sky dark

The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher

chapter 11.

Roy dragged his lips over a pink cheek. It was warm, firm and it clenched a
bit, but it wasn't anywhere near Edward Elric's face.

Ed was lying over a pillow Roy had shoved under his hips
before the paddling commenced. As Roy touched him, Ed moaned softly and he humped
against it sporadically. It was all Roy Mustang could do to not beg the boy
to let him mount. This bed was rapture, Roy's own utopia and his lover.
It was the most empyrean of sensuality that held him humble before all things
known to man.

If only he'd let me.

It was bliss beyond torture to think it. He really shouldn't
think about it, because he knew how Ed would react. Even if the boy agreed,
Roy would see it in his eyes, and he couldn't do that to him, not now, not when
he was so perfect and here in this bed.

Instead, Roy drew back his hand and gave a rather healthy
smack to Ed's upturned backside. The blond gave a strangled wail, loved the
pillow well with his hips, sobbed Roy's name at the end and shivered.

Roy had made Ed cum by simply spanking him, and to Roy,
there was no higher compliment God nor man could bestow upon him. Roy pressed
his hand between Ed and the pillow and slid it slowly down the shuddering teenager's
belly. He was wet, the pillow was wet and Roy's hand encountered Ed's resurrected
erection. Ed sobbed and lifted his hips to allow his touch and Roy lightly closed
his fingers around it. Fortunately for him, Roy was ever resourceful and had
thought to bring the oil with them again when he'd carried his captive back
to the bedroom. Ed had been all guilt-ridden and eager to please, and it was
as touching as it was almost heartbreaking. Roy had taken his time undressing
Ed, reassuring Ed, kissing Ed. He even spoke those three little words against
the boy's throat to show him that in the adult world, being a fuck-up didn't
equate to being unlovable. The boy had swallowed and half sobbed his name and
that was enough, they both understood.

Now Roy was one handed. The fingers around Ed's erection
massaged him lovingly and slowly, the pad of Roy's thumb traveled as far up
and down the top of the boy's erection as it could. Ed sniffled, his own fingers
digging into the bed sheet beneath him as he humped against Roy's hand, driving
it into the pillow. Roy smiled and managed to stretch to get the bottle of oil
and put it between his thighs. As he worked the top off, the side of his wrist
brushed against his own turgid cock and he sighed.

I know you've been patient. I promise I'm going to
get you some action soon, just hang in there, patience is a virtue

But the voice that usually spoke to him when he addressed
his anatomy remained sullenly silent, miffed and disbelieving... not that Roy
blamed it. As appealing as Ed was, sexually cogent he was not. It's not that
Roy believed the boy didn't want to be, in fact, Ed had almost begged as Roy
bared him this evening to let him lead off, to let him be the one to
touch and taste and lick and pull, but Roy's own needs to touch and taste and
lick and pull were greater than Ed's half tearful pleas, so he simply turned
a deaf ear and moved to suit his need to satisfy his young lover into bliss.

"I should be doing this," Ed's voice broke his reverie,
"I should be doing this to you," the boy shuddered out on a moan.

"You will," Roy said softly, dipping his fingers into
the neck of the bottle, coating them with cooking oil. Roy leaned over and kissed
Ed's tender pink backside again and the boy's whole body tightened and he groaned.
"just let me touch you a little alright, I want to, I always want to."

"Ok," Ed said wobbly, he didn't need much convincing.

Roy began to move the hand under Ed's belly, around Ed's
cock, up and down, but still in an indolent motion with fingers loose and light.
Ed whimpered and humped harder, grinding himself against the hand, seeking a
firmer touch. While he was preoccupied with that, Roy introduced the first finger.
Ed immediately relaxed to it, accepting it with grace, taking it very
easily and Roy felt heady and almost giddy. Ed then half laughed as his back
side was lavished with several small rapid kisses, but the laughing dropped
back to a husky half groan as the finger moved inside him.

The second finger joined soon after, accepted with just
as much relaxed grace as the first and Ed began to curl up, looking for all
the world with his automail limbs, like one of those roly poly bugs Roy used
to scavenge for under logs in his youth. It made Roy grin and he worked Ed in
both gentle strokes and gentle circles, laying kisses on Ed's butt and lower
back, then moving up his spine. Roy stretched his body up, nosed under blond
hair and curled his body around Ed, never quickening his pace, making an erotic
cradle of his own body. He just let the boy drift and feel, even as his
own cock rubbed itself lovingly on Ed's lower back. It was a bit frustrating,
but it was still good.

"You... you can do it," Ed panted out. Roy nosed his ear
and 'hmmm'd' in response, "you can do that... if you want," the boy breathed
and grimaced and tightened on Roy's fingers, "I promise..." and then he had
to stop to pant and sob before continuing, "not to try and get away this time,"
he managed to get out before falling to nectarous moans that made Roy start
to pant.

Roy's cock decided it was time to speak up.

Really? REALLY?! He's going to let us do it? REALLY?!

Its excitement was a palatable thing, and Roy dizzily
thought that this was the shining moment of his life. He even decided to give
Ed a generous third finger work out beforehand, but then a blur of motion caught
his attention and alighted on his right shoulder. Roy turned his face toward
it and pulled his mouth into a frown. Obviously the prospect of actual sex with
Ed was so gratifying, it made him delusional. A tiny figure stood, dressed in
a uniform the style the Fuhrer would wear. Hovering above a dark-crowned head
was a halo of pure gold and tiny white wings flapped once for balanced then
folded neatly and tidily behind the being's back. It had a tiny rounded face,
cheerful rosy cheeks and slanted dark eyes that shone serenely from its visage.
The damn thing looked disturbingly familiar.

"You know," it said in tones that reminded Roy of kitten
purrs and chiming bells, "that is his guilt talking." it said.

Roy gaped for a moment, unable to think clearly, so his
cock did it for him.

NO, it howled, sounding like the gates of hell
flung wide, He said we could! Don't listen to that thing! it shrieked.

Roy let his jaw hang open. Ed moved and sobbed beneath
him, affected by Roy's distraction, and Roy momentarily shifted his attention
back to him and the pace and pressure which he was giving the boy. When he had
soothed Ed, (as much as one could be soothed in suspended nirvana) he looked
up again to find that something else had alighted on his shoulder. It jockeyed
for position with the little white-winged thing, grumbling how the other shoulder
was buried in a pillow, and that the white-winged thing was just going to have
to share.

It too wore a Fuhrer's uniform, it too had black hair
and a small rounded face, but it's eyes were... slantier, and jutting from it's
head were tiny red horns, and swinging behind its back was a tiny red tail
and its wings, for it had them too, resembled a bat, only a baby one, because
they were tiny. It was even more disturbingly familiar than the first winged
thing to land on his shoulder.

This particular dementia spoke, too.

"I'm with the cock," it said, "he just told you that you
could. That's permission, and you know you'd make it good because hey,
you're YOU, and we all know how great that is." It said and winked at Roy.

White Wings looked aghast. "He loves you, you know he
does. He trusts you to do what is right for him. You would be taking advantage
of that trust if you preyed on his tender feelings now when you know he does
it out of guilt."

Roy bit his lip.

"Ah, screw that! No, I mean screw him," Red Horns said,
"look he's practically begging for it right now, go on, look," Red Horns pointed
and Roy tracked his eyes down to the lithe blond who was shuddering in his
grip and moaning piteously, drenched in sweat and flushed in rose and helpless
to the hands of the man cradled around him. It was a sight that would make the
hardest among men weep, and Roy was very hard indeed.

Roy moaned and started to bring his knee up.

"You bring him such peace," White Wings sang out, "and
such comfort. He looks to you to ease his pain when things are wrong, your hands
play over his body like a lulling symphony to his wounded nerves and when you
bring him climax, and he sleeps in your arms, he knows just a little bit of
heaven," it said.

Roy groaned and lowered his knee.

"He left you freaking alchemized to a headboard all night
with a boner hard enough to drill through steel," Red Horns cried, shaking a
tiny fist, "what kind of man are you to take that from a punk kid? I mean come
on, it's time he put out isn't it? He's a prodigy, he's learned enough! Go on,
show him how the Mustang mounts his mare, give him something to really brag
about at home," and Red Horns snorted smoke.

Roy worked that over for a moment, then raised his knee

"You will always know that if you do this, you did it
not out of love, but out of mere lust and your need for a revenge you shouldn't
want. He is your lover, not your enemy, and he returned to you in good faith
to make amends, showing he has grown up a bit after all," White Wings sighed
and waved its hand to clear the smoke Red Horns had just snorted.

Roy lowered his knee again and Ed cried out in frustration
because all the inner turmoil was making Roy's rhythm erratic.

"It's ok," Roy soothed, "I know, I know," and he squeezed
his eyes shut and just thought about Ed for a few moments, raising the
boy back up quickly to fluttering quick pants and tiny pleading whimpers.

"A compromise," Roy gasped out.

"uuuh?" Ed gasped.

"Not you darling," Roy said dropping kisses on a damp
blond head and sweat slicked shoulder.

Both of the winged things on his shoulder politely gave
them their attention.

"If he can take three fingers," Roy choked out, "it's
a go," he whispered.

The two winged things huddled briefly, their backs to
Roy. White Wings looked over his shoulder once at him and sadly shook his head,
but then went straight back to the huddle. In the meantime, Ed tightened down
on his fingers again and pushed back against him. This looked very promising.

The huddle broke and his shoulder attendants looked up
at him.

"Very well," White Wings said graciously, "I suppose this
is a fair compromise, because we've done some calculations and figured you have
about as much girth as three fingers before the knuckle joint."

Roy wasn't sure if that was meant as a compliment.

"Just let him have it, bone him, you know he's gonna be
able to take it right off the bat, look, he's pushing back on you now," Red
Horns chortled and grinned.

"We made a deal," White Wings warned, chiming voice threatening
to clank.

"Right," Roy spat out, "a deal."

"Colonellllll..." Ed moaned.

Roy tilted his head back and closed his eyes for a moment.
Then, with supreme effort, he slowly removed his fingers from the boy. Ed attempted
to thrash in his balled up position, he half lifted his head from the bed and
sobbed brokenly.

"Nonono," the boy begged, "Colonel nonono," was all he
could get out.

"It's ok, it's ok," Roy assured him, "going to add some
more oil, they're coming right back," Roy husked out, "I promise, it's ok,"
He almost did slide them back in, just the two, because he couldn't stand to
disappoint Ed, but no, he made a deal. He began to uncradle Ed and stretch for
the oil, but that earned another round of pitiful begging from his beautiful
lips, so he attempted to sooth the agitated teen with his voice.

He was sloppy now and sloshed oil all over his own thigh,
but that didn't matter. He managed to put the bottle back and roll three fingers
in the pool on his thigh that was now trickling off down the side of his leg
to the sheets below. He'd just leave Mrs. Cates a note saying he needed new
linens in the morning. He quickly wrapped around Ed again, calming some of the
boys hoarse pleas and reached down to stroke at Ed's anus gently. Ed groaned
and wiggled back to the touch, letting his head fall to the bed again. Ed so
wanted it and Roy shook with indecision, feeling raw and edgy himself. No, a
deal is a deal. He pressed to the tight ring and began to ease his fingers back
inside. This time, Ed tensed initially because there was more stretch and Roy
knew there was a bit of burn with the increased girth. Roy leaned over to watch
Ed's profile carefully as he again began to press forward. Ed's brows angled
down in a hard 'v' and his mouth and body tightened. He took several deep breaths
and a look like determination and maybe a little like resignation played over
him and then he forced himself to relax.

Roy's own brow furrowed. He lowered his forehead to Ed's
temple and sighed, pulling his hand back, coaxing with one finger and then with
two, and increasing the pace and pressure on Ed's cock.

He wasn't ready. He just wasn't ready, and Roy was not
going to add anything to the Edward Elric list of painful firsts.

Ed was primed for climax, so it only took a few strokes
and Roy grimaced at the pressure on his fingers that could have been on his
cock. The White Wings appeared in his peripheral vision and bumped against his
cheek, in what Roy guessed was a kiss, and disappeared, leaving a scent of sunshine
and flowers in his wake.

Red Horns shook his head sadly and gave Roy a look that
said 'wuss' and 'loser' all at once.

Roy scowled at him, and hugged the panting Ed tight. Ed
licked his lips and struggled to speak.

"Why... did you stop? I thought..." the boy gasped out.

"No Ed, no," Roy murmured dropping lips to the boys cheek,
"I always want you to know pleasure here in this bed. You'll let me know when
you're ready," he told the shuddering teen.

"But I wanted to," the boy said, eyes still closed, sweat
drench bangs clinging to his cheeks and forehead, "I want you to feel good too,"
he said, then worked his throat.

"This feels good," Roy said, "this right here, holding
you. I have no complaints," he kissed Ed's cheek and temple and eyebrow.

Red Horns had turned to go, but he whipped back around,
made a snap and a pitchfork appeared in his outstretched hand. He poked the
Colonel soundly in the shoulder with it.

"But," Roy continued, "if you're still feeling this way
after you've recovered, I'd really like that mouth thing," he said to the boy.

"Ok," Ed agreed and let out a mighty yawn.

I fucking hate you, Roy's cock said.

The Colonel just held the sleeping boy and let out a sigh.

Roy's legs were propped up on the tub edges to either
side of Ed. His chest was warm against Ed's back, as was the water they both
sat in. The Colonel was reading a weekend digest, holding it out and away from
the side of the tub, while Ed washed between his toes. The Colonel pulled the
digest over Ed's head, turned the page, then held it out again.

"You're holding it out really far," Ed noted, "You need

"I can read it just fine," Roy said, "I just don't want
it to get wet."

"How is it going to get wet?" Ed said, "We aren't splashing
or anything, you're just making excuses. You need glasses and you're in denial."

Ed lifted his automail leg, wiggled his automail toes,
seemed satisfied and lowered it again. He shifted around, which earned some
grunts from the Colonel, and then settled comfortably again.

"I just wanted to tell you, that, uh, that was... I mean,
in the bed, um..." Ed said suddenly, "I mean, I think I should tell you when
it was... great. That was great, um, thank you."

Roy chuckled. "You're quite welcome."

From the tub, Ed watched the Colonel towel off. He started
with his head, leaving behind a spiky black pin cushion, then his neck and chest
and then each arm from the shoulder down. Then he dried his stomach and slung
the towel around and dried his back all the way to his butt. He swung the towel
back around, noticed Ed watching him, winked (which made Ed blush) and
toweled, uh, lower. He did it slowly (that bastard), because he knew
Ed was watching him, then he moved onto his thighs and legs, and last but not
least, he lifted each foot and gave them both a swipe.

"Why are you drying your feet, they get dry when you stand
on the mat," Ed said, helpfully pointing at the fuzzy bath mat on the Colonel's
tiled bathroom floor.

"The tops don't," Roy replied and tossed his towel up
over the shower curtain stand that ringed the large claw foot tub.

The Colonel was a good looking man. He was a 'v' shape
from shoulders to hips, and from there he was long, almost like he was all legs.
Ed watched him turn to the mirror and lift his chin to inspect his jaw. Then
he pulled over a mug, a can of shaving powder and a brush. He looked at Ed watching
him again, winked (cut it out already) and got a heavy looking razor
from the vanity drawer, setting it down next to the mug.

Ah the razor, the great unknown. Ed finally stood up out
of the tub, stepped dripping onto the mat and went to the vanity. The Colonel
made a clucking sound and plopped a towel over his head and began to rub vigorously.

"HEY," Ed said, "I can do it myself you know!" He tried
to twist away, but the Colonel had a longer reach, and he laughed and continued
to dry Ed's hair.

The Colonel pulled the towel off of Ed's head and snickered,
earning him a good scowl as the ruffled teen looked in the mirror.

"What do you expect, you just tried to rub it all off
of my scalp," Ed snapped.

"You look like a surprised dandelion," the Colonel said,
highly amused with himself as turned his face away to snicker.

"You're a bastard," Ed snorted, but turned his attention
back to the razor on the vanity and picked it up.

The Colonel had recovered by then and took it upon himself
to give the rest of Ed a rub down. He didn't seem to mind that Ed was handling
his razor, so that was equivalent exchange. He let him give him a whole body
grope, while Ed twisted the bottom of the razor back and forth, making its blade
shield open and close.

Then the Colonel's hand was stroking on his jaw and the
pad of his thumb ran over the area of his upper lip, just under his nose. "Not
yet Ed, but it should be soon," and Ed cocked an eyebrow in response.

"Shaving," the Colonel said and held out his hand for
Ed lay the razor in, "I don't think it will be long before you have to," the
Colonel checked his razor, poured some powder into the cup, splashed some water
in from the sink and used the short bristly brush to make a lather.

Shaving? Ed hadn't really thought about it. He looked
at himself in the mirror and watched Roy's reflection. Roy glanced up, caught
him watching in the damn mirror and winked (goddammit!), but it didn't
keep Ed from watching an age old traditions that men everywhere practiced. The
Colonel lathered up his jaw, chin, cheeks and under his nose with the white
foam he'd made, then took the razor, seemed to pull down on his cheek with the
fingers of his other hand, and in long strokes neatly slide the lather off.
Ed watched the entire process, even the tiny little hitching strokes the bastard
used under his nose.

Huh. It's not like he hadn't heard of it before, but he'd
never really watched anyone do it. He didn't see why it was so special
or why you should be judged by whether you have to do it or not, but he knew
because (that other bastard!) Hohenheim had a beard. Ed remembered that
much. Roy got some tonic out of a bottle, rubbed it between his palms and slapped
it on his face, grimacing for a moment. After that was passed, he looked at
himself in the mirror and must have been satisfied, because he put the shaving
stuff away.

The Colonel then ran his hands through his hair over and
over, shook his head, did it again, shook his head, and then fingered just some
of his bangs. He screwed his mouth up, moving it back and forth for a moment,
then gave one last toss of his head and seemed satisfied. He looked good. He
looked really good, and he smelled really good, and he looked relaxed and happy
and even though he winked at Ed, this time it didn't make him mad. Suddenly,
Ed realized that not only had he told the Colonel he would to the mouth thing,
he wanted to do the mouth thing. He wanted to do it now.

Ed moved, sliding down the vanity counter to the Colonel's
side. He looked at him sidelong as he gargled and spit in the sink, then picked
up his toothpaste and brush and went to put one on the other.

Ed slid his hand over the Colonel's naked stomach and
the man froze. Ed trailed his fingers slowly downward until they brushed up
against coarse, dark hair at the junction of the Colonel's thighs, and Ed looked
at the Colonel's face in concern because it seemed as if the bastard had stopped
breathing. A tremble ran the length of the man's frame, to right up under Ed's
fingertips, and that was very interesting to newly awaking feels of things Ed
wanted to do to the Colonel. He removed his hand, and he watched him sag just
a little bit, then he watched the Colonel's eyes widen slightly in surprise
when Ed gripped the wrist holding the toothbrush and give it a little squeeze.
The Colonel however, slackened his grip obediently and let the toothbrush clatter
to the sink. Without further prompting, he dropped the toothpaste too, giving
Ed a look of hopeful expectancy.

Ed reached up and put a hand on his arm, prompting him
to turn and face him, which he did. For a moment, Ed stood a little indecisively
about what it was he wanted to do. Oh he was going to do the mouth thing,
that was a given, but when the Colonel touched him, he never just started with
the good stuff. Not that everything the Colonel did wasn't the good stuff, but
there was a lot of little stuff that lead up to the big stuff and it was all
good stuff, too. Ed gave his head a little shake and wrinkled his nose, the
Colonel made a little noise that sounded kind of confused, but still holding
on to hope, like a fat man holds onto the last donut before the diet.

Ed leaned forward, stuck out his tongue and touched it
to the Colonel's chest. More precisely, to the Colonel's nipple and it jumped
a bit under his tongue because the Colonel jumped a bit, but then it went still.
The very tip was hard like a nub, so Ed pressed it with his tongue tip and the
Colonel made a sound that said both 'please oh god yes' and 'this
is some insane dream'
. Ed found he liked that very much. He wondered briefly
at his ability to decipher these sounds for their true meanings, but why should
he question his natural talents? After all, he was pretty good at everything
he did, and this, even if it killed him in the end, was not going to be an exception.

He pressed with his tongue again and then moved forward,
opened his mouth over it and sucked, nudging the tip back and forth with his
tongue as he did so, his hands finding the bastard's hips and settling there.
The bastard was shaking a bit, which was nice. Then Ed decided the other nipple
looked jealous, so he switched sides for a bit. The bastard made noise, and
the bastard's hand made it's way to the back of Ed's head, and the bastard's
hand got a little bossy, and Ed snorted and batted at it, so the bastard took
it away.

Ed pulled back, surveyed his handy work and licked his
lips. The bastard groaned, and not just a normal groan either, one of
those deep-bellied ones he sometimes did in bed when Ed was rubbing against
him, and in the confusion of Ed getting what he wanted, accidentally brushed
the bastard's cock. Ed wanted to kiss him then, but didn't want to go up on
tiptoe or tug on the bastard's shoulders to get him to bend down, because that
remind him that... the bastard was abnormally tall. He frowned and the Colonel
whimpered. Oh, the Colonel must think I'm not happy with how this is working
so far.
Ed didn't want that, so he said: "You taste good," but he didn't
really mean it, because, well, the man tasted sort of salty and all, and that
wasn't good. Well, it wasn't bad either, but it wasn't as good as say chocolate.
Maybe he should have said 'you taste good, but not as good as chocolate',
but that wasn't exactly nice, was it? This sex stuff sure had a lot of variables.

But those three words seemed to do the trick because the
Colonel licked his lips and heaved his chest once (and that was REALLY nice)
and leaned slightly toward Ed, looking all hopeful. Ed smiled at him and let
his hands run up the Colonel's side. He decided to kiss Ed all on his own, which
of course cleared up the dilemma Ed had earlier, and the Colonel stuck his tongue
in his mouth. Ed liked that, even though initially he thought it was a little
gross. So they did that for a moment or two and Ed continued to run his hands
up and down the Colonel's sides. But, then the Colonel ended the kiss, (and
he hadn't even put his hands all over Ed, and that made him a little miffed
until he remembered that he was the one wanting to do and not the one wanting
the done. No, that didn't sound right, wanting to be done, yeah that sounded
better. So it was good the Colonel didn't paw him, at least, not yet)
he pulled back and looked at him with his dark eyes. They had this look that
was soft, which made Ed a little uncomfortable and drop his own eyes. The Colonel
chuckled at him lightly for that, so Ed pinched him on the hip.

"Hey," the Colonel said, "that wasn't very nice."

"You shuddup," Ed growled, and the Colonel did, much to
his amazement.

Something warm was touching Ed right over his navel, so
he looked down and he saw that it was the Colonel. Well, it was part of the
Colonel, that same part that liked Ed to touch it. It seemed to be rubbing him,
as if to convey how much it liked him, and that made Ed smile because he liked
to be liked, even though he told everyone he didn't fucking care. It was even
nicer to be liked by the Colonel, because, well, because... your boyfriend is
supposed to like you. It made Ed feel funny and a little hot, so he kissed the
Colonel's chest to distract himself, which earned him another one of those sounds.
So, Ed kissed him some more to hear more sounds, and decided to make it a game,
kissing lower to see if the Colonel would make a different sound, which he did.
So Ed kissed him lower again, having to sink down a bit and the Colonel made
a deeper sound. Ed liked those best because they were... ok, sexy. He was allowed
to think his boyfriend was sexy, in fact it's a good thing he did, otherwise
all the bed stuff would just be damn awkward.

He kept kissing lower and sinking lower and soon he encountered
that part of the Colonel that had been rubbing on him, so he kissed it too,
sinking down to his knees on the bath mat and the Colonel made a strangled
noise as one hand slammed on the vanity counter, making it groan. Ed heard the
rustle of fabric and figured the Colonel's other hand had grabbed the big curtain
that hung on a stand around the bathtub for when you wanted to take a shower.
Ed pressed the Colonel's (he hated blushing) cock with his nose, played
the bounce game he generally did with his fingers, and laughed a little when
it bounced back and slapped his nose, because that was funny. The Colonel didn't
seem to think so; in fact, from the sounds he was making, you'd think the Colonel
thought it was painful.

Sitting there on his knees, with the Colonel's cock resting
against his nose, Ed supposed he had never really taken time to investigate
him, because after all, the man was more than just a walking carrying case for
this part. He had other parts too, and so Ed raised a hand while keeping the
cock balanced where it was on his nose, and touched his fingertips to the Colonel's
balls, because he'd never really touched them before, except by accident of
passing, like with his chin when he was doing the mouth thing. The Colonel made
a lot of noises then, and the stand around the bathtub that held the shower
curtain made a squeaking noise, and the Colonel seemed to be shaking, like he
was holding himself back from something, but Ed decided that didn't bother him
and that he was going to do what he wanted to do and the Colonel could just
be sarcastic about it later, instead of yelling. When the Colonel yelled, Ed
generally had to run and he'd had enough of that, thank you.

Ed flattened his hand a little and lifted it up under
the Colonel's balls, letting them settle mostly in his palm. They were very
warm and sort of heavy for what they were, and soft, which was a little odd,
but still nice. He stroked the pad of his thumb over the velvety surface and
the Colonel spouted gibberish. Ed looked up at him, causing the cock to slip
off his nose and hit his cheek. The Colonel was looking down at him with a face
a bit red and eyes wider than Ed had ever seen them, which wasn't much, because
the Colonel had little eyes that were pointy at the ends, like a cat.

The Colonel said one word: "Please."

Ed studied his face for a moment, puzzling over that one
uttered word. Please. He said it a lot. In bed, that is, not anywhere
it would actually be useful, like at the office. He could say Ed, please
take this mission
or Ed, please have a report on my desk by the week's
. He never used the word like it was meant to be used, but that shouldn't
bother Ed. The Colonel never did things in exactly the way they were meant to
be done and yet he was somehow always able to make you think his way was better
in the end anyway, even if you thought it was bullshit in the beginning. He
was good like that.

He was good, wasn't he? He wasn't just good at his job
or in his bed, he was just good. He was just a good man. Ed pressed up
on his balls with his automail hand, turned his head and opened his mouth, using
his flesh fingers to guide Roy's cock into it. He then clasped those same fingers
around the base of Roy's cock to hold it steady, sucked the head once, then
sat up a little more on his knees and pressed forward.

The man was good and Ed wanted to be good to him.

I am going to die.

He put a shaking hand on top of a bobbing blond head.

I mean it this time, I really do, I am going to die.

Cool fingers pressed and rolled his balls, a hot, wet
mouth imprisoned him better than any steel cage and his fingers scratched helplessly
through thick blond hair as he struggled to simply breathe.

All thought left him momentarily and the location between
his legs that was responsible for all his pleasure and half his thinking, told
him in no uncertain terms, that Edward Elric was the best thing in the goddamn
world and he better not ever forget it. Or let him get away, or let him get
off his knees. Ever. It meant it, it even threatened him.

Ed was giving him a blow job, and not just a blow job,
a good blow job. Roy refused to believe it, he kept waiting for the proverbial
axe to come tumbling down on his head, but then he had to gasp and grit his
teeth and yank on the shower curtain and use more will than he had ever displayed
in his life to keep from thrusting down the boy's throat.

Ed was making slurping noises and it was rubbing every
nerve Roy had raw. Then Ed sat up a bit more, dropping his hands away, leaving
Roy's balls sobbing and the base of his cock cool. He moved them up and around
the outside of Roy's thighs, where they grabbed his ass, causing him to sing
out for all the world to hear, that Edward Elric was a GOD and everyone just
better fucking believe it. The boy on his knees before him shivered all over
at the sound, sucking harder and pulling him deeper and squeezing his ass tighter
and Roy decided that he would build a chapel to the boy to bring it offerings
of chocolate and dime store novels every day, and he would be the head priest,
because no one, but no one could worship the boy as much as he did right

Ed's hands, both automail and flesh, were kneading on
his ass and Ed's mouth was trying to suck Roy's cock right off his body. This
had to be some sort of sexual deprivation-induced dementia on Roy's part, because
Edward Elric was horrible at sex. Ghastly, even. This was far from horrendous,
about as far away as you could get if you backed yourself up into the corner
of felicity and kicked at anyone who tried to get near.

Roy's eyes actually hurt. He was sure he had stretched
the lids beyond endurance when a curious automail hand that had been giving
a fantastic kneading, pulled on his butt cheek and brushed the tip of a metallic
digit against something there in the divide. Its interest hadn't gone away,
which felt weird and incredible, and Roy always wondered what it felt like.
Then Ed's teeth scraped along his cock, which was just about to come apart at
the seams, and Roy yanked the shower curtain free, knocked the stand over, and
inadvertently caused the automail hand to move, because it slapped on Roy's
fistful of blond hair, which hurt, so he let go and came. There were no other
words for it, he just flat out came. Then he was free as Ed gagged and wretched
over the side of the tub. The shower curtain was dangling from his hand and
the stand was crumpled and leaning over the scene of the boy reaching up to
turn on the faucet and stick his face under it.

Ed had given him a blow job and it was good. It was the
end of the world as Roy knew it.

Ed washed his mouth out hard. He had the water on full
blast with his mouth open and he turned his head to just let it run in. He gagged
some more, but then he was at least clean and the taste was gone, so he hung
over the side of the tub and panted. He glanced at the Colonel, but the man
hadn't moved and was messy, so Ed fished around in the cold bath water and got
the hand cloth he'd used earlier. He wrung it out and turned to clean the Colonel
off. He liked that, taking care of Colonel, because the Colonel always took
care of him, when he would let him anyway. It just seemed like a nice thing
to do.

He put the cloth over the Colonel's cock, closed his fingers
and pulled it along the waning length. The Colonel screamed, which was startling
and new, and hit the bathroom tiles on his knees, which much have been painful.
Ed winced, but then the Colonel was looking at him, still holding the shower
curtain. He didn't seem to care that he was going to have bruised knees, and
he grabbed Ed (still managing to keep a hold on the shower curtain) and he kissed
him, and after that, Ed didn't care anymore about the Colonel's knees or the
Colonel's shower curtain.

Later, Ed was wearing one of the Colonel's shirts, but
it was unbuttoned all the way and he wasn't wearing anything else. He was lying
on his back on the bed and the Colonel was lying on his stomach beside him,
wearing a big white bathrobe that felt like a towel. It was unbelted and open,
and the Colonel wasn't wearing anything else either, but he was lying on his
stomach, so it was hard to tell. He was rubbing Ed on his chest and neck and
stomach, but it wasn't like when he rubbed wanting him to squirm, it was different.
It was really nice and relaxing, and Ed rumbled a bit, wiggled and stretched.
The Colonel sighed a soft kind of sigh, like he was looking at something he
liked, and Ed realized that, well, he was, which made him feel fluttery in his
stomach, and that was ok.

"I suppose I need to feed you soon," the Colonel said
in a soft husky sort of way that did make Ed squirm, just a little.

"You act like you never get hungry," Ed said, and sniffed
and turned his head to look at him.

"No one gets hungry like you," the Colonel said smiling,
his face all smushed up in the comforter. He looked tired and handsome.

"I can get my own," Ed said, "You look sleepy."

The Colonel's smile seemed to deepen a bit and the hand
rubbing Ed's stomach suddenly moved up to Ed's face. It cupped one of his cheeks
and the thumb rubbed his bottom lip.

"This is when people say I love you," the Colonel said.
Ed blinked and tried to turn his face.

"No, look at me," the Colonel said. It was still soft,
not like a order, so Ed sucked on the inside of his cheek and looked at him.

"I love you," the Colonel said, "and I got you some turkey
for sandwiches in the ice box. I'm going to take a nap."

Ed nodded, smiled and reached up to touch the hand on
his face as it drew away.

"I'll... I'll make you some sandwiches too, so they'll
be ready when you get up," Ed got out and sat up, scooting to the edge of the

"Thank you," the Colonel said faintly behind him.

Ed, like the coward he was, fled to the kitchen.

The Colonel walked into the big office, threw his arms
wide and grinned.

"Haven't you ever asked yourself if today is the day?"
he addressed his startled troops, "If today is the day that his the rest of
your days hinge on? Is today the day of resolution? Is today the day you realize
your goal? It should be! Every day should have a goal, I think, and you should
work to it with as much fervor as each day you work toward your ultimate goal."
The Colonel marched across the office, behind his desk, slapped a hand on the
back of his hair, the other on his hip, and he struck a pose.

Fuery, naturally, clapped.

"Somebody's in a good mood," Havoc chuckled.

"It is a superior officer's duty to inspire his troops,"
Falman said archly, "and the Colonel is setting a fine example today."

"Too bad he doesn't follow his own bullshit, oh I'm sorry,
'advice'," Breda snorted in laughter.

"He makes the best speeches," Fuery said dreamily.

The First Lieutenant came in at that time, strode right
up to the big desk as the Colonel was seating himself and began to arrange the
stacks of paper in front of him in order by priority.

"Good Morning, First Lieutenant," the Colonel said cheerfully.

"Good Morning, Sir," she replied, let a slight smile grace
her lips to acknowledge she as well did enjoy his good moods, "You seem to be
in top form today, which is good, because you'll need it."

"That's what I like about you, First Lieutenant," the
Colonel beamed, "Always on the ball, never a dull moment with you," and the
Colonel folded his arms on his desk and leaned over the stacks, "so, what's
on the menu today?"

"Well sir," the First Lieutenant said, seizing this sudden
opportunity where the Colonel seemed willing to work, "there are several things,
but there are a couple that I must draw your attention to immediately."

The Colonel nodded, seemed intent.

"First off, there has been another incident involving
a protest group," the First Lieutenant put her finger on one of the piles, "they
have been minor so far, but seem to be escalating. There has been some cause
of alarm in Central, and we know there is a rather extremist faction of the
same group located near East City. It is felt that this group might be moving
to make more of an impression and it is thought they might target a more prominent
official in the military to get their point across."

"That is troubling," the Colonel said, "I take it all
the particulars are in your very accurate reports," he said.

"They are, if you have questions I'm sure I can get you
more information," she said, "Secondly, we have a lead for Edward I thought
you might like to know about," her finger moved to rest on a second stack, "it's
come in from a field officer in Braden, it seemed promising."

"That's good news," the Colonel said, shifting a bit,
"Cabin fever doesn't even begin to describe Edward's mood. I'll read this over
first, to be ready when they come in."

"Sir," the First Lieutenant said, straightening up and
fixing him with her gaze, "I spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Hughes earlier this
morning and we both agree that you should perhaps start taking precautions,
seeing as we think this group might be seeking a target."

"I'm hardly the highest ranking officer on the base,"
the Colonel said, then tapped his flame etched silver pen on his blotter, "but
I'm working on that."

"If you'll pardon sir, and not to inflate your already
precariously balanced ego," the First Lieutenant went on, "You are more of a
celebrity, and much more of a prominent and accessible figure, since you live
off base and are known to date and frequent public eateries and theatres quite

"I'll just make sure I have my gloves on me at all times,"
the Colonel said, "Hughes is a worrywart, he has his whole family gig and that's
what's done it to him, but what's your excuse First Lieutenant, me and my ego
are dying to know," he teased.

She never changed expression at all.

"It is my duty to worry for the safety of my superior
office, whether he be a Colonel or otherwise," the First Lieutenant said, "You
see, my superior officer has ambitions that I believe in and I'd rather see
him alive to reach his goals. I'll also speak with Alphonse, besides this Scar
business, it might be prudent to keep an eye on Edward as well."

The Colonel let the smirk fade a bit. "One day, First
Lieutenant, you'll really have to tell me where you slipped up."

"Sir?" Hawkeye said in confusion.

"Where you slipped up," the Colonel repeated, "and got
stuck here with all of us. Because really, I think you deserve so much more
than this babysitting job they've foisted off on you."

Unbidden, the First Lieutenant smiled just a bit more
than her usual slight sign of pleasure and the big table across the room cheered.

Ed and Al got stuck in the doorway both trying to come in at the same time.
Ed was laughing and breathless, and Al rumbled good-naturedly, giving his brother
a playful shove that sent the short blond sprawling, but with no harm done.
Because boys were boys and these were brothers, Ed jumped back up, made all
kinds of mock threats and then subsided.

"Hi Ed, Al," Fuery called from the big table. This caused
Al to come over, unhinge his chest plate, reach in and pull out a bag. "I've
finished these," Al said, "are there any more in the Duke Chantal series?"

Fuery took the bag, dropped it and kicked it under the
table with his foot.

"We'll talk about that later," he said, eyeing his table
mates warily, "maybe in the break room."

"Ok," Al said, unphased, "I really hope there are," the
boy said gravely, "because Clarrissa is all wrong for him."

Havoc almost inhaled his toothpick when he laughed.

Ed shook his head, snorted and stomped over to the big

"I'd be mad at Fuery, but it's hard to be mad at him,"
Ed groused.

"Good Morning, FullMetal," the Colonel said, "have a seat,
we've things to discuss."

Ed flopped gracelessly in one of the two chairs that sat
before the Colonel's desk. He started to raise his foot, but felt the First
Lieutenant's gaze on him even though she wasn't in the room and let it drop
back to the floor.

"What you got?" the boy said.

"I have a claim of someone who fell from a cliff and was
thought to be dead coming back home and talking about being surrounded by a
red glow that saved his life," the Colonel said, and pushed the report across
his desk.

Ed sat up and grabbed it, flipping through the sheets
quickly, eyes darting back and forth, looking like small hyper gold fish in
a bowl.

"I see," Ed said, "So it says he awoke in a place that
was glowing red as if from red jewels scattered all around," Ed jumped to his
feet, "Braden is only two days from here, I've been there before."

The Colonel watched all the hope Ed kept so carefully
hidden, leave its hiding place and fly into the boy's face. Ed turned.

"Al, we got a lead," he said and waved the sheaf of papers
at the armor.

"Great!" Al said and hurried over to see.

And after yesterday was so... The Colonel sighed.

Oh well, it's not like I won't see him in a couple
of days.

Ed turned back to the Colonel and grinned.

"Thanks Colonel," he said.

"Yeah thanks, Sir!" Al echoed.

"My pleasure," the Colonel said, "I guess you'll be leaving
as soon as possible, then," he asked.

"Next train out, we're gonna run by the dorm room and
get some things right now," Ed said, passing the report to Al for his reading

"Then good luck, FullMetal," the Colonel said, sitting
back and letting his voice raise, "as I was telling the boys here before you
came in, today is a day of goals to be both met and set, if you apply yourself
to it, nothing is beyond your reach."

"You're so full of shit," Ed said, because he could get
away with it, and always had before, "we'll report in whatever we find."

"You do that," the Colonel said, "and why don't you impress
me with your superior intellect and make it fast."

Ed looked at him then and smiled.

The Colonel smiled back.

"I'll be back before you've had a chance to miss me,"
Ed said, wrinkling his nose, putting on his shit eating grin.

The Colonel lowered his chin to his laced fingers, having
propped his elbows up on the desk.

I doubt that.

"How I relish the chance of actually missing you, FullMetal,"
the Colonel said easily, "I'd really like to know what having a pain-free ass
feels like."

Al snorted in the way that he always did when he tried
not to laugh and there were attempts to smother laughs at the big table as well.
Ed turned red, then purple, then pointed and shrieked but nothing intelligible
came out. Then he fled with Alphonse hurrying after him.

The Colonel thought it was a relief to have the boy out
of town as he pulled his second priority stack over. With all this going on,
he could concentrate better and deal with this before Edward ever had to worry
about it.

I miss you already, the Colonel thought and flipped
open the file.