Now I know in my fics I describe a lot of acts that no one in their right mind would do--raping, torture, transmuting body parts and the like --and I've never felt it actually necessary to WARN my readers that doing such things will get you in trouble. But for some reason, I feel it necessary to do so here. In this fic I use autoerotic asphyxiation. Don't do this at home, dudes and dudettes. It will get you dead. Really. No orgasm is worth risking your life over. Now I know most of you are saying, "Yeah, that was on my to do list, right after cutting off my right arm so I can cosplay Ed properly." But a surprising number of people do think this is an idea worth pursuing. Quantico has a profiler whose specialty is being able to tell if someone was murdered, committed suicide, or was just masturbating stupidly.

velvet mace


chapter 4.

The whore was writhing under him now. He held her thighs open and used his tongue with all the skill that centuries' worth of practice had given him. He knew her moans were not an act, not like what she put on for the customers she saw. Greed took pride in the fact that sleeping with him was not a chore, but rather a reward to be relished.

She tasted of his come. Was it narcissistic to find that a turn on?

He was going to miss her, sweet Karen. One of his top money turners. She deserved a little Greed love, especially after the way his client had treated her that afternoon. But even if that hadn't happened, he'd have still wanted her one last time.

She would carry tales of this back to the other whores and they would be more motivated to please him in the hopes that he might lavish some attention on them as well. It would be weeks before any of them realized that he was gone for good. How well his operations stayed together here once his presence was gone really depended on if he'd hand picked his middle men well. But he could hope to still get some residual income from this venture for a while.

As wonderful as this session with her was, it was mainly business.

Now pleasure was sitting in a chair a few feet away, biting his lip. Greed peeked up over the girls hip to see Al squirming but keeping to the rules that Greed had laid down... oh, was it almost two years ago? Since the first time Greed had noticed Al noticing the whores. Al wasn't allowed to look anywhere but at what Greed was doing. And he wasn't allowed to touch himself in anyway until Greed gave him permission. Greed didn't bother to tie the kid down to enforce compliance anymore. Al was well trained.

Karen clutched Greed's shoulders and bit back a scream. He waited until her trembling ended, and then pulled himself up to give her a kiss. "You know you are my favorite of all my girls."

She nodded, face flushed, preening a bit. He kissed her again. Then whispered in her ear too low for Al to hear. "Have Dorchet find me Sloth."

She nodded again. All the whores were used to his activities, none expected to be the first or last he'd have in a single night. One of the many advantages of his condition—he recovered as quickly from his little deaths as he did from his big ones.

Once she was gone, Greed turned to Al. The kid's erections were lasting longer after the fact these days. Hormones, he supposed. The kid would be flush with them. Greed didn't remember what it was like to be a teen. Nor did he have any real desire to. There was nothing worth remembering of the time before his rebirth. As far as he was concerned, he'd always been what he was: A man, well proportioned and attractive, crafted to be a perfect bedmate for Dante.


But that was something to think of later. Dante still (as far as he was aware) did not know he'd escaped her prison. Or perhaps she did, but she hadn't deigned to give it her attention. He had so far not been visited by any of his "siblings," which he took to be a good sign. Eventually he would pay her back, but if she wasn't in a rush to meet that confrontation, neither was he.

Never mind her... Why think of her when he had his youngest Alchemist here to distract him. Eventually, Al and his brother would kill her for him, anyway. Once their loyalty had been sealed a bit more effectively.

And that thought made Greed's smile dim somewhat, because tonight's session with Al would not be all pleasure either. Much as he hated to do it, the boy needed to be punished,. Disloyalty was not acceptable.

He himself couldn't administer the punishment. He'd watch of course, he didn't want the punishment to go too far. But Greed had vowed long ago that sex with himself would NEVER be a punishment for any of his family. Which is why he required Sloth.

And why if he were going to have any true pleasure with Al tonight, he would have to start now.

"Come here, Al." Greed patted the bed. Al immediately rose up and climbed in next to him. His eyes were wide and his face looked just a bit stunned the way it always did when they had sex. As though the kid couldn't quite believe it. "Karen is such a pretty thing, don't you think?" said Greed conversationally to Al, "You may answer."

"Yes, sir," said Al. His brows rose.

"Did you want to touch her?" Greed positioned Al so that he was lying on his back.

"Yes, sir," said Al, clearly uncomfortable.

"Did you want to lick her, the way I was."

"Yes, sir." There was a crack to his voice.

"You know, my love, I was planning on allowing you to sleep with one of my ladies. When you earned the right." He had never allowed either brother to touch any of his whores. In fact outside of himself and each other, they had not been touched consensually. They were his Alchemists and he was a bit jealous of them. Giving Ed to a client was the ultimate act of self-sacrifice. He hoped Roy appreciated it. "But after yesterday, I don't see that day coming anytime soon."

Greed sighed. "And unfortunately, now it won't be my sweet Karen to be your first. We won't be able to take her when we go. Such a loss. You do know you will have to make this up to me."

Al started trembling. "What do you want me to do, sir?"

Greed shook his head. "It's not something you can just make up for overnight. It will take a long time for to rebuild my trust again, now that you and your brother have so thoroughly destroyed it."

Greed reached over to the nightstand and removed a pair of handcuffs from the top drawer.

"Sir," said Al suddenly. "I don't need those. Just tell me what you want and I'll do it. Really, I won't mind. I like doing what you tell me to. I love you. Just please, you don't need those."

"I love you, too," said Greed, stroking the side of Al's face, tenderly. "More than words, my sweet, more than words. Which is why it hurts me so much when you and your brother betray me. Now put your arms up above your head. You know what to do."

Al hesitated. "Please," but then he put an arm obediently up. Greed latched the first cuff around one spindly wrist, then threaded the chain through a slot in the headboard. "Please, I promise I will do whatever you like. You don't need these. I'm better without them. I'll be good."

"You promise to do what I like," said Greed, laughing at the irony. "And yet you aren't doing it. What I want is for you to put your other hand up Al, so I can put these on properly."

Al complied, and Greed snugged the bracelet down, not too loose, not too tight. "There that wasn't so hard, now was it?"

"No, sir."

"Don't be afraid," said Greed caressing him, running his hand over Al's chest. "You never need to be afraid of me. I will treat you well. I'll make you hard, make you writhe for me, and you will come. I promise nothing but pleasure at my hands." He kissed Al under his ear. Then on his tender mouth.

Such a sweet child.

Al moaned. Greed's hands worked carefully, gently. The kid knew he was going to be punished, his body was braced for it, and the anticipation and contrary tenderness heightened his responses. Greed really wished he could back down from punishing him. But order must be maintained, and the teen's transgression wasn't minor.

"Enjoy this, Al. Your punishment will come soon enough. Take what pleasure I can give you until then."

Ordinarily Greed would spend more time on foreplay, but Sloth would come any moment, and when that happened, he imagined Al would stop being nearly as cooperative. If he was going to make good on his promise, he would have to bring the boy off before that happened.

He spent a minute preparing Al, because even when times were rushed, such steps could not be skipped or shortened. Predictably Al responded. Three centuries of pleasing and being pleased had etched the paths to ecstasy deep in his mind. And yet it never grew boring, and his lovers never failed to make the event in some way unique.

Some days Greed felt selfish, and did only the minimum he could to give his partners satisfaction, catering the event around his own desires. Some nights he enjoyed relishing a good fuck, making it last far beyond his lovers endurance, bringing them off several times during the course of one marathon and leaving them exhausted and wrung out afterwards.

But not tonight. Tonight was all about his partners, all about making them as happy as they could reasonably be. And so he didn't linger or tease Al very long, but did just what the teen wanted most, got to the point. As soon as the kid had relaxed enough, he slid in and began rocking, gently but insistently. He watched Al's body language to know when he should go harder and deeper, and when the kid was close, which was rather too quick for Greed's tastes, he allowed himself to rise towards completion.

Perhaps it was for the best that this fuck be quick and easy, Greed consoled himself, because this wasn't the end of the night for Al, and the next one would be long and hard. Sloth tended to be a bit ruthless. Al would need his energy.

Al cried out when he came as if in pain, tears filling his eyes. Greed resisted the urge to ask if he were hurt. The first times he'd seen that, he'd been a bit alarmed, but he'd long since realized that it was just the teen's way of coping with overwhelming emotions. The tears dried quickly enough, and Al was left breathing heavily.

"Good boy," Greed said, and began his final strokes, kissing the boy with a hungry possessive mouth. Then he came for the second time that night. A quickie, but a delicious one.

He sat beside the teen a moment, stroking the fringe of hair over his right eye.

"Why did you let him do it?" Greed asked, quietly.

"I couldn't stop him."

"You could have told us. If you'd let the chimera's know the moment he left, they would have caught up to him before he could have mailed the letter. The damage could have been prevented."

"I'm sorry, sir."

Greed ran a thumb over Al's cheek. "I rely on you, you know. You are my eyes and ears with your brother. I need you to help me keep your brother in check while he is going through this difficult phase. "

"I'll try, sir. I am. I will be. It won't happen again." He saw desperation in Al's eyes. Right now he suspected the kid would say anything to get out of his impending punishment.

He drew a finger down Al's cheek, and over his lips. The boy parted them obligingly, eager to do anything to please Greed.

"This isn't a small matter, Al. I have to pick up and leave in a hurry. This is ten years of my life in this place. This is my HOME. This is my empire, and I'm going to have to cut most of it away and start over again. We have the money to do this, thank goodness, but the sheer level of inconvenience it is causing me is staggering."

Al sucked his finger with more vigor, as if somehow this could make things right. How really like a child he sometimes was. As though "sorry" were enough.

The door rattled and started to open. "I have to punish you Al. There is no way around it." He pulled his finger away and kissed Al's cheek.

Al turned to look at who was coming. His eyes widened and then he jerked against Greed, kicking away from the mattress and pulling at his wrists. Greed grabbed his arms to prevent him from injuring his hands on the cold metal of the handcuffs.

"Just endure, my love. And remember, you did bring this on yourself."

"Not her, sir. Not her."

"Alphonse," said Sloth breathily. "You seem so frightened of me... Don't you love your mother?" Sloth drew a dark gloved finger up from her hip to her breast, stopping just above the dark bodice to point at the ouroboros on her breast.

Al closed his eyes and turned away from her. "You aren't my mother Sloth. You are NOTHING like my mother."

"You made me to be your mother. I can remember... enough of her. I remember how I used to kiss away your tears. Would you like me to kiss your tears?"

Sloth didn't so much walk to the bed as she glided. Greed admired the suppleness and beauty of her. It was no wonder that his Alchemists were such stunning lookers, with this woman's genes. It was also clear that Hohenheim had taste in women. Karen was a pretty girl. Trisha Elric was gorgeous.

But Al was right. Sloth was not Trisha. Trisha had been a sweet, loving, and utterly normal woman. Sloth was ruthless and cruel. Her smile was gentle but her actions were anything but. When Greed needed someone dead, Sloth was the one he usually sent. Unlike his chimeras, she never felt the least twinge of guilt afterwards.

Sloth didn't love his Alchemists, not the way Greed did. But she did love Greed, and out of deference for him, she was usually careful around his charges. But tonight he had promised her that she could indulge her more sadistic whims. In the end it was a rather neat solution: Sloth, who had earned his approval, would be happy; Al who had RICHLY earned his wrath would be sorry. And all would be right in Greed's kingdom again.

Sloth slipped onto the bed curling her long darkly gloved hands around the side of Al's face, pulling him over to look at her. Al kept his eyes firmly shut.

"Don't you want to see me, my little boy?" she asked. "Don't you think your mother is beautiful?"

"You aren't my mother."

"You are so funny, my little Al. Is incest such an awful thing. I wouldn't think so with the way you and your brother behave. You don't mind that sort of incest at all."

"Sloth!" Greed warned. It had taken some time to coax the boys into a sexual relationship with each other. He didn't want Sloth messing with that. "Let's leave Ed out of this."

"Look at me, Al," Sloth said. Her voice was soft and languid, but it was a command.

Al pinched his eyes tighter shut.

Sloth sighed. Her clothes rippled and vanished. "It doesn't matter, I suppose. You can feel as well as look."

She leaned over and kissed his eyes. Then the kiss became a lick, sweeping up the tears. "Remember how I used to hold you when you cried?"

"NO, you NEVER held me. YOU AREN'T HER—!"

Sloth took advantage of Al's open mouth to plant her's on top of his. Her tongue darted in. Greed smiled. Al's body suddenly jerked and arched. Greed watched as Sloth moved her face away, but maintained the penetration. Her tongue had transmuted to a column of water, filling Al's mouth to it's limits.

Al's hands grasped at emptiness and he jerked his arms again. This time Greed allowed it. He would not be directly involved with this. It was not supposed to be pleasurable for Al. It was supposed to be cruel.

The way Al's throat was working and his desparate movements let Greed understand what Sloth was doing. The column of water had gone past his mouth now, into his throat, choking him, blocking his breath. If she released herself, Al would drown. Greed put a hand on her back to warn her.

"Not too far, love," he said. "Take care."

Al's face turned dark. He was sufforcating. Sloth's eyes half closed with pleasure. Then abruptly her tongue withdrew and turned back to it's normal appearance. She licked her lips. "That's my good boy."

Al sucked in a huge breath, coughing. His chest heaving. But the treatment had had the desired effect. Even though he had come only minutes before Al was hard again.

"It's a dangerous game, " said Greed. "Don't go too far." But he approved.

Sloth slid over Al and straddled him, lowering herself onto him. Al realizing what was going on started shouting "NO!"

Sloth sighed. One arm transmuted back to water again, and filled his mouth gagging him. "I thought you wanted to know what a woman felt like. I know what you think in your dirty little heart. You want to touch the whores. Well, if those tramps are good enough for you, why not me? It hurts my feelings. I carried you all those months inside me, loved you, nursed you, cared for you and now you don't even want to fuck me. How hurtful." She pouted and removed her arm to let him breathe again.

"Get off of me! No," Al squirmed and attempted to buck her off. It was an utterly counterproductive effort, and produced a laugh from both Sloth and Greed.

"Shhhhh," said Sloth. "Shhhhh." And to drive her point home she transformed her left arm and filled his mouth again.

Al writhed frantically, but unproductively. Sloth, usually loathe to do more than she absolutely had to, had apparently decided to make an exception. Greed watched her ride Al. It was enticing, and made Greed somewhat regret his vow not to become physically involved in the arrangement.

After a minute or so Al stopped fighting. His fingers grew lax. "Sloth, let up," said Greed. "Don't let him pass out."

"Of course, not," she replied. "Where would be the fun in that?" Her arm retreated and Al breathed again.

And then before he'd quite had his fill she returned it. Al's eyes turned to Greed pleading for him to make it stop.

"Endure, my love," said Greed. "It is your own fault it's come to this."

The process repeated until Sloth at last cried out her pleasure. She lifted herself off. "I see I am not enough for you," she said, stroking Al's erection. "Well then, if taking you as a woman won't do it for you, perhaps I should take you as a man. It is what you are more used to."

She removed her arm from his mouth again, but Al was too busy breathing to reply. He didn't have the strength to hold her off when she shoved his legs apart. Her left arm turned to water. "Relax, my sweet. Mother knows best."

"You..." gasped Al. "Are... NOT... my mother, Sloth."

Sloth's arm slid between his legs, and with no preamble penetrated him. Even stretched by Greed she was much to take. She had infinite control over her dimensions, and was using this to her advantage, filling him utterly to his limit. "Gently, dear," Greed said. "Don't tear him."

"Never, my love," She smiled over to him. "Would you like to know what I'm doing?"

"Naturally. But I'd rather hear it from him. What is she doing, my pet."

"Aah... ssss..." Al gritted his teeth. "Hurting me. Make it stop, please."

"That's not very useful."

"I'm making waves now, like water against the shore... It's a beautiful feeling. And now the sun goes down." She ducked her head smoothly down and drew Al's cock into her mouth.

Al grunted and writhed frantically. His expression was amazing. Torn between passion and horror. Lovely. Absolutely precious. The intensity of it made Greed very hard, but he stood by his vow.

"I know this is hard to bear, my sweet, but it will be over soon. Come for your mother and it will be done."

Al wasn't coherent enough to respond. It took an achingly long time. Perhaps bringing him off earlier was not as merciful as Greed thought it to be. Ah well. But eventually Al's cries took a different, more high pitched tone. And not long after that he bent forward, face screwed up, teeth bared and let out a true scream.

Greed saw tears wet Al's face again. He looked truly beautiful in his post orgasmic haze, but that changed soon. Shame and horror and anger settled in turning his features ugly.

Sloth merely sat back satisfied as she withdrew to her normal proportions.

Greed caressed Al's hair again. "My sweet. There it wasn't that bad now was it."

Al twitched away from his touch. "I ha—" but he caught himself.

"I love you, Al," said Greed, his voice still gentle but with just a bit of warning. "Do you love me?"


"Tell me."

"I love you."


"I LOVE you, Greed. I love you. I love you!"

"Sweet boy, why do you love me?"

"Because you are good to me, you feed me and keep me safe, you give me a job, you teach me, you make love to me."

"And because I punish you when you are bad," said Greed. "Punishment is part of love, too."

"I love you because you punish me when I'm bad," repeated Al faithfully.

Greed was horny. He wanted to take Al again, but it was better not to. Al would only feel pleasure at his hands, and right now he was too sore to enjoy those caresses. "I'm going to let you sleep in your own bed tonight, not because I don't want you by me, but for your own sake, so that you may rest up. Tomorrow, I expect you to tell your brother exactly what happened here. I will quiz him. Do you understand."

"Yes, sir." Al didn't fight him anymore. He lay still and allowed Greed to pet him.

"That is good, because if he isn't able to answer my questions in sufficient detail, we will have to do this again. And next time, I will make him watch."

Al stiffened. "Yes, sir. I'll tell him. I'll tell him everything."

Greed released his hands from the handcuffs. The boy launched himself out of bed. He was a bit wobbly but fast, not bothering with the pile of clothes left by the chair, not looking at Sloth who was lounging at the foot of the bed, all but purring her satisfaction, not looking at Greed. Greed knew the boy must be hurting, but apparently staying a moment longer in the room was worse than whatever his muscles might be telling him.

Within moments the door shut, and Greed could only faintly hear the muffled sound of the boys stomping feet running down the hall.

"Now Sloth, my love," Greed said. "Look what you have done to me." He stood to reveal his hardness better. "Be a dear and take care of this for me."

Sloth stretched languidly, like a cat then crawled across the bed to him. Greed laughed. He was quite ready for round three.