manda Central

Make sure our uniforms are clean and crisp, I will not have the ignorants in Central calling us scruffy; that cleaning place down the street's pretty decent, take the uniforms there, the old woman knows to give you a discount; make sure that no one, and I mean no one, drags one of those mangy dogs from the street along; obviously I mean Fury, Lieutenant; make sure the movers know to be here by nine AM tomorrow; continue that investigation as long as you can without it being discovered; continue the intelligence-gathering on my rivals, their strengths, their weaknesses; promote anyone under your command you see fit, I don't care if it's approved by our asinine upper ranks or not; I want your detailed assessment of each individual in our troop by Monday, written on the pink sheets of course; are you listening to me, Lieutenant Hawkeye?; next time, let me handle Scar, I don't care if it's raining or not, I'll take the bastard down; I have informed the armory that you will pick up several of their newest gun models, see to it that you do; Yes, sir, I understand.; request an Intelligence dispatch be sent to follow the Elric brothers; tell Havoc that if he sets fire to anything else with a cigarette butt I'm banning smoking for everyone under my command, enough is enough; Sir, I have a question; telegram the Elric brothers and inform them of our move, tell Edward that he's going to have to shove it and report to me by telegram or phone every week; make sure the movers move my desk first, you're all going to hear about it 24/7 if I don't have a desk by the time we get to Central; book the train tickets for next Wednesday, I have to be in first class, I don't care about the rest of you; Sir, you can live without your desk for a couple days, and-; well, you're all right, you can sit up in first class with me, Lieutenant—but none of the other goons; here are the memos for next week, make sure they're distributed; they pretty much say everything I've just told you, plus some additions for the people under us who are less intelligent than you;

Sir, what should I do with Hughes' things?