sky dark

The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher

chapter 8.

"Oh please," Roy said huskily.

"Noooo," Ed said, his voice a bit whiny.

"Just once more, this is the last time, I promise, just
once more, for me?" Roy said softly.

"Don't say it like that, that's not fair," Ed complained.

"Just once more, it was so good, please, I promise
I won't ask again after this," Roy put on a pout.

"Don't look at me like that!" Ed covered his face with
his hands, "You really are a bastard for wanting me to do this," Ed said muffled.

"I know, "Roy cooed, "but please, please... please?"

"Fine, but this is the last time," Ed uncovered his face,
sat up on his knees, caught his hair up behind him and sighed, then squared
his jaw.

"Colonel Mustang, I really must protest. You can't leave
yet, because you have so much paperwork and it reflects badly on not only yourself,
but me as well, if I let you go without getting it done. Please don't make me
go postal on you, forgive the insubordination, sir." Ed glanced over at Roy.

Roy was rolling around on the bed in laughter, Ed did
the best Riza impersonation ever.

It was the weekend and Roy always held onto them like
the shining beacon of slacker hope they were. But this one, this special weekend,
Alphonse Elric had graciously relinquished his brother into the Colonel's care.
For the whole weekend!

During the week Ed had no problems with meeting Roy, sleeping
with Roy, and being generally Roy's chew toy in bed, but come the weekend, Ed
was all about Al. Ed's devotion to all things Al was heartwarming. Every little
gesture, even the sibling arguments, was all a gentle deference to his younger
brother. Sometimes Roy wondered if Ed realized where he left off and Al began.
Since this relationship had begun, Roy had despaired of ever having one lazy,
mostly nude day, where he could keep Ed in bed or on his back somewhere in the
house, but Ed was resolute.

"You can't hog me," Ed had said, blushing, "I spend a
lot of time with you, and now I spend even more, that's not fair to Al. Al gets
me too, in fact Al gets me first."

Roy's face did all sorts of contortions trying not to

Ed looked at him long and hard in puzzlement, then his
eyebrows shot off his face and through the roof.

"You are a SICK BASTARD!" Ed wailed.

Since Ed was wailing, Roy thought it only fair that he
could laugh.

He had flailed around the living room in an outraged fury
and Roy tried to calm him down, but was miserably bad at it.

"I'm sorry," Roy gasped out, "it's just the way you said
it," Roy accidentally remembered how Ed said it while trying to explain it to
him and broke into fresh hilarity. Ed ran over and kicked him in the shin. Hard.
With his automail foot, no less.

Roy supposed he deserved that, but that didn't make it
any the less funny.

But Ed must have mentioned it to Al, because he had come
back the next day, waited for lunch to clear the office and then shyly and haltingly
told Roy he could stay the whole weekend.

Roy had never wanted to tongue metal so hard in his life.
It was like a miracle. No, better, it was like his fucking birthday. Alphonse
Elric was his goddamn hero, even if he was conspiring with First Lieutenant
Hawkeye to take over the world.

They were lying in bed facing each other. Ed was lying
on his right side and Roy worried briefly that it might be uncomfortable for
the boy to lie on his automail, but Ed didn't seem to notice at all and so Roy
let it go. He reached out to touch him, because he could. He cupped Ed's cheek
and the boy's eyes searched his face in lazy contentment as Roy smiled his slow
smile, the one that served him so well in the past. He slowly moved his fingertips
along the boys cheek, over his jaw to his chin, then down the front of his throat
and the smile went to a smirk when Ed swallowed.

Ed was not pale, but he was somewhat soft. He was ruddy,
with deep sun-branded skin, the skin around his automail ports was thick and
dark, scar tissue, and Roy was surprised when he responded to touches there,
because he didn't think scar tissue was supposed to be sensitive. His hand moved
down Ed's chest, then up over the curve of his hip, square like a man's, and
then his fingertips lowered again, skimming down Ed's false pelvis and making
him wiggle a bit because he was ticklish. Ed was masculine and beautiful, well
defined and yet not sharp, Roy was rather jealous of Ed's shoulders, but was
too lazy to really want to work on that kind of definition, and then ashamed
of himself because he knew it wasn't because the boy worked out for vanity's

"What are you doing?" Ed said quietly.

"Learning you, because each time I touch you, I find something
different," Roy said.

Edward smiled.

Roy scooted closer after a bit, arm draped over Ed's upturned
hip, smile still lazy, as Ed laid his fingers on his chest to draw pictures
and write words.

"Do you remember what I said to you before you went to
Pekinpaw?" Roy asked.

"You said a lot of things to me before I went to Pekinpaw,"
Ed returned.

"I mean that night in bed," Roy pressed a bit.

The nervous dance of Ed's fingers on his chest said 'yes'.

"I wanted you to know I meant it," Roy knew there was
no point in hiding it now that he'd said it, he did mean it, and Ed needed
to hear things like this every now and again.

Ed said nothing, but his fingers didn't still.

"And I want you to know it's ok if you aren't ready yet,"
Roy continued, because he knew how the Edward Elric guilt machine worked. "Please
don't feel there is something you owe me because I said it, it's something I
wanted to say, and I give it freely, no strings attached. And since I've given
it to you, it's yours to do what you want with, understand? It's not an obligation
of any sort, if it was, then it wouldn't be what it is, ok?"

Ed's face suddenly pressed beneath Roy's chin. Roy smiled,
stroked the boy's hair and just let it be, because it can be hard sometimes
to hear that someone cares when you're not sure what to do about it.

On top of being the most selfish bastard in the world,
I'm apparently the biggest fucking coward, too.

Ed pressed his face into the Colonel's throat.

I say it enough in my head, in my sleep, in my dreams,
why can't I say it right now? Because I do too, you bastard. I do too!

He must have made a sound, because the Colonel had both
arms around him now, rubbing his back, making those soft 'hmmm' noises he found
so comforting and kissing his head and temple.

But everyone I say it to gets hurt.

Please, please understand.

Ed rubbed his face against that bastard's throat.

I love you too! And I'm scared even thinking might
jinx it.

This didn't go as Roy had planned. He hadn't expected
Ed to reciprocate (although he hoped he would). He had expected the boy
to turn crimson and try to run away or something, not turn into this slightly
trembling figure in his arms, hiding his face in his throat. How did Roy get
this wrong?

It's almost like the closer I get, the less I know

It was frustrating. When Ed was in the office, he was
an open book who could be prodded in whatever direction the Colonel needed him
to go.

When Ed was in his bed, he was a baffling enigma who always
seemed to be of two minds at once, what he wanted and what he wanted to do.

There's no middle ground with this kid!

And Roy called him a kid in his thoughts out of exasperation.

But then Ed stopped trembling, lifted his face from the
nose-sized indention he'd left in Roy's throat and said: "I want to put my mouth
on you."

How could Roy resist that? So, he smiled and lowered his

"Not there," Ed said.

Roy tilted his head back to offer his throat.

"Not there," Ed said.

Roy suspected the nose indention was a turn off, so he
tilted his head to the side to offer shoulder and neck.

"No!" Ed said sounding frustrated.

Roy looked at him and cocked an eyebrow.

Ed was crimson to his roots.

"I want to put it on your... cuh... cuh... thing," Ed
slammed his face back into Roy's throat and gagged him.

His thing, huh? OH MY GOD, yes he knew what Ed was talking
about and his brain did an excited little jiggle. But his cock, the injured
party of the last encounter, remembered all to well.

It will be great this time, Roy tried to reason
with it, he's got more skills. Ok so he hasn't, but he remembers the last
time, he'll keep his teeth to himself!

Ed unburied himself again and began to wiggle down the
bed, pushing the blanket down as he went and Roy remained frozen in place, struggling
with his inner cock voice, because if the kid touched him and he didn't get
hard it could be bad.

But he should have known, his cock loved Ed more than
he did, and when the boy halted at his hips and tentatively pushed at Roy to
get him to lie on his back, his little soldier was well at attention and reaching
for Ed.

Ed was never quiet sure what to do with it at first. He
reached up with the fingers of his flesh hand and pressed Roy's cock against
his belly. Then he let go and Roy's cock sprang right back up. Ed quirked an
eyebrow and did it again, and again.

Roy's mind swam. What the hell was he doing? Testing elasticity?

Should I help him? No, don't help him.

Ed leaned over and exhaled hot air on Roy's cock, which
was damn strange and damn sexy. He nosed Roy's cock and that was incredibly
sexy. Roy just throbbed and restrained himself from arching to rub against
the boy's nose. He was sure Ed wouldn't appreciate it.

Come on Ed, you are the master of torture.

Oh my GOD at least he's touching me, leave him the
hell alone!

Roy hated it when his cock talked.

Then Ed licked him with a warm sweep from root to tip
and Roy's toes curled so hard he had nail impressions in the bottom of his foot.
The voice of his cock in his brain screamed like a little girl and started sobbing
and Roy wished for death, but not of the dying kind.

Ed took the head in his mouth and his gold eyes flicked
up to Roy's face. Roy tried not to grimace, he tried to smile, but golden eyebrows
said it looked like a grimace, so Roy dropped his head back and gave Ed a 'thumbs
up' sign with his hand instead. That encouraged a suck, and that suck encouraged
another and soon Ed was sucking on him.

I cannot move. If I move, he will stop. I will die.
This is how it will end. Put on my gravestone... 'If he had moved, Ed would
have stopped'. Yes, a fitting epitaph.

Ed was sucking on him and he actually moved down
on his cock, getting more in his mouth.

I think I see dead people. This isn't happening to
me. I'm going to wake up and it's going to have been one long, insane dream
and then I'm going to kill myself, because a man can only take so much.

Ed wrapped his flesh fingers around the base of Roy's
cock and dragged them up as his mouth went down.

Roy's mind liquefied and came out his ears. Naturally,
Roy came.

He couldn't sit up yet to comfort the gagging teen, but
he could watch in dull amazement as Edward buried his face in the sheets, and
on his hands and knees, scoot his buried face all around the bed.

Well look at that, what the hell is he doing? I don't
care in the least. He can set the house on fire; I think I'll lay right here.
He seems to be talking to me, but I can't make out what he's saying.

Oh my god I got to come in his mouth.

It was extremely embarrassing that a 15 year old boy was
making him come almost the moment he touched him, but Ed had learned something.
He had learned to give a blowjob! Roy wasn't sure if he should be thrilled or
appalled, and Ed had gone to brush his teeth twice, and was looking all surly
sitting on the bed, eyeing Roy like he was pond scum. Roy still hadn't moved,
because he was going to wring every last iota of sensation from that very brief
blowjob. Who knows when he'd get one again?

Ed wasn't shy about letting the neighbors know he was
getting a 'Thank you SO MUCH' blowjob in return later, however.

After all the mind-numbing mouth action, Ed decided he
was hungry. Roy grunted and complained as Ed pushed on him with pleas of: "Feed
me!" like a baby bird, and finally allowed the teen to roll him out of his comfortable
sex nest. He sat on the edge of the bed and couldn't help the huge grin as Ed
pulled Roy's very own button down shirt over his head, but frowned when Ed picked
up his boxers. Roy reached out and snagged the boy's boxers, and Ed grunted
and tugged back.

"Give me those," Roy said.

This seemed all strange déjà vu to Ed.

"No, they're clean!" he howled.

"I don't care about that, why do you want to put them
on?" Roy asked.

"Because I don't want to walk about with my butt naked
in the house," Ed gaped.

"Why not, it's such a cute butt. Besides, that shirt almost
hangs to your knees," Roy said, not relinquishing his grip.

"What if I want to sit on the furniture," Ed said, "I
can't sit on the couch with a naked butt!"

"Why not?" Roy said, "I have, the couch has a nice texture
to it."

"EW!" Ed said and tugged hard, "I can't believe I sat
on that couch where your naked butt has been!"

"You have strange priorities," Roy said with a smirk and
let go of the boxers, causing Ed to stumble back a few steps, "because you had
your bare hands all over my butt earlier."

Ed snorted, yanked on his boxers and fled.

"Pervert!" he called over his shoulder.

Roy though the cute was going to leap out of the cabinet
any moment and strangle him. Ed was leaning on his back, murmuring about how
hungry he was, rubbing his cheek up and down and basically wooing the man cooking
his meal. Roy had prepared well, stopping on his way home the day before and
stocking the ice box with many things to feed the bottomless pit that was Edward
Elric. He had no fear of spoilage, as he was sure the boy would finish off every
single morsel before Monday morning. Besides, if they did run out of food, he
wanted to take the boy out a least one night anyway.

He was making a specialty for them both, a simple chop
and potato dish made spicy with pepper, and then the phone rang. Roy had one
in his house sitting on a roll top desk in the corner of the living room he
called 'his den'. Ed thought this superfluous, and informed Roy loftily that
a den was an entirely separate room with a door, because he knew, there was
one in his house where he grew up and wasn't Roy deprived as a child to not
live in a house with a den?

"I'll get it," Ed said and dashed off in excitement. Ed
had a den where he lived but he'd never had a phone, and yet he called Roy 'deprived'.
Then it struck Roy that maybe it wasn't a good idea for Ed to be answering the
phone at his place, but it was too late. He took the skillet off the flame,
shut it down and hurried after him in case there was spin control he needed
to perform. Ed looked over at him sourly as he came in and said shortly: "Here
he is," then thrust the phone out at Roy.

"It's a girl," Ed said flatly.

Roy took the phone, moved past Ed to the desk and put
it to his ear.

"Hello," he said.

"Hey Flamey," a voice on the other end said, "I had a
long hard talk with my conscience and I think we've come to some sort of understanding.
I don't think what I said was wrong, but I think telling you I wasn't gonna
be your friend was, are we still good?" The voice on the other end sounded reserved
but hopeful.

"Anna," Roy breathed into the mouth piece and heard Ed
snort behind him.

"So was that him," Anna asked.

"Uh yes," Roy turned half way to look at Ed and make a
shooing motion with his hand.

"He sounds younger than 15," Anna said and Roy snorted.

"His voice hasn't broken yet, but we hold out hope," Roy
said and shooed at Ed again. Ed was glaring, hands on hips and making gestures
of frustration toward the kitchen.

"Can I meet him?" Anna asked and Roy blinked in surprise.

"Why would you want to?" Roy found himself asking before
he realized it.

"I want to see what it takes to bring a Mustang down,"
Anna replied with a half snort.

"You're really enjoying this aren't you," Roy asked and
swatted at Ed who was tugging on the waist band of his pajama bottoms.

"Oh yeah," Anna said, "I love seeing pompous asses crash
and burn, yours even more so with the whole flame thing being poetic justice,"
she said airily.

"Yeah, that's what I love about you," and now Roy really
had to fend of Ed's hands because he was going for the phone receiver, "You
like rubbing my face in every little infraction," he grunted, pinned Ed against
the desk and leaned him over it.

"How else you gonna learn?" Anna asked.

Roy was looking down at the wriggling boy, whose rump
was currently rubbing him in a very sensitive spot.

"I'm never going to learn," he managed to get out, "how
about we meet you in the park for dinner. Mezzanine at 7:00 work for you?" he
gritted out, eyes starting to water.

"Yeah perfect," she said, "I don't need to bring a bib,
do I?"

Roy let out a low, evil chuckle.

"Screw you," he said and hung up.

"I've told you a dozen times already, she is not an
old girlfriend
," Roy said, proffering the shirt again. Alphonse, bless him,
had sent Ed over with changes of clothes.

Ed stood, arms stubbornly folded.

"That's just what you say," he spat.

Roy's flattery of Ed's apparent jealousy had run out a
few shouts ago, and now he was just about to say: "FINE, stay here and POUT!"
and get dressed himself. But, that would defeat the whole purpose of taking
Ed to meet Anna and hopefully patching up one of his oldest and dearest friendships.
Ed's thought on the matter were something else entirely.

"Why do you want to parade me around in front of her,
I don't even know her, I don't want to have dinner with her, you cooked already,"
Ed said stubbornly.

"We can put it in the icebox, it will keep until tomorrow.
Or maybe I'll let you have it as a late night snack to eat off my stomach later,
but come on Ed, look, don't you trust me?" Roy set his jaw.

Roy had played a dirty hand and he knew it. Ed's eyes
clouded as he dropped them and reached out for the shirt.

"Fine, but if she kisses you I'm going to kill you, THEN
break up with you," Ed snatched the shirt and shrugged it on.

Relieved, Roy went to get his own clothes. He pulled on
a button down shirt (because his wardrobe had little else), but left it untucked
and opted for a casual dark jacket over it. When he turned from his closet,
he saw Ed sitting on the bed, dressed but for shoes, watching him. He had an
odd expression on his face.

"What is it?" Roy asked.

"You're taking me out in civvies," Ed said, "I've really
never seen you in civvies much," the boy tilted his head.

Roy smiled.

"Wish it wasn't to see some old girlfriend," Ed ended
with a sneer.

Roy grabbed his shoes, rolled his eyes and stomped out
of the bedroom.

First meetings are rather awkward things. They dance about
the participant's heads and make them dizzy enough to say stupid things sometimes,
they lodge themselves in vocal cords and make it hard to speak, or they sometimes
gather sullenly in the pits of stomachs and make it hard to focus. But either
way, things can go generally haywire.

None of these things were a good combination with a nervous
FullMetal Alchemist. He walked stiffly at Roy's side; he'd even braided his
hair. He hadn't spoken a word since they'd left Roy's apartment and he his golden
eyes kept scanning back and forth when anything slightly feminine came into
view. All and all, Ed looked like he was heading for a showdown with Scar or
something equally unsavory, and Roy felt like he was meeting Anna for the first
time all over again, and bringing along his untamed pet centipede chimera.

Roy saw her first since he knew what she looked like,
and gently put a hand on Ed's back to steer him over. Ed looked up at the woman
and blinked. She was almost the same height as the Colonel, she almost had the
same hairstyle but in brown and she had glasses that reminded him of Cain Fuery.
Scheizka's face leapt to Ed's mind, but he didn't want that because he liked
Scheizka and didn't want to like this Anna or whoever she was that was the Colonel's

Roy stepped forward and hugged her. He hugged her
right in front of Ed and she hugged him back and they both kind of looked at
each other all happy and sad at the same time. Then Roy looked at Ed and back
to her, and she looked at Ed and back to Roy, and Ed shifted uncomfortably and
frowned. But Anna was in her own way an unstoppable force and she thrust her
hand in Ed's face, saying: "Hi, I'm Anna Wagoner, an old friend of the Colonel's,
pleased to meet you."

Ed scowled, but flattened his features, stuck his nose
in the air, took her hand and shook it politely.

"I'm Major Edward Elric (his BOYFRIEND), the FullMetal

Roy lifted his eyebrows, Edward had flung out his rank
and title as a challenge, but he knew Anna was up to the task.

"I've heard all about you," Anna said, and smiled at him.
Edward forced himself not to grimace. "I've read about you in the papers, and
of course knucklehead here brags about you in his letters."

Knucklehead? Letters?

Roy clapped Ed on the shoulder. "He's a real celebrity
in these parts," he said and Ed stared at him because the bastard sounded proud.

"So what did you guys have in mind for dinner?" Anna asked
and looked around the park.

"Sardi's," Ed said loftily.

"Uh, no," Roy said, "We aren't dressed for it and"

Ed scowled at him, how dare he contradict him in front
of this girl.

"How about Xingian?" Anna said, "I haven't had that in
a while, are there any good places around for that?"

Roy grinned, "I know one," he said, "it's at the south
end of the park, great dumplings."

Ed snorted.

"Do you not like Xing food, Ed?" Anna asked him.

"It's fine," he said, not looking at her, she wasn't supposed
to be nice to him, she's supposed to be a bitch, because he didn't want
to like her.

"Let's go then," Roy said and gave Ed's shoulder a little
push. Anna fell into Roy's left with Ed on Roy's right and they started off
through the park.

Ed didn't like it, he didn't like it at all. Roy looked
so happy to see her and they were now chatting as they walked, making Ed feel
like a third wheel because he didn't know what or who they were talking about.
It wasn't right for him to be out with his boyfriend while some girl
was taking all his attention. So what she knew him before he was a state alchemist?
So what they hadn't seen each other in a long time and needed to catch up? So
what? So what? So WHAT?!

He'd finally gotten something that was his, his
alone that he didn't have to share with the world. Hell, even liked it that
they had to keep it a secret and now she was here and Roy was all like
this. Everyone knew Roy liked girls, hell that was just an understatement.
Roy was defined by them at the office, by which conquest he'd made and
when. Havoc had a goddamn flowchart! It just made him sick, she was so nice
and she was tall and Roy was laughing at something she said and she kept
looking over at him and he wanted to scream at her: What's wrong, never seen
a boy before?!
But he couldn't, because that would make Roy mad, and since
when did he care if Roy got mad at him or not?

Since he started loving the bastard, go figure.

He didn't care how good the food was, he was not
going to have a good time.

Roy turned and looked at Anna.

Jealous, he mouthed.

Anna nodded a bit. The boy was so short, she kept trying
not to peek at him as they walked, and he was so... lovely. Well, Roy Mustang
really knew how to pick them, not that it still didn't turn her stomach, but
that night when she'd left Roy there looking like he was going to cry... well,
that turned her stomach, too.

This was wrong. It just ate at her in ways that it shouldn't,
and yet she loved Roy and didn't want to see him hurt. She had to find a way
to protect him from himself. He could be such an idiot, this almost little brother
of hers. He was rash to the point of self-destruction sometimes; she only wished
he didn't do this with things like his heart. She should try to understand this
boy, she should try to make friends with him too. Maybe in that way she could
help them both.

"What is your alchemic specialty?" she asked Ed as they

Ed sliced his golden eyes to her.

"I don't think Ed has one specialty," Roy said between
them, "Not like Harry or I with fire, Ed sort of just does what the occasion
calls for, like a jack-of-all-trades alchemist, he's brilliant like that," Roy
smiled at Ed and Ed swallowed.

"That's amazing, so it's primarily matter transmutation?"
she said.

"Yes," Roy said.

"Roy, let Ed answer me himself," Anna said flatly.

"Oh sorry, it's the sponsor thing," Roy shrugged.

"The Colonel has pretty much got it down," Ed muttered,
"it's just like he says."

Anna looked at Roy, thinned her lips and looked ahead

Roy groaned inwardly.

Yes, you're very proud of him, but keep your mouth
shut and let him talk, it's not good that Anna already thinks I'm brainwashing

Fortunately, the restaurant came into view.

They got a table for three on the front walk under the
awning and all sat down as they had arrived, Anna, Roy, then Ed.

At first, the atmosphere was easy because there was a
menu to study and tastes to debate.

"I like the chicken with almonds," Anna said.

"I like the chicken with cashews," Roy said.

"I don't want chicken," Ed snapped.

"Well they have pork and beef as well," Anna said.

"Ed will eat anything that doesn't try to eat him first,"
Roy chuckled.

"I can read the menu on my own," Ed seethed, "And you
shuddup," he directed at the Colonel.

"Ed, they have shrimp," Roy said.

Ed got a twitch in his eye and his face turned a bit red,
and then Roy realized what he said and patted the air.

"It was only a suggestion," Roy pleaded, "Look I read
it here on the menu!"

Anna looked between them.

"You don't have to tell me what to eat," Ed growled and
gulped and managed to contain himself.

"I'm not trying to, what is with you tonight," Roy frowned.

"I think Ed can decide on his own Flamey, want to share
halfsies with me on the chicken?" Anna asked.

"Yes, that would be great," Roy said.

"I want fish!" Ed interjected.

"Well, then have it," Roy said, looking over at him.

"I don't suppose since you're already splitting your chicken
with her you'll want to share it," Ed sneered.

"I'd love to share with you too Ed, we could all three
share," Roy tried to placate.

"I hate almonds," Ed flipped his menu up to hide his face.

Roy felt his stomach try to crawl into his shoes. It was
getting out of hand, so totally out of hand. This amount of jealousy could only
come from a child and this is not the side of Ed he desperately wanted
Anna to see. He wanted that bright-eyed, smiling, savvy dinner conversationalist
that had so thoroughly entranced him over a steak and stolen cognac. He wanted
the laughing face that cheerfully informed him that the sky was blue due to
light reflections and not romanticism, he wanted his lover, not this
jealous sulking child hiding behind a menu.

He looked over at Anna and she made a small helpless shrug.
Maybe this had been a bad idea after all, he couldn't blame Ed for having been
inundated by Roy's reputation from the moment he walked into Central HQ those
years ago, but he had thought that at least Ed would give him the benefit of
the doubt.

"Edward," Roy said, his voice tight.

Ed lowered the menu and looked at him.

"Is something wrong?" Roy asked evenly, "Are you not feeling
well? Did something upset you that I didn't know about?"

Ed turned scarlet, the Colonel was drilling him like he
would a kid kicking his feet under the table, and in front of her. He
didn't want to be here with her anyway, he wanted to share chicken and fish
with just Roy. Somewhere his rational mind cried out for him to think about
what he was doing, his behavior, how he wanted to make a first impression (his
rational always sounded like his brother)
, but try as he might he just couldn't

"I'm fine," Ed said, trying to keep his voice steady,
"Why do you ask?"

"Well, because you're being very rude," Roy said quietly,
leaning toward him.

Anna winced. "Roy..." she said.

Ed slammed the menu down and jumped to his feet.

"I'm sorry I'm so rude it's hard to take me anywhere,"
he snarled and jerked around the table and headed for the street.

"Ed," Roy called, starting to stand, but Anna put a hand
on his arm.

"You better let me," she said, "this might be my only
chance to reason with him, it's about you after all, we both know it." She stood
up and chased after the blond boy.

"Edward, please wait!"

It was her voice, what the hell did she want? Why
was it her and not the Colonel. He pretended ignorance, looked both ways and
crossed the street into the park.

"Edward," Anna also crossed the street, trusting her longer
stride to catch him,

"Please, let me speak with you, please?"

She's his friend.

Slowly, Ed came to a halt. He jammed his hands into his
pockets, but he didn't turn around.

Anna walked up beside him and stopped. She reached to
push her glasses further up her nose and sighed.

"What do you want?" Ed asked, now that Roy wasn't there
to witness it, the fight was apparently leaving him.

"I just wanted to speak to you, and find out why you're
so upset, to find out what I've done or said to make you angry," Anna started.

Ed turned to look at her.

"It's not you," he said and then avoided her eyes, "I
don't know what he's told you, but it's not really about you..."

"Then is it about him?" Anna said.

Ed didn't say anything.

"If it helps," Anna said, "he's told me everything."

Ed jerked his eyes to her face and looked stricken, and
then angry, so many emotions to play so quickly over young features. Then he
worked his jaw.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable,"
she said.

Ed shook his head and sighed.

"You didn't, you haven't. I guess it's kind of a relief
in a strange way," Ed looked at her sidelong, "so how long did you date him?"

Now it was Anna's turn to clam up, but then she snorted,
and snickered and laughed.

"I never dated him, I was too smart for that," she said
with a wicked grin.

"Why not?" Ed said, suddenly insulted on Roy's behalf,
"Every woman has, they all think he's great!"

"What do you think," Anna said, trying to smother her

"I think he's a bastard!" Ed cried.

"Oh my god, marry me," Anna said and laughed some more,
leaving Ed standing there bewildered.

They found a park bench and they sat, not too close but
not so far as to be pressed to the arms on the opposite sides.

"I'm worried about him," Anna said.

"Why?" Ed asked.

"Because of this, and you, this situation," Anna said

"I see," Ed said, "because of his rank and my age, right?"

"Yes, exactly right," she nodded, "but not just for him,
for you too. People like Roy might think they are doing the right thing and
that they don't mean any harm in what they are doing, but sometimes their good
intentions get in the way of their... oh... what's the word I'm looking for...
moral fiber? They let things run away with them."

Ed looked over at her.

"You don't have to protect me from him," he said surprised,
"I can protect myself... but you want to protect him from me," Ed's voice sank
to almost a whisper, "because if things got out it would be worse for him."

"I don't mean it to sound like I think you're a bad person,
or even bad for him," Anna said slowly, "but I'm glad you realize where my feelings
are coming from."

Ed nodded.

"I think about it, I do," he said, "Sometimes it scares
me and I just want to tell him that it's over and I'm never coming back, because
I don't want anything bad to happen to him," Ed clasped his hands together and
leaned over his knees, "but then he'll say something to me or he'll smile at
me and it makes me want so much..." but he trailed off and looked at Anna again.

"Forgive me," Ed said, "but I don't know you so well and
maybe there are some things I want to keep to myself."

"Understood," Anna nodded, "I can appreciate you wanting
to protect yourself, I can even appreciate you wanting to protect him."

Ed gave a half smile.

"He hardly needs me to protect him, he's got you," he
offered as an olive branch.

Anna grinned.

"Well, I'm not always around, so it's good to see he's
in good hands," she accepted it with grace.

"I bet he thinks you've had to chase me all the way back
to the apartment," Ed said, sighing and straightening up.

"He can wait a little, its fun to watch him stew," Anna

"I like the way you think," Ed said with a smirk.

"You know," Anna said, smirking back, "I have reservations
about this, but I like you. I can't help it, it seems my character flaw to like
disagreeable men."

Ed preened.

"I'm spoken for," he said.

Anna laughed.

As they walked back to the restaurant, Anna looked over
at Roy's boyfriend (what a funny thing this is), he looked back at her
and raised an eyebrow.

"Sometimes you'll have to be more of the adult that he
is," Anna said.

Ed snorted.

"You say that like you think I don't already know," he

When they walked back up, side by side, Roy's eyes darted
anxiously between them and he stood.

"Where's the food?" Ed asked.

"Wha... what?" Roy stammered.

"You didn't order the food already? I'm starved!" Ed demanded.

"But..." Roy trailed off.

"Swift, Hot Stuff, real swift as usual," Anna said.

Roy sat back down slowly. Ed plopped back down in his

"Head..." Ed said and rapped his automail knuckles against
his own gently.

"Like a rock," Anna finished and sat down as well.

"Well screw you both," Roy snorted.

It was much later.

Ed's husky moan sent goose bumps coursing through Roy's
every nerve as he drew the boy further into his mouth and gently, slowly, pressed
a finger into him, working him slowly. He wanted to keep Ed used to the sensation.

Edward arched as much as he could with Roy's free hand
pinning his hip and threaded shaking flesh fingers into short black hair.

Roy took his time over the boy, tongue seeking the thick
vein running up the underside of Ed's cock, second finger joining the first
and hooking in just that certain way. Edward cried out, tossed his head and
clutched at the headboard with the click clank of his automail hand.

Roy began to pump him in time to the long draws on his
cock, Ed's chorus of moans bounced off the walls, around the room and vibrated
against Roy's own cock. Roy had to hump the bed a bit and groan around his mouthful.

You are...


Ed's cries rose in pitch and he threaded the name 'Roy'
into them, not Colonel. Roy surged on the boy, with mouth and fingers, and Ed
halfway shrieked with the power behind it, sobbing raggedly. The headboard rattled
ominously in a steel grip.

I don't care what may come, as long as we face it together.

Ed's automail knee raised suddenly and Roy, as lust addled
as he was, darted nervous eyes toward it, because sex was one thing, getting
clocked with steel was another. But it stayed bent and leaned wide as Ed tried
to open further for him, so Roy rewarded the boy with strokes and hard sucks
and Ed writhed and cried his name again, and then he came.

The sheer joy of this act with this boy was getting to
look at him afterwards, it was a sight Roy carried with him always now, the
relaxed splay of limbs, the wild froth of golden hair, the trembling flushed
lips, the heaving chest, and the look of peace that Ed never had when he was

That was the best part, despite everything.

Golden eyes opened slowly and Ed turned his head to look
at Roy, who was sitting up between his knees smiling down at him.

I love you, he wanted to say.

But instead he said; "I'll protect you." Roy blinked and
swallowed and reached to stroke Ed's lips.

"I'll protect you," Ed whispered against Roy's shaking

Roy lowered himself slowly over the boy and kissed him.