

"You've been on a train for the last two and a half days,"
Al said, never raising his voice, "and even without a nose I can tell you stink.
Your hair looks like a rag used to up mop up a baby's diaperless accident and
you have had something on your chin since the last stop we made, but you screamed
when I tried to wipe your face." Al nodded off toward the bathroom. "You know,
if you are so ready for the Colonel to jump your bones, you could at least do
him the courtesy of taking a shower first so he doesn't have to hold his nose
to have a conversation with you."

Ed stared at Al in dumbfounded amazement.

"Did you just say 'jump my bones'?" he squeaked out.

"Come on," Al charged across the room and ushered his
startled sibling in front of him, "to the showers with you!"

While Ed scrubbed, Al looked around the dorm room and

"Here we are again, I guess I'm going to get used to it
here," Al picked up the suitcase and laid it on the bed. "You know what," he
said to the room, "I'm too damn understanding that's what. I mean really, what
other brother do you know that would not only condone a totally inappropriate
relationship, but also encourage it." Al walked over to the kitchenette area
and decided to go ahead and make a grocery list. Ed would be out all night and
possibly all day tomorrow as well and he'd need something to do.

"When my turn comes for a totally inappropriate relationship
I only hope he's half as understanding as I am, but knowing brother, yeah just
knowing him, I should know better." Al opened cabinets and then made
a note to notify the ice delivery man of their return. As he surveyed the inventory
of things to try and fill Ed's bottomless pit of a stomach with, he looked at
the toaster resting innocently on the countertop.

"You," he said and pointed at it, "are my new girlfriend."
Al knew the toaster was a girl because he had already determined he was going
to be hopelessly straight. He heard a choked-off snicker behind him and turned
to see Ed standing there with a towel around his waist, his hair a wet scraggly
golden mess over his shoulders, and his amber eyes twinkling in delight.

"How long have you been standing there?" Al demanded.

"Long enough to tell you that no shabby kitchen appliance
is going to date my little brother without me screening it first!" Ed replied,
yelping out a laugh and merrily ducking out of the way as one of his own boots
was thrown at him.

Later Ed sat patiently in one of the kitchenette chairs
and let Al brush his hair. It really was nice, it really was wonderful to have
someone to share it all with, especially someone he loved and someone
who loved him back.

"So, what's it really like?" Al said, working Ed's hair
into a some semblance of groomed, "I mean, what does it feel like?"

Ed wasn't sure what Al meant, and despite all the thoughts
of brotherly love, well he wasn't going to describe sex with the Colonel with
Al, because frankly it was embarrassing. The Colonel was of course fabulous,
but he sucked.

"It's like being terrified, sorta," Ed said, "I mean he
looks at me and my body goes all stiff and my heart starts to race and I want
to run but I can't, and I have trouble breathing and I just keep wondering what's
going to happen next and I can't really think and my stomach rolls and I feel
hot." Ed sucked in his bottom lip.

"Sounds awful," Al said and gave Ed's hair one last stroke,
"But it also sounds wonderful," he sighed.

"Yeah," Ed said, "it is awful and wonderful."

Roy stood up, he'd been checking the train schedules every
fifteen minutes for the past hour and even called the station to make sure the
trains were running on time. Ed was home.

"I'm finished here," he announced and started for his

"Colonel," a level female voice said. Not too loud, not
too soft, but just at the right decibel to make every hair on the nape of his
neck stand on end.

He turned around and gave a smooth smile.

"Yes First Lieutenant," he asked.

"I have here the current vacation requests you need to
go over, you've put them off so long that some of the people on the list have
retired. After that, I have the minutes of the last meeting you didn't attend
because you were sick (her tone plainly said 'because you were skipping out')
that you need to go over and write a brief note about as some pertain to issues
that have come up around the base. After that, you really need to have a talk
with Feldman. The man has been requesting an audience with you about his latest
promotion for the past two weeks and this would be the third time you've stood
him up. As I am tired of being your stand in for that wet little moaning sound
he makes when he shows up and finds you are not here, I have decided if you
try to leave the office today before you see him, I shall have to break one
of your legs, forgive my insubordination, sir. In the morning you have an 8:00
meeting with General Hakuro and a 10:00 meeting with the heads of staff. Then
you are taking Fuery to lunch because you promised you would and he's
going to get hives if you don't. After that your usual paperwork will be waiting
on you, including at last count, six field reports that need your immediate
attention. I suggest you get started now and sleep on one of the couches tonight
so you will be here in the morning, I promise if you do I will come in early
to wake you and bring you some breakfast."

Then she saluted, like that was suppose to make him feel

He had a brief internal struggle. To simply scream out:
Oh my god woman, Ed just got back and I have to GO, would probably not
be a wise thing to do. Besides, he was fairly certain that she could outrace
him to the door and he was definitely certain she could break one of his legs.
He tried desperately to dredge up a good excuse he hadn't already used.
She knew he had no immediate relations lying on their death bed and she knew
he didn't really have VD, so those two excuses were right out. So instead he
said: "Please let me go." He even tried not to whine.

"No," she replied.

He wanted to cry.

"Give me THAT!" Al tugged hard on the black tank top Ed
had in his hands.

"I want to wear it, let go Al!" Ed screamed in return.

"It's dirty! I know it's dirty! I have to wash it, you
have to wear something else!" Al howled.

"It's not dirty, I didn't wear it that much, and
it's black! So what? No one will know it's dirty!" Ed yanked hard.

"Oh, you liar! You wore it every day! I know it's dirty!
You're not going to take a shower and then put on stinking clothes! It's embarrassing
when you walk in the office and the First Lieutenant wrinkles her nose!" Al
hauled back extra hard and lifted his hands, making Ed dangle on tiptoe.

"WHAT? Just because I embarrass you in front of your girlfriend
you want to take away my best shirt?!" Ed shrieked, raising one foot and planting
it on his brother's chest plate.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Al snarled and released the
shirt by one hand and planted a leather glove in Ed's face, "She's my mentor,
there's a big difference! I'm not the pervert with the older adult fixation!"

Biting Al did absolutely no good at all.

There was a loud sound of tearing fabric, and Ed hit the
floor with part of the shirt still gripped in his automail hand. He stared up
at his brother, armor hand still raised and part of the shirt in his brother's

"MY SHIRT!" Ed screamed.

"Serves you right," Al retaliated. For good measure, he
put his armored foot on Ed's side and shoved him across the floor.

Ed sat up and jumped to his feet, waving the scrap of
black shirt he possessed in his hand around madly.

"What was that for?!" he yelled.

"You bit me!" Al waved his scrap of black shirt as well.

"It's not like you can feel it! Give me back that piece
so I can fix it," Ed snarled leaping back across the space between him and his

Al lifted his helmet, stuffed it inside and slammed his
helmet down. He put his hands on his hips and glared. Yes, Al could convey a
glare very well, unmoving metal or not.

"If you think you can get it you are free to try," he
said, low and dangerous.

Ed threw his scrap of black shirt at Al's feet and kicked
his metal shin. Then he ran, but there wasn't far to go in their room.

Roy looked up as an MP rushed in and reported that someone
was dangling the FullMetal Alchemist by one foot (shirtless... and pantless)
out of a second story dorm window. Roy leapt to his feet, but Hawkeye's mere
voice took control of the situation once again.

"It's only his brother," she told the MP sharply, "and
it's best not to interfere in these family matters. Besides, if Alphonse drops
him, he will only land on his head and it won't hurt him at all," She finished,
turning her sharp namesake gaze on the Colonel.

Roy sank slowly back down into his chair and picked up
his pen so she would stop looking at him.

A few moments later the same MP came back, saluted and
reported that after the FullMetal Alchemist had yelled: I'm changing my name
from the FullMetal Alchemist to the Pansy-Assed Doody-Headed Alchemist
he'd been hauled back inside the window.

"If you are so worried about my image," Ed sniffled and
sulked, "then why you'd hang me out the window in my underwear?"

"Well, your underwear," Al growled, "is clean."

Roy's chin was on his desk. It was 8:45 in the evening.
Ed had been back for over 4 hours. Roy had drawn a little doodle of Riza (complete
with horns, a tail and a tiny 9mm) snarling at him for being a slacker. He'd
finished the vacation requests and he'd listened to Sgt. Feldman wheeze and
rasp over his promotion. He'd written a brief note pertaining to the minutes
of the heads of staff meeting he'd skipped out on, saying that he really didn't
care if they had fish in the mess hall every alternate Friday. He'd read three
of the six reports for the next day, but that still didn't let him out of his
meeting with Hakuro or the heads of staff, who undoubtedly wanted to know if
2-ply or 4-ply toilet paper was better. He also couldn't disappoint Fuery because
the kid was just good and needed to be rewarded.

He turned his head, laying his cheek on his desk, and
really just wanted to go home, curl up around a sulky blond haired teenage
boy and go to sleep. That's all he really wanted to do.

There was a sigh from somewhere off to this right.

"Alright," The First Lieutenant said, "you may go."

Roy leapt to his feet, grabbed his coat, blazed a trail
worthy of the name 'Flame Alchemist' out of the office and headed for home.

The drive home was too long, even though it was a short
distance away. Why was he in such a hurry? Ed wouldn't be there, he hadn't even
come by the office. He was probably exhausted and asleep which is where he should
be after a two day train ride.

Even though his chest felt a little tight at the thought
of not getting to see Ed tonight, it was alright. He wanted to do something
nice for Ed, to show him he missed him. He'd take him to dinner tomorrow night,
yes that would be a good plan. Ed loved to eat. Roy would show him that he was
missed by supplying him with a large steak. That would make Ed happy. Roy smiled.

He pulled over to the curb and got out, locked the car
door and stuffed the keys in his pocket. He turned up his walk, still pleasantly
musing about watching Ed try to get a whole porterhouse into his mouth in one
bite and didn't notice right away the figure sitting on his stoop.

He glanced up at movement however, and stopped in his

"Colonel?" the darkened figure said.

Roy felt warm and cold all at once.

Really, he had to figure out why just the sound of his
title from this boy's lips did that to him.

Roy continued up the walk, but when he got within a couple
of feet of Ed, the boy launched himself at him, burying his face in his chest,
his arms going as around Roy as far as he could reach.

Ed's hair smelled like vanilla, and it was down. Amazed
and awed, Roy stroked a hand over it, it was soft.

The small body pressed against his shuddered.

"Welcome home," the Colonel whispered.

Why had he ever compared Ed's whimpers to that of a
small dog?

The whimper, followed by an accompanying throaty sound,
made Roy answer with a groan of his own.

Ed had appeared at his doorway. Hair loose, wearing a
rust-colored suede button down over a white tank top (so the boy did
own other clothes!)
a pair of black jeans and loafers of all things, loafers!
He'd left his hair down. He smelled like soap and oil and Roy had literally
ripped his clothes off of him in the foyer. He knew that his own trench coat
was in the doorway of the living room and he had no clue where his uniform jacket
was. Ah god, what did any of that matter when he had this?

Naked and beautiful in the way all new things where, Edward
Elric lay beneath him in a tangle of cotton bed sheets, moaning every time Roy
touched him. Roy hovered over him, relearning every nuance of the teen's responsive
frame and delighting in each rediscovered place of delight.

Ed was unusually compliant, incredibly responsive and
desperately yearning.

Roy was so happy, so utterly relieved to have him back
he wouldn't dream of attempting to have Ed get him off tonight. Not a chance.
Tonight would be all about Ed.

But then Ed got wandering hands.

When Roy lowered himself and dragged his body up the boy's
own, Ed actually put his hands on Roy's ass. He spread his legs wider without
being nudged, arched up at the right time to bring their groins together and
began to grind.

What exactly had Ed been researching in Central?

Roy was held captive as a 15 year old boy kneaded his
ass and ground his erection into Roy's own. Then the self-same 15 year old boy
leaned up and bit his chin gently. Very, very gently. Whining until Roy lowered
his lips to be claimed, giving him a hard buck with that grind.

And Roy.... Roy came.

He laid on his back, hand over his face with Ed purring
into his shoulder like it was the best thing in the world.

Roy Mustang had not hair trigged since he was goddamn
15 years old himself.

Ed hadn't been upset. He had been bewildered by Roy's
breathless apology, had come delightfully quickly himself with Roy's apologetic
application of lips on his cock and was cuddling like mad, so incredibly pleased
with himself, Roy thought he might burst.

Wasn't that what this was all about? Ed being happy?

Well just look at him. Look at him.

Ed looked happy.

Roy smiled. Well, as long as that was the case, then it
was ok.

The next morning found Roy across the breakfast table
from a sleepy, mussed Ed. Ed was shoveling eggs in his mouth and every now and
again he'd glance up at Roy, as if to make sure he was still really there, then
went back to fork vs. mouth combat.

Roy positively restrained himself from leaning his elbows
on the table with his chin in his palms and mooning over his young lover.

Yes, his young lover.

Roy Mustang was never one to argue with fate (too much).

When Ed had finished, and that meant he'd actually shoved
his plate at Roy (Al has you so spoiled! Does not! Shut up!) for him
to put in the sink, Roy came around the table to him and caught Ed's face in
his hands. He pulled blond hair forward to frame out the golden eyes, he ran
the pads of his thumbs over the apple of Ed's cheeks and he leaned down to dot
the now blushing teen's face with gentle kisses. Eyelids and nose, cheeks and
forehead, chin and lips.

"Ok, I have meetings all morning, so you don't have to
come in until 1:00 or so, but I expect you by then," more small kisses, "You
go home and you thank Al for me for making you wear something besides that black
tank top you like," Roy grinned at the sudden sullen mumble, then more kisses,
"And tonight when I get off work, I'm taking you to Sardi's for a nice big welcome
home steak, ok? So dress nice for me and leave your hair down."

Roy pulled back and looked at Ed.

The smile the boy had on his face was so bright it was
almost painful to look at.

"Ok," came the teen's breathless response.

Al watched his brother drift into the dorm room and then
flop in a boneless heap on his bed.

"It was that good, huh?" Al asked.

"It was fuckin' heaven," Ed purred.

At precisely 1:15 that afternoon, the Elric brothers strode
into the big office. Ed emptied the pockets of his big red coat onto the large
staff-occupied table where a scrabble fight ensued over the candy bars. Al regaled
them all with 'The Perils of Ms. Pete', a slightly risqué moving picture
they'd seen while in Central. The staff 'ooh' and 'aahh'd appropriately. Ed
told them all about a goulash he'd had at a Drachman restaurant that had, get
this, lima beans in it, and was still good! The staff was suitably impressed.

Then Ed turned his big golden eyes on the Colonel, who
was sitting at his desk pretending to look busy (but was really watching the
show) and stated for the staff's benefit, that he didn't really bring that bastard
anything because with what that bastard was making, he should be treating all
of them to something nice.

The bastard in question merely said that such poor manners
were not actually a reflection on FullMetal's mother, but rather one of his
very own shortcomings.

Pandemonium reigned for a little while after that.

At 3:25, Roy said that Edward was excused for the day
because the boy had gotten bored, taken up residence in front of the Colonel's
desk and was playing with the little bronze cannon, rolling it back and forth
and back and forth and back and forth. He looked so damn cute doing it, the
Colonel was having trouble working. As Ed stood to leave, Roy mouthed 'Seven',
which turned Ed's nose a shade of red that threatened his cheeks. He turned
and hurried out, calling for Al to follow him. Al made hasty goodbyes, jumped
up from the staff table where he'd been doing Breda's paperwork and rushed off
after his brother.

When Al caught up, Ed looked up at him, bit his lower
lip and said: "Take me clothes shopping."

Al stopped, put a hand to his chest and said: "If I had
a heart, I'd be dead right now."

Ed snorted and trudged on ahead.

Now Al sat back and watched with some pleasure as his
elder brother posed and preened in front of the full length mirror hanging on
the back of the bathroom door.

Edward Elric, State Alchemist.

Was wearing.

A suit.

Ed looked over at Al and spread his arms.

"I look like a dork, don't I?" he said.

"No," Al said, "Actually it makes you look .....older!"

Ed growled.

"I know you thought I was going to say taller," Al snickered,
"that's why I drew it out."

Al didn't mind the following tirade; he'd heard them all
by now.

Al opened the door and titled his head at the Colonel.
Replete and splendid in his uniform and trench, he tilted his head back and
smiled up at the armored boy.

"I'm glad you're here," Al said, "he's worn a hole in
the floor pacing around the table."

Ed came charging over then, pushing past Al and looking
up at Mustang.

Roy blinked.

He took a step back.

Ed's cheeks colored up.

"I told you I looked like a dork," he wailed to his younger
brother, taking a step back into him, feeling Al's hand on his back.

"No," Both Al and Mustang said at the same time.

"This is my cue to exit," Al said, shoving Ed at the Colonel
and closing the dorm room door.

"No," the Colonel said, sounding a little breathless,
"you look magnificent."

Ed thought he might seep right into the ground.

Roy cleared his throat.

"I have a driver, so please excuse me if I don't offer
you my arm, I don't think it would look quite right for me to be escorting a
male subordinate that way. But I want to offer my arm, Ed." He smiled.

It was awful and it was wonderful and Ed was simply terrified.
He nodded.

Roy led the way to the car. The driver, a corporal, opened
the door for them. Ed slid in first and Roy after. The driver shut the door,
climbed in and started the car. He already knew the evening's destination, so
it left Ed and Roy free to talk.

Only neither said a word.

It was when they were almost there that it struck Roy
that Al knew, and it struck Roy that he had just assumed Al knew.

After all, Al spent far too much time with First Lieutenant

That made him a bit uncomfortable.

When Roy got out at the restaurant, he automatically offered
his hand to the stunning young man exiting the car behind him. Ed looked at
it, at him, then worriedly in the direction of the driver and Roy caught the
slip, pulling his hand back and sticking it in his pocket.

Damn social conventions.

Edward looked so tense, so star struck with the whole
thing that Roy felt a bit guilty for not taking him out sooner. They went into
the restaurant and Roy checked his coat. (Ed marveled at that, letting someone
take his coat, a stranger!)
Then they followed a pleasant young hostess
to the recesses of the restaurant. Roy was well known here and his requests
were always honored. Tucked in the back, partially obscured by a row of large
potted palm plants, was a discreet alcove for two, decked with roses and candelight.

The hostess glanced at the Colonel and then at the boy,
but because she was paid very well for discretion, she merely smiled and left.

Roy moved to one of the chairs and pulled it out, smiling
over at Ed.

Ed stood frozen on the spot.

What am I doing? What if someone sees us?

They could take his rank away.

They could take my watch.

Why am I letting him do this?

Roy straightened up a little, brows taking on an edge
of concern.

Ed moved. He walked forward, sat down and allowed Roy
to push his chair in.

If he's willing, I'm willing. Equivalent trade.

"This is really fancy," Ed started, voice hushed, "I've
never been in a place so fancy," Ed fingered the edge of the napkin at his place,
"Are you sure this is ok?" he finished up and looked up at the Colonel.

"I'm sure," Roy said, "I do incentives for subordinates
all the time, yours is just a little extra special," Roy smiled the sat up straighter
as a waitress appeared with menus.

They both studied the menus in companionable silence.
After what seem the appropriate time, the waitress reappeared.

Ed glanced up at Roy, corners of his mouth pulled down.

"I'm going to have the porterhouse steak," Roy said smoothly.
"Might I suggest that to you, Edward. It's really a fine cut, I've never gone
wrong ordering it here before."

The corners of Ed's mouth turned up, because Roy was treating
him like an adult and helping him at the same time.

"That's an excellent suggestion Colonel," Ed said in his
most refined tones, "I'll have that too since you recommend it so highly." Ed
thought he sounded terribly adult.

Roy quickly snapped the menu upright in front of his face
to hide his grin. Oh please, he just couldn't laugh.

After the menus disappeared (and Roy was in control
of his mirth)
the two of them regarded each other across the table.

Roy started.

"So, how was the trip?" he said.

"Long and boring," Ed nodded, "like usual, well not actually
boring. I had a lot to think about."

"Oh, what were you thinking about?" Roy said.

"Oh you know, getting back, what was going to happen,
what I was going to say to you...and stuff." The teen suddenly blushed.

"Stuff?" Roy grinned.

"Shuddup," Ed mumbled.

"But I like stuff, so do you," Roy teased gently. "I especially
like watching you like the stuff."

Ed's mouth hung open, then as predicted he covered his
face with elegantly gloved white hands.

"Just shuddup!" came the muffled reply.

Absurdly charming. Innocent and yet not, and in his own
stuttering way, the most unconsciously sexy creature ever to grace Roy Mustang's
bed, and they haven't even really had sex yet.

Well, tonight The Flame Alchemist was going to fix that.

The look on Ed's face half way through his steak gave Roy
momentary pause, because Edward already looked to be in orgasmic bliss. Damn,
Roy never should have recommended the porterhouse, but dinner was a smashing
success. Edward, when he was relaxed, was surprisingly witty. Engagingly thoughtful
and current with the events in the world around them, Roy found him to be a
marvelous dinner conversationalist, and why shouldn't he be? The boy was smart,
no not just smart, the boy was brilliant, opinionated and resolute. Roy was
amazed at how Edward's ability to assert himself, to always speak his mind,
translated over so well into an ability to bewitch the most skeptical critic
with a few short phrases. Edward was very well book learned, much more than
Roy himself, but he never made Roy feel uncomfortable. Instead of being condescending
with his knowledge, he sought to share it. He leaned over the table when speaking
to Roy, holding his eyes and Roy found it impossible to look away.

No wonder Edward always managed to get what he wanted.
The Colonel included.

He really was the unstoppable force.

As a boy in a white jacket cleared the dishes away, Roy
waved over the waitress.

"I'll have a cognac," the Colonel said, leaning back in
his chair, crossing his legs, the picture of casual elegance, "And bring the
dessert tray by for my guest here."

The poor girl was of course completely wooed.

He's too good at that, I should be jealous. Ed
thought wryly.

But it struck him after she flitted away what had really
just went on.

"You know just because I'm a ki... young, doesn't mean
I always want that sugary stuff, I'd rather have what you're having," Ed snorted.

Roy looked over at him.

"While I have no doubt you could probably handle what I'm
having, the law says you have to be an age that you are not. That is not a slight
on your maturity, please don't take it as such," Roy said with a gentle smirk.

Ed snorted.

"I know you think I have this horrible sweet tooth, but
I really don't. Al says I eat because I'm bored and..." Ed was interrupted by
the arrival of the dessert tray, his eyes got a little wide. "How many can I
have?" he asked the Colonel.

Roy enjoyed watching Ed with his eyes closed in bliss.
He was on his second slice of banana cream pie. Roy swirled the fine cognac,
letting his thoughts sink to lower places, hoping to be able to top the look
on Ed's face tonight with something much lower in calories.

Ed opened his eyes and in turn, eyed the large brandy
snifter in Roy's hand. The Colonel looked so dashing sitting back in his chair,
legs crossed, elbow on the table and that neat big glass resting in his palm,
stem between his fingers. Surely one sip wouldn't hurt.

"Let me try it," Ed put down his fork.

"You won't like it Edward," Roy said, "it's an acquired
taste. I don't think you even like wine. I remember you turning your nose up
at it during the office holiday party."

"I didn't like that wine, it was sour," Ed countered,
"How do you know I won't like it, I've never tried it. Just a little sip, no
one will see."

"Trust me when I say you won't like it, this is very expensive
brandy and I don't want to see it dribbling down your chin (because I can't
lick it off in public)
and wasted. Do you want another slice of pie?" With
that Roy sat the snifter on the table and turned to signal the waitress.

Ed shouldn't, he just shouldn't. But that didn't mean
he wouldn't.

He reached over and lifted the snifter in his flesh hand,
slipping the stem between his fingers just as Roy had done, and lifted the glass,
pulling to his face. Just then, because Roy was turning back around and would
catch him at it, he up ended the glass and let the amber liquid slosh over his
teeth and down his throat.

Edward's insides caught on fire, particularly his throat.

"Ed," Roy's exasperated gasp reached his ears, but the
Colonel was all blurry because Ed's eyes were tearing up and even though he
was trying as hard as he could not to gag, he did. He gagged, he coughed, he
slammed the glass and his automail hand down on the table, and he knocked over
the candle there. It pitched forward, splattering the back of his automail hand,
and Roy's all too flesh one, with hot wax as it fell.

Roy snatched his hand back and hissed, Ed wretched again
and shook his head. The candle sputtered but the flame leapt to the few drops
of cognac that had made it to the tablecloth, causing it to smolder and catch

Ed jumped up.

Roy jumped up.

One would think Roy being who he is would have a handle
on things that concerned fire. As far as starting one, or roasting someone or
something with it, he was beyond proficient. As a matter of fact, he was just
about as close to barbequing perfection as any mortal man could get. While this
served him so well in his chosen field, it did little to serve him in a non-combative
situation. He did, however, grasp that the flame needed to be extinguished.
In order to live, fire needed oxygen; that was the basis of his own alchemy.
In order to die, a flame needed to be smothered, and so with no real rational
thought in his head, Roy Mustang lifted the large brandy snifter, up ended it
and slammed it down over the tiny blaze flickering merrily away on the tablecloth.

The last trickles of a very fine cognac suddenly flowed
the convex sides of the glass and rushed down to the dying flame, and by some
fluke or miracle that could only happen to someone like Roy Mustang when he
was out with someone like Edward Elric, the brandy snifter shattered
into a fine spray of crystal shards, scattering out around the table. It was
an oddly pretty sight for a moment, thought Roy, as the glass beneath his hand
gave way and he jerked his hand back in panic. Edward on the other hand, was
a bit more demonstrative. He jerked his whole body back, slammed up against
one potted palm and then, with all the grace that a state alchemist should possess
but didn't, went head over heels as the pot fell backwards, leaving a large
gaping hole in their previously intimate wall of greenery, which left Roy Mustang
wide eyed and slack jawed in full view of the other diners. Edward jumped to
his feet, hair wild and eyes wide, while a quick-witted bus boy rushed over,
white jacket almost faster than the eye could see, and beat at the table even
though the flame had already gone out. Edward brushed at his suit and slowly
seemed to notice that they had an audience. This normally would not be a problem
for the teen, since he was used to attracting unwanted attention, but for some
reason... the situation, the location, the man with him... it robbed him of
all his usual self-confidence. Because his mind blanked and then fled, he did
the only thing he could think to do. He raised one shaky finger and pointed
it at Roy Mustang.

Ed was almost running to keep up with the Colonel as he
stalked out of the restaurant. He reached out, fingers snagging on the sleeve
of Roy's coat and tried to pull him to a stop. Roy whipped his head around with
a set jaw and gave him a black ice look that caused Edward to swallow and trot
harder to keep up.

"I'm sorry," the boy cried, "I don't know what came over
me! I didn't mean to point at you like that, it wasn't entirely your fault!"

Roy stopped and whirled on the boy. Ed's eyes widened,
but his very nature made him hold his ground.

"Wasn't entirely MY FAULT?" Roy exploded, "You tell me,
Edward Elric, just what part of that debacle in there was my fault?!"

"I...I would think you would know that alcohol was flammable,"
Ed stammered and flapped his arms. "You know, you should know what is and isn't

Roy kept his mouth firmly shut and instead turned back
to see that the car had been brought around to the curb with the corporal standing
at attention at the rear door.

"I need some air," Roy growled, "You're dismissed for
the evening, I'll be walking home."

"Sir!" barked the corporal, snapping a salute.

Roy strode around the front of the car, looked both ways
and crossed the street heading into the East City park that stood between Sardi's
and his apartment.

"Me too," Ed said, rushing by the corporal and chasing
after the Colonel.

"Sir!" barked the corporal again and snapped another salute,
but Ed was already across the street dogging Roy's footsteps.

I just need to think! It wasn't that bad, it's mostly
embarrassment. I just need to calm down, a walk will do me good. He was only
curious, it's alright. Just breath.

"I'm sorry," Ed's voice sounded behind him along with
his footsteps, "I shouldn't have drunk your drink, but I don't know what I like
and I don't like it if I don't get to taste it."

I told you that you wouldn't like it, that should have
been enough. I also told you in the most polite way possible that you were too
young to be drinking it. Funny my priorities, you're too young to drink but
you're not to young for me to put my mouth and hands all over.

"You know if you hadn't been so snarky about it and didn't
try to foist off another piece of pie on me like I'm some little kid, then I
wouldn't have done it," Ed insisted behind him, "I thought we were being equals
in there, I mean you weren't talking down to me or anything and you shouldn't
be so mad about it! I'll pay you back!"

Snarky? I was the example of gentlemanly deference.
I was treating you like an equal and it's not about the damn money. No, I wasn't
talking down to you, I was trying to keep up with you. But you just had to go
and turn the defiance card on me and remind me just how young you actually are.

They were about half way through the park at this point.
It was late enough that they had it to themselves.

"I can't help it if you got all embarrassed," Ed started
and Roy whirled on him once again.

"Edward, just be quiet!" he snapped. He turned back toward
his apartment and let his momentum carry him.

Just be quiet and let me calm the hell down because
dammit, you're right, I got embarrassed, and I don't want to be mad at you because
I got embarrassed.

He stopped and looked both ways when the came to the other
side of the park and then glanced behind him to wait for Ed.

But Ed wasn't there.

Oh for the love of...

It didn't take long to back track to the lone figure sitting
dejectedly on a bench to the side of the path. His gloved hands were the most
notable thing about him since they were robed in white, clasped loosely between
his knees. He was leaning forward a little, head down, as if he was thinking.

Roy stood and admired the sight a moment, then took a
breath and walked over.

Ed looked up at him, the dim light from far off street
lamps did reflect a bit in his eyes, but he didn't say anything, and he made
no move to stand.

"Come on," Roy held out his hand, "Sitting here isn't
going to accomplish anything. I'm not mad at you Edward; I was just a little

Ed lifted his hand, slipped it into Roy's and stood. Roy
laced his fingers with the boy's and gave him a little tug, drawing him to his
side, then turned them back up the path.

"Don't say you're sorry anymore," Roy said quickly before
Ed could say anything, "You've said it enough and I forgave you the moment you
tumbled over that potted plant, really. Oh Ed, that was priceless." The
Flame Alchemist chuckled.

"Oh yeah," Ed piped up beside him, gently squeezing his
fingers, "Not as priceless as the look on your face when I pointed at you, bastard."

The Flame Alchemist's chuckle became a laugh that echoed
behind them as they left the park.

Tonight was the night. Roy had to make sure Edward was
ready. In order to make sure he was really ready there would have to be lots
of long, drawn out, hot foreplay.

It started slowly, the moment they walked in the door.
The coats were dutifully put in their places, then Roy's lips dutifully sought
Edward's and Edward's back dutifully sought the wall and they stayed that way
for a few moments, lips and hand wandering.

Then Roy decided that Edward needed to lie on the couch
and let Roy have at least his shirt. This was easily accomplished because Edward
wanted to give Roy his shirt and getting to lie on the couch was just a little
bonus. But once there, Roy got to put his lips all over Ed's throat and chest
and nipples and stomach and Ed got to moan a lot and squirm and make enticing
sounds and arch his hips. All of these things were just fine with Roy, but soon
it was time for more.

Ed was practically boneless by now, and richly flushed.
Roy lifted him up off the couch and scooped him into his arms. The boy giggled,
but didn't fight it. Instead, he laid his cheek on the Colonel's shoulder and
put his arms around his neck, blinking in surprise as they walked into the kitchen.

"Open that cabinet for me," Roy said; indicating with
his head which one Ed should open.

Ed pulled it open and looked back at Roy.

"Grab that bottle of cooking oil there," Roy said cheerfully
and Ed complied, looking a little puzzled.

"Shut the cabinet door," Roy said giving Ed a little bounce
in his arms, and Ed did so and grinned.

"What is the oil for?" Ed asked as the Colonel carried
him out of the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom.

"Tonight's lesson is going all the way, Ed," Roy said
and kicked the bedroom door open.

Roy took his time in baring Ed. There was no need to rush;
everything now would need to be slow and relaxed, soft and sensual. He wanted
Ed to feel abandon and he wanted Ed to desire more than what had come before.
Ed sat up as Roy finally tugged his pants free of his feet and reached for Roy's
shirt. Roy stood still, letting Ed work the buttons, alternately stroking the
skin of Roy's chest. He obligingly shrugged it off his shoulders when Ed pushed
it open, and stroked through blond hair when Ed leaned forward and kissed his
stomach. It was important that Ed participate in this too, that Ed learn that
giving pleasure could be just as satisfying as receiving it, although Ed had
been doing a very good job of picking that up as of late.

He quickly finished undressing himself, despite the blond's
protests, and moved up over Ed on the bed, leaning down to kiss the parted lips
and setting to work with his hands in all the places Ed liked to be touched.
Ed of course was a prodigy, because even though he moaned in pleasure and writhed
for Roy's lips and fingers, he too began to seek Roy's places on his own and
strived to hear Roy's moans.

The unexpected touch of cool automail fingers on his erection
made Roy jerk, but then he stilled and waited. He in no way wanted to discourage
Ed from using his mechanical limb, he never wanted to give Ed the impression
that he was disgusted by it, because naturally the opposite was true. He had
seen Ed handle all manner of delicate things with his steel fingers and felt
confident that Ed had the control necessary to maneuver the mechanical arm in
this situation, too. He was proven satisfyingly right when the pleasantly cool
fingers lightly wrapped around his very hot cock and began to stroke softly.
He returned the favor, first scratching though golden curls and then letting
his fingers find the ridges and veins of the teens own erection before gripping
and stroking as well.

Ed was still new enough that he never lasted very long,
and it was alright that he had abandoned stroking Roy a little while ago in
favor of arching and gasping as Roy expertly worked him. In fact, it was more
than alright as Roy watched the automail fingers practically burrow into the
mattress under them.

Ed came with a delighted half shout; panting and smiling
and looking up at Roy.

"That's only your first time tonight," Roy said with a
grin, leaning over and dropping another kiss on the boy's panting lips.

For awhile they just laid together, Roy holding Ed close
and stroking his head and back, kissing his flushed face and whispering in his
ear soft funny things to make the boy laugh.

Ed pressed close, pulled on Roy's shoulders and burrowed
under his chin.

"I remember that teach," he said with a sigh against Roy's
throat, "that was lesson one, is tonight going to be a review?" he laughed.

"A review and then the test," Roy said, nosing through
blond hair, "right now I'm giving you time to study up for your next lesson."

"I fuckin' love school," Ed sighed.

It wasn't long before Roy moved Ed up into the pillows
and proceeded to try and swallow the boy's tongue. Ed was extremely helpful
in offering it, pressing his mouth hard to Roy's and arching up to rub himself
against the delightful adult male body over him. Ed loved to rub against Roy;
he even did it fully clothed in a supply closet at work. Roy really needed to
stop that practice, it made the rest of the day a living hell.

Roy finally tore his mouth away, fended off Ed's grabby
hands and moved his lips south, pausing just briefly at Ed's navel because he
loved Ed's snorting giggles, but then right straight to business, closing his
lips over the head of that impudent cock. Ed's cock rarely obeyed the laws of
gravity or physics. Roy swore it could stick straight up when it wanted to and
seemed to have a life all of it's own when introduced to an interesting, warm,
cave-like place, like say Roy's mouth. Ed's bouncing and squirming didn't help
either and Roy had to hold the boy's hips down to keep Ed from all out committing
murder by accidental suffocation.

But the hair pulling was new. Ed was finally getting into
using his hands and Roy supposed he was glad, because it was about time. Even
if Ed was trying to yank him bald, he should take it as the compliment it was.

"Ah, ah, Colonel!" Ed gasped.

Well, another new twist! Ed was calling his name. That
was down right sexy. He certainly must have thought hard on that train ride
from Central, or read a book, or something. Maybe pointers from Al, but it was
resolute denial that a certain mousy walking library might actually have
something to do with it.

Ed sat up and pushed Roy's head down, another new development.
Roy didn't like this one though and put a hand on Ed's chest to push the boy
back. Ed grunted and strained, with only one hand on Ed's hips, now it was harder
to control him. Roy pulled up to keep from gagging and snorted his own frustration
that his previously timid pupil was seemingly becoming quite wanton.

"Let me buck," Ed suddenly demanded, "let me move my damn

That was it, Ed was never going to Central alone again
without a chastity belt and an armed guard and if Roy ever found out
who taught all this sexual rudeness to Ed, why he'd fry them. Roy was going
to have to do some damage control now and he didn't appreciate it. He was sure
Ed's future wife would not appreciate this hair-pulling, demanding sort of sex
any more than he did.

But Ed came despite his howls and squirming and lay sprawled
in the pillows. Roy pulled up panting and looking a little surly, but pleased.
He reached over to the bedside table and got the bottle of cooking oil, poured
some into the palm of his hand, and then worked it up his fingers after setting
the bottle aside again. With both hands oiled he reached down and gripped Ed's
still throbbing cock and began to stroke again.

"You must have," Ed gasped, arched, and moaned, "really
liked that suit," he finished on a ragged breath.

"I did," Roy said, smiling slowly, "but I like it better
on the floor over there," He eased one finger over the sensitive skin behind
Ed's balls and trailed it slowly back to Ed's anus.

Ed grunted and turned his head to the side, legs still
obligingly spread, licking his lips and furrowing his brows.

Roy kept on stroking, firm and not too slow, his other
finger traced a light circle around Ed's opening and then slowly back and forth.
Ed still made no move to reject the touch, instead he panted harder and if possible
spread his legs wider, making a soft keening noise.

Roy moved slowly, nice and easy, and pressed his finger
to the opening. Then with increasing pressure, he moved it inside only to the
first knuckle, never slowing on working Ed's erection, and waited. His eyebrows
climbed, he licked his lips, he nosed the pillow under his head and dug his
fingers into the sheets, but he seemed to be waiting, to see what was going
to happen next.

Good, good, he really was a prodigy.

Roy leaned forward, letting the movement push his finger
deeper, until it was buried inside him. Ed was tight, of course he was tight,
patience Mustang, patience. All your hard work is going to pay off, all your
indulgence is going to pay off. Ed made a grunt, made his first squirm and gritted
his teeth. Roy held still and slowly his features relaxed again, but he was
bearing down on Roy's finger now, more by accident than design and Roy finally
felt some impatience of his own as his cock throbbed.

Roy moved his finger in a circular motion once, then twice,
seeking. Ed grunted, gasped, and shifted, finally opening his eyes and turning
his head to look at Roy.

"It's ok," Roy soothed, "it's ok, just stay relaxed."

Ed nodded, watching Roy's face. Roy smiled and slowly
began to introduce finger number two.

Ed shuddered, licked his lips and whimpered at the duel
sensations of the throbbing of his own cock and the strange intrusion in a place
no one had ever touched before, not even himself. He tightened down when Roy
had the second finger only half way in and Roy stopped and waited patiently.
After a few moments, the small chest heaved, Ed relaxed again and Roy pressed.

Two fingers in and Ed was doing fine. Roy admired the
boy, golden hair splayed over pillows, golden eyes fixed with some uncertainty
on Roy's face, beautiful young body spread on Roy's sheets. There was certainly
nothing finer than this, and now finally they were on their way, true lovers
at last, not just mutual masturbation machines.

Roy separated his fingers slightly and Ed again grunted.
Roy supposed this was going to be Ed's standard response to any anal penetration
and Roy once again moved them about, seeking that one sweet spot. By now his
stroking on Ed's still turgid cock had slowed, but Ed seemed to be more preoccupied
with the new sensations and was not complaining. Up, down, deeper, shallower,
come on Ed give it up.

He hooked his fingers slightly and Ed gasped and arched.

Found it.

He took shameless advantage of it. Roy began to stroke
Edward on the inside, both fingers moving independently of each other, over
an over and Ed whined, closed his eyes and arched his head back. Yes, oh yes,
that's the way, that's my love, that's my golden boy.

So goddamn beautiful. Look at him, open for me, moaning
for me. I am yours and you don't even know it. I think I'm afraid for you to
know it.

He worked Ed for quite a while before gently withdrawing
his fingers. Ed made a confused noise, a bereft sob and opened his eyes again,
looking at Roy with lovely confusion.

Roy smiled, taking Ed's hips and placing a pillow beside
them. He rolled Ed over onto it and retrieved the oil once again.

Ed looked over his shoulder at him, watching him, golden
eyes soft and half lidded. He was so very relaxed, and Roy was so very grateful
for it.

Ed's ass was all kinds of hot. Roy wished he hadn't promised
the boy he wouldn't bite, but it would never be said that he didn't kiss Edward
Elric's ass and he indulged, raining kisses all over two pale cheeks, earning
scandalized giggles from the teen and little ticklish wiggles.

"You're so silly," Ed laughed and buried his face in a

Roy Mustang's heart did a little flip and the funniest
feeling he'd ever felt in his life settled in his stomach. What the hell was

He oiled up his fingers once more and with only minimal
coaxing was able to introduce two again, moving them about, stretching Ed some
more before moving between his legs finally and giving a bit of attention to
his eager cock.

Roy moved up a bit more between Ed's thighs, stroked himself
a time or two, then bracing himself on one arm, pressed the head of is cock
against Ed's anus. Ed shifted a little but otherwise seemed to remain relaxed.
With a bit of pressure, Roy breached the ring and began to slowly sink in. Ed
gasped. Fingers were one thing, but this was a totally different sensation.
Roy stilled, just the head passed the entrance, and willed himself to be calm,
to be patient, to let Ed adjust.

This was both heaven and hell and he damn sure hoped he
survived it, because now he was getting eager. Now he wanted the abandon which
was something he couldn't afford, because it was Ed's turn to give. Come on
Ed, relax.

He waited for what he thought to be an appropriate adjustment
time, or what his feverish mind thought to be an appropriate adjustment time,
and leaned forward again. Again, Edward gasped, except this time he whimpered
and he did the most amazing thing. Seemingly using only his stomach muscles,
he inched forward on the bed, so that the precious centimeter or two of depth
Roy's yearning cock had reached was suddenly back to square one, with only the
head submerged.

It was kinda funny. Roy rubbed the smooth expanse of back
in front of him soothingly, tugged playfully at the ends of golden hair. Ok,
here we go again. He leaned forward. Ed scooted like a centipede with invisible
legs. Another few moments of waiting, another try, another scoot. In this maddening,
excruciating, frustrating way, Roy chased Ed all the way across the bed until
the boy's shoulders were hanging over the opposite side.

He wanted to scream to the rafters, he wanted to pound
his fist into a wall, he wanted to sob like a baby. But what he did was lower
his forehead to the panting teen's back and laugh. He laughed long and hard.
It was just all so frustrating and all so wonderful and all so Ed, that
he couldn't hold it back anymore. Why did he think, even for one minute, that
he was going to have a fairly normal, extremely hot encounter with anything
as unstoppable, as completely untamed as the FullMetal Alchemist. Oh it was
all too rich, the great Roy Mustang, lover of women, loved by women, brought
to crawling across a bed, centimeter by centimeter, because he was owned body
and soul by a 15 year old boy who did not appear to want anal sex in the slightest.

When he finally opened his eyes and raised his head, Ed
was staring at him over his shoulder like he had lost his mind.

Roy took pity, he backed up, withdrew and heard Ed heave
a sigh of relief.

Roy flopped over onto his back and wiped tears of hilarity
from his eyes. Ed pushed himself up, turned around and sat up on his knees looking
down at Roy.

"You're not mad?" he asked.

Roy shook his head no.

"I'm really sorry," Ed stammered, "If you want we can
try again, aim me at the headboard, I won't be able to get very far."

Roy seized up in peals of laughter.

Ed's mouth quirked a little too.

"Really not mad," the teen prodded again.

"No Ed, how can I be mad at you?" Roy asked, "I love you."

They both blinked and said not another word.