Moments Collection

chapter 3.

The Colonel's hand pressed over his own, forcing Edward's hand down over his own erection, and it took everything in Ed to keep from gasping. It was his own hand, it shouldn't have been any different from jerking off...but it was completely different. Maybe because the Colonel's glove slid over the outside of his hand, guiding him, or because he could feel the Colonel's eyes on him, his burning breath wafting against Ed's shoulder as he watched his own hand guide Edward's.

Edward had never bucked into his own hand, ever, had never jerked his hips or gasped when he came, alone in the cold shower that was supposed to relieve his problem. But now, sandpaper gloves pressing his fingers closed around his length, just brushing his balls and squeezing his hand over himself...he nearly whimpered, his eyes squeezing shut, his whole body shaking.

Was it sick, Ed wondered, that knowing the Colonel was watching made him spiral closer to that edge where nothing mattered? That a slightly shaking breath on his shoulder made him thrust harder against himself, his throat closing off in his ecstacy? He stroked himself harder, harder, still letting Mustang's hand guide him; he twisted slightly, so close to release...

The Colonel's hand closed firmly around Ed's on his erection, and his rough gloved thumb slid over the head of Edward's erection; his teeth closed on Edward's ear. And Edward was gone, throwing his hips out hard up against his hands, climaxing with a shaking indrawn breath.

As Edward relaxed into feeling as if he was made of jelly, he fell back on the Colonel; Mustang chuckled softly, and his free hand came up to brush Edward's hair from his face; the hand still on Edward's groin gently helped guide Ed's wet hand upwards, gently drawing it across Ed's lips before drawing the same hand to his own lips.

"How was that, Edward?" he asked, lips barely moving against Ed's hand.

Edward just shook his head slightly. "Damn you, Colonel," he whispered, coherent thought gone from his brain.

Mustang chuckled.

Edward's eyes widened as Roy grasped his buttocks, hoisting Edward's backside off the bed; his face, already flushed, burned an even brighter red. "W-wait a sec—" he gasped. "Uuh—"

"Trust me, Edward," Roy murmured as he leaned over Ed, their foreheads touching as he watched himself penetrate Edward with a grunt of satisfaction.

Edward grasped at Roy and drew in his breath sharply. "Ah..." he barely squeaked.

The first moment was inspired by this picture.

The second moment ("Yes, I ended there. Feel teased.") was inspired by this picture.