chapter 3.

His brother went back to the church to visit after his new automail was fitted, and even though he knew it was a childish and stupid thing to do, he worried. Discreetly, he would stare out at the roads when he was closing the automail and alchemy shop, searching for the thin, lone figure walking down the hill to the Rockbell's.

Winry did not say anything, but gave him encouraging smiles and hot chocolate when he came back in. The winter was nearer now and he forgot the cold until he was inside again, where the warm drink was gratefully accepted.

He could not help but wonder if he was being selfish again. His brother had already given up an arm to save his soul, his memories and ability to use alchemy to return his body. Was he being selfish in wanting his brother with him, even now, when there might possibly be others that his brother wished to return to? Would his brother resent him?

It was not long before that thought was dragged out of him by Winry. There was nothing quite like being forced to spill your guts while held at wrench-point, he had to admit, just like there was no one quite like their childhood friend.

"You idiot." Winry had pronounced with the air of one long used to dealing with idiots. "Ed might not remember everything, but he remembers enough. He'll return, for sure."

Since the wrench had been put away, he felt it safe to ask, "But how do you know?"

"Because to him, home is where you are."