velvet mace


chapter 2.

Ed grunted as the blindfold was ripped off. He wanted
to swear but the gag was still firmly in place. Even more he wanted to kick
and punch and generally give the man a well-deserved world of hurt, but one
of the first things the bastard had done was remove his arm and leg.

When the hell had Mustang gotten so strong?

Ed blinked around the room and saw Mustang sitting naked
on the bed, looking shocked and holding a square of metal gingerly in his hands.

Several thoughts struck Ed at once. This was the first
time he'd ever seen the Colonel naked. The man looked utterly vulnerable, not
at all like he had when he'd grabbed Ed in the alleyway an hour earlier. In
fact, the image was just so bizarre and unexpected Ed couldn't form much coherent
opinion about it.

The second thought was that square had Al's array on it.
Al! Al! Ed felt both sickening horror and an almost ecstatic rush of relief.
He'd found Al. But his poor brother was in terrible shape. What horrors had
Al experienced?

Ed surveyed the array critically. The edges of the square
were ragged and torn, but the array itself appeared to be completely intact.
Al had made no sound. Did that mean Al was dead? Or tormented to silence? Ed
longed to ask him, to run to him and hold him close, but he was unable. The
gag was too tight and his one hand was tied to his ankle by a rather short strap.

The last thought was, if that was Mustang sitting on the
bed, whose arm was around his chest? Slowly, Ed turned his head and saw the
Flame Alchemist's smirking face only inches from his own. The Colonel's long
bangs half hid his narrow dark eyes.

Ed looked back at the man on the bed. If it wasn't Mustang,
it was his twin. The naked Mustang looked away from him, lips turned down in
a frown.

"I brought you another gift, Roy," said the Mustang behind

"Let him go, Greed, please, " said the incarnation on
the bed. There was a most UN-Colonel like pleading tone in his voice. It was
the sound of someone desperate to please——-one who had no dignity or self-respect.
"Let them both go. I'll make you happy. I want to. You don't need them."

"I know you will," said the Mustang holding Ed. Greed.
That was what the other called him.

Ed blinked. Suddenly the world fell into place. Flame
had always been a bastard but the past few weeks his behavior had become positively
sadistic. Ed could kick himself. Sure he hated the smug arrogant asshole, but
how was it that he hadn't realized how oddly he'd been behaving? Of course it
hadn't been Mustang. Ed felt suddenly guilty for not drawing that logical conclusion
long ago. In fact, now he could pinpoint with almost certainty when the switch
had happened. Those four missing days. God, it was so obvious.

A hand stroking his bangs brought him back to the moment.
"Isn't he pretty? You've wanted him haven't you?"

Anger boiled up Ed at being called pretty, like he was
some girl. But behind that anger was a less familiar and much more disconcerting
emotion, a ticklish wrongness that prickled all the way to his soul. For the
first time the hand petting his hair felt less like condescension and more like
something much, much worse.

"Admit it. You want to touch him don't you?"

"No," said Mustang dully.

Greed laughed harshly next to Ed's ear and continued to
play with his hair, pulling it free of the band and undoing the plait. Ed pulled
away as much as the arm around his chest would allow.

Ed's insides had gone hard and his senses were hyperaware.
He could deal with being kidnapped and hit and humiliated, but this sex talk
unnerved him. Ed couldn't pull his eyes away from Mustang's nakedness.

"You've wanted to bend him over your desk from the first
day he walked into your office. I have all your memories. You can't hide it."

Roy just jerked his head to the side, a denial, but Ed
felt bile burn in his stomach. He'd been TWELVE when that happened. That was
just wrong!

No. Mustang was about the most heterosexual man Ed had
ever met. He had an endless stream of beautiful women at his beck and call,
he wouldn't be interested in some crippled kid. Ed's remembered Mustang as being
rather unimpressed with him at their first meeting. The Lt. Colonel had eyed
him over like he was some sort of joke and then had the nerve to call him a
mascot. There hadn't anything remotely lecherous in the exchange. The idea that
Mustang had wanted him ... that way... was beyond absurd.

This was a lie. This creature behind him was merely saying
things to get him and Roy riled up. This was mental torture, primarily for Mustang,
but also for Ed. And Al, what did Al think listening to this? Al shouldn't even
know about this sort of sick stuff.

God... Mustang had been enduring this sadistic needling
for the better part of a month. Ed felt a stirring of sympathy for the alchemist.

And then suddenly Mustang's nakedness came into glaring
focus again. Ed became alarmingly aware of the bruises on his upper arms, and
a reddened spot next to one nipple. There were scratches on his upper thighs.
Involuntarily, Ed shuddered, realizing that Mustang's torment hadn't been limited
to psychological cruelty. Ed had encountered rape victims as part of his work,
but all had been women, and he hadn't really known any of them. Ed looked at
Mustang's face, turned away still, jaw tight with shame.

"Let's unwrap your gift."

Ed swallowed hard. Now he knew Greed's pseudo-affectionate
petting was more than just sadism. Mustang may not have thought of Ed that way,
but this thing did. Ed didn't want to be raped. Ed clenched his thighs together
and pushed the thought away from his mind. Maybe he was wrong.

Greeds hand played with Ed's hair a little longer, then
slid to his shoulder. Greed shifted his grip, pulling Ed back from the kneeling
position he'd been in, to one where he was lying on his side. He could see the
Sin more clearly now, looking collected in the colonel's uniform, now a bit
smeared with Ed's blood.

Greed unsnapped the latch holding Ed's red coat closed.
Then he went to work on the coat underneath. Finally, he fisted the undershirt
with his hands and with sheer brute strength tore it open. The shirts fell of
his automail hub and slid down to pool about his elbow.

"Stop that," Roy said alarmed. "Leave him alone!"

Greed paused and looked at Roy. "Do I need to punish Al

For the first time Ed heard Al. He wasn't sure whether
it was good or not because it was a loud pained moan that seemed to come out
of a deep well. At least it meant Al was alive. Ed felt fury darkening his cheeks.
What had the homunculus done with Al?

Roy shook his head. "No."

Greed smiled. "Very well." Greed's hands were on Ed's
belt, pulling it open, then they unzipped his pants. Ed felt his pants and shorts
being yanked roughly down until they pulled free of his left leg and remained
scrunched around his right. Ed writhed. No, this wasn't happening, it couldn't
happen. Wouldn't happen.

But it was. A cool hand reached down and cupped Ed's balls.
They immediately tightened up in fear. He felt a tingle like an electric shock
run from his groin to his spine. Oh please don't let him squeeze. Ed pulled
furiously at his bound wrist but couldn't make headway.

Greed's hand slid to the base of Ed's limp cock, then
closed tightly. Ed arched his back and groaned. The hand pulled and began to
masturbate him with quick strokes. Ed had never been touched like this by anyone.
His mind pulled apart with horror, anger, fear and embarrassment. To his disgust
he grew harder. He refused to believe that he liked it.

"Now Roy, you have a choice, you can cooperate and thank
me for this wonderful gift I give you, or you can sulk. In which case, not only
will I keep this gift for myself, but I will take away your other present. Al
can go back in his box for the night. You can earn him back in the morning."

"What do you want me to do." Roy's voice was dead. His
eyes dull and unfocused.

"Appreciate this fine gift I've given you, Roy." Again
Greed's hand was in Ed's hair, playing with it even as he continued to stroke
his cock. "It's such a nice model, a good year. Such fine lines." The hand strayed
from the hair to gently stroke Ed's stomach. He twitched away from the ticklish

"Like a piece of art." Greed leaned over and kissed Ed's

Al whimpered again.

"The nice thing about this sort of sex toy is that it's
built for two to enjoy at the same time."

Ed's eyes widened.

"Please, Greed," whispered Roy, his eyes were closed again,
and he was wincing. "Don't make me do this."

"Does Al go in the box?"


"Roy, Roy, I thought we were past this, Roy." Greed sounded
exasperated. "I'm done threatening you. I expect complete, immediate, and enthusiastic
cooperation from now on. No more warnings." Greed's hand tightened painfully
around Ed's cock and he let out an involuntary whimper. "Now come and join us."

Roy carefully placed Al on the bed.

"No!" said Greed angrily. "Prop him up so he can watch.
You are always on me about the lack of stimulation. He should watch this. It
should be quite stimulating." Roy picked the square of metal up again and this
time placed it on the night table, propped against the lamp. Ed could see the
array. He didn't know if Al was truly limited to what the array faced. He rather
doubted it, but it was more than clear that Al's torment was as much a part
of Greed's agenda as Ed's and Roy's.

Ed flushed again and grunted against the gag. He tried
to writhe out of Greed's grip but it was simply impossible.

"Hold him for me, " said Greed.

Mustang shuffled forward on his knees until he was next
to Ed and then he picked Ed up in his arms and embraced him. Ed stiffened. It
felt, frankly weird to be held in such a tender embrace by the older man. This
was MUSTANG after all. Mr. Smirk. Mr. Condescension. Mr. Kick-em-when-they're-down.
Mustang had no use for Ed when he was weak, and only grudging respect when he
was strong.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm terribly sorry."

This wasn't Mustang, Ed realized. This was some person
Ed had never met before, someone who didn't have that façade of arrogance
and aloofness that Mustang always carried with him. This man wasn't untouchable.

Ed felt his breath going ragged for the first time. Roy's
skin felt warm against his chin. His arms felt strong and comforting. Ed stared
at a nearly invisible scar on Roy's neck. He could smell soap and a slight manly
musk about him.

Ed felt a sudden hard tug at his ankle and wrist and then
the pressure was released. Automatically he brought his hand up to his face
and he looked at the strap of cloth that still tied his hand. Greed caught his
wrist and picked the knot apart. Blood surged into his fingers with an unpleasant
prickling. He felt Greed free his ankle.

Why on earth...

Ed didn't bother to complete the thought. He twisted suddenly
and violently in Roy's arms putting uncomfortable weight and pressure on his
stump in order to bring his foot up to Greed's midsection.

"Don't!" screamed Roy tightening his grip on Ed's chest
and upper arm. Greed let out his breath and then leaned forward and backhanded
him. Ed felt a crushing pain and saw bright lights. For a moment coherent thought
was not possible.

"Ed," said Greed running his fingers along Ed's quickly
swelling cheek. "This is my last threat for either of you. Next time you don't
cooperate, I'll take your brother and lock him in an air tight box with a big
old rock in it. Then I'm going to throw that box in the river. Do you understand?
I wonder how long he'll last that way? Days? Weeks? Centuries? Alone, helpless.
Not even able to die. Hoping for the wood to rot and the water to wash that
array away. Blaming you for his misery."

Ed cried out and arched his back. He felt Roy trembling.

"You are BOTH going to do what I tell you to."

Ed nodded.

As horrible as it was for Ed, it was far worse for Roy. In the end all Greed
wanted from Ed was a passive body. Roy was expected to perform. They never removed
Ed's gag, which became a source of relief, since it took away his need to speak
out and protest—something that would have been worse than deadly for
Al. Roy had no such comfort. His mouth remained still only through sheer willpower.

Ed lay on the floor between them, on his side. Greed's
arm pulled his left thigh up against his side, leaving him terribly exposed.

Roy took direction without hesitation. Kissing and nuzzling
him, touching his back in a way that felt disturbingly pleasurable. Greed was
rougher, biting his shoulder hard enough to break the skin, pinching his nipples
with enough force to bruise. He'd tried not to writhe as the two simultaneously
licked his hand and foot. It was unbelievably ticklish, and yet at the same
time disturbingly sensual. The thought of Al being murdered in such a monstrous
way kept him still. He pondered that this was perhaps the most difficult thing
he'd ever done.

Ed had tried to cut off the sensations, but it was impossible.
Pleasure wasn't something he encountered much in his life, and his skin was
only too reactive to the touches. He couldn't help but whimper when Greed took
his cock in his mouth. Cool pressure and moistness set his nerves on fire. The
faint scrape of teeth against his length caused an electric shock of fear to
travel through his body. He couldn't help but shudder. Then like some uncontrollable
feedback loop his terror took over and made him shake more, terrified that his
own uncontrolled reactions would anger Greed.

Greed pulled off. Ed's mind swam with confusion. He had
no idea what would come next.

"Prepare him," said Greed.

Ed looked to see Roy putting his fingers in his mouth.

"No, use your mouth."

But he was, thought Ed. Then he felt Roy's body shift
against him and he realized just what Greed meant. Ed wanted to vomit. It was
the most vile and disgusting thing he'd ever heard of, and yet it felt horribly
good. Ed started whimpering again and struggled to hold himself still.

Greed resumed sucking him and even though Ed didn't want
to, he found himself coming in the creature's mouth. Each pulse of pleasure was
matched with an accompanying jolt of fear that the monster would somehow be
displeased. Thankfully, when he'd finished, Greed mearly licked his lips and
smiled up at him.

Even though he'd just come and was uncomfortably sensitive,
Greed insisted Roy suck him as well. Ed was ready to cry by that time. How long
was this thing going to last. He was not so naive not to know what was coming
next. He only hoped that it wouldn't be as painful as he suspected it would.

He thought the worst would be when Greed first pressed
in. He knew he wasn't meant to accommodate anything so large or hard. It was
unnatural. He then he thought the worst would be when he started moving and
the friction grew unpleasantly hot. When Greed's thrusts reached their peak
intensity, Ed was convinced he'd reached the lowest spot of his existence. But
he was wrong.

As awful as it had been the worst by far was when Greed
insisted Roy rape him as well. Ed could only lie there, tears making his eyes
swim while Roy masturbated himself in a desperate attempt to become hard. Twice
the man entered him only to soften up again. Ed noticed Greed's eyes turning
towards Al.

Ed reached over and put a tentative hand on Roy's cock.
The man startled and stared at him. Ed began pumping like he would his own,
doing the things he had only done before on himself. Roy hardened.

The look in Roy's eyes was enough to tear at Ed's heart.
It was so desperately, utterly, completely grateful. Ed could see the man's
soul in his eyes. His vunerablility was painful to behold. Ed hated what he
was doing, but did everything in his power not to let that show through. With
his eyes he tried to convince Roy that he wanted this, he liked it. And that
was when Ed reached his lowest moment.

He was no longer just enduring, he was an active participant
in his own and Roy's rape. He'd crossed that line. He was no longer guiltless.

As soon as Roy grew stiff enough, Ed snuggled up against
him, spreading his legs wide and using his hand to push the man's cock against
his own sore enterance. Roy's breathing was shaky, he held Ed's hips and then
pushed in. This time Ed moved with the thrusts, letting Roy know that it was
okay. He wasn't unwilling.

The same act, the same looks. The same size and shape
and everything, but somehow it was different. It felt better. As wrong and horrible
as that was, it felt even good. Roy caught his cock and stroked it to fullness
again. Ed did everything he could to concentrate on it feeling good.

Greed grinned widely when Ed came again.

Not too long after that Roy pulled out and came on Ed's
stomach, proving that he'd done as Greed required.

The session ended with them snuggling on the bed, Ed between the two others.
It was ridiculous but he didn't dare laugh. Although he was the center of their
physical attentions it was almost as if he'd ceased to be in the room. Greeds
words were only for Roy.

"You were perfect, my pet. Perfect. I don't think you
have ever made me happier." Greed continued to gush for the better part of half
an hour, until Roy exhausted fell asleep.

Hours later, Greed pulled away and dressed again. Roy
stirred a little. "I have to go to work," he said. "Or they will wonder where
I've run off to. I'll get you a new present in a few more days. Perhaps a more
disposable one."

Ed shuddered.

"We could share a woman, perhaps. Riza maybe? Or some
other? In any case we won't have to be careful with it. She's not rare material
after all."

Roy didn't say anything.

"In the mean time don't let your toy wander the hall."
Greed looked at Ed for the first time. "Not that it's that mobile right now."

When Greed finally did leave them, Ed reached up to grab the gag. It took some
pulling and wrestling but he was able to undo the catch and finally free himself.
His jaw felt curiously tired. He rubbed his jaw and opened and closed his mouth
to limber up again.

Pushing the blanket aside he pulled himself to sitting.
The air was very cold, but Ed liked that. It felt energizing. "Roy, let's get
going." He tapped the man's bare shoulder.

Roy turned away from him and curled up, hugging the covers

"Roy," said Ed. "He's gone. We've got to get out of here.

"It's no use."

Ed felt angry. No this wasn't Mustang at all. That bastard
would be seizing the moment to escape. This one was far too battered. Too weak.
Too broken. Damn it, Ed needed the bastard back.

Bile burned Ed's mouth and he felt resolve flow through
his veins like hot lead. Roy might be not up to the task, but Ed had enough
will power for the both of them. He grabbed the blanket and yanked it off, the
effort caused him to fall over, but it succeeded in getting Roy to turn over
and look at him.

This time there was fury in the man's eyes. "You think
I haven't tried to get out of here, Ed. He'll kill Al."

"And he's going to kill Hawkeye if you don't. Worse,
he's going to make YOU kill her. You can't just lie there."

Roy shuddered.

"Death is better than this," Ed said. "Don't you agree

"Uh-huh," said Al. Ed was relieved. It sounded like his

Roy's brows knit. His eyes twitched.

"Let's get our clothes on, " said Ed. "We are getting
the hell out of here."

Roy's lips twitched into a smile, and he started laughing.