Accidents Happen

Al should've never told his mother the box was a present for Winry. Because it wasn't. But it just came out of his mouth as he dashed down the stairs. How was he supposed to know Winry was with Den in the front yard?

"A present! For me! I wanna see!" Winry looked so excited.

Brother was better at lying. Brother! Brother was going to kill him when he woke up.

"It's—it's, um, not ready yet!"

"Oh." Winry looked a little disappointed.

"I, uh, have to, um—" bury it! "uh, p-plant it. In the back yard!"

"Is it a flower?"

"It's a—a surprise!" He turned to run away.

Then it happened. Al tripped. The lid came off the box as it fell from his hands.

A thin tuft of blond hair went flying through the air.

"Al," said Winry after staring at Den sniffing the strands of hair scattered on the ground, "why are you planting hair?" Then her eyes went wide and she clapped her hands over her mouth. "Al," she whispered, delighted and horrified from behind her hands, "is that Ed's," she pointed to the top of her head.

"It was an accident!"

Winry giggled uncontrollably.