A Fine Art

Lanfan tried to hide her gentle grin as the Young Master continued trying to educate the Elric boy in the fine art of the Xingian language; after testing out the previously assumed "declaration of love" on Ling and becoming increasingly frustrated after the Young Master simply replied with "seventy kilograms", Edward was beginning to lose his patience.

"Why do you always reply like that?" the alchemist snapped, looking to his brother for some sort of explanation and receiving only a clueless look in reply, "Are you matched to your wives by weight in Xing or something?!"

The young prince chuckled.

"Of course not! But perhaps it would be a good idea for you to try and find a nice girl who's around your equal in hei—"

Before Ed could go into one of his long-winded rants about his apparent lack of height, Alphonse grabbed his brother under the arms to restrain him.

"Brother, don't be ungrateful! Ling is trying very hard to teach you proper use of the Xingian language!"

"He is second in sheer irritable presence only to that stupid Colonel!" Ed grumbled. "Telling me that this phrase meant ‘I love you' instead of asking something entirely different."

"I think you'll find that I never told you its meaning," Ling laughed.

"Well, fine," Ed snorted, having finally been released from his younger brother's strong grip, "You tell me how to say it properly, if you're so smart."

"Gladly," Ling said, walking toward his faithful servant and offering his hand, "I'm sure you don't mind helping me demonstrate again, Lanfan?"

"Of course not, Young Master," she responded. Almost immediately, Ling grabbed her hand and spoke in rapid Xingian to the woman, who immediately blushed and placed gloved hand to her burning face.

"Now that's more like it!" Ed exclaimed, "This is definitely a useful phrase for later use..."

"Please note that it directly translates to ‘Please, bear me sons!'" Ling exclaimed to Edward.

"Young Master... I don't think he's listening," Lanfan murmured uncertainly.

"No problem, Lanfan. He's got no-one to ask. However, if..."

Lanfan sniffed and folded her arms across her chest indignantly.

"I'm afraid I must decline with all due respect, Young Master."

"Hey, I was kidding!" Ling grinned sheepishly, "You're much better at protecting me from overzealous bean boys!"

"I'm honored that you think so, Young Master," Lanfan smiled faintly, "It is, after all, my sworn duty to protect you."

"Hey, you two! Are you going to get a move-on or what?"

"Brother, you're so rude sometimes!"

"Come on, Lanfan; can't let the Bean beat us to our goal!"

Lanfan sighed and began to follow, as her Young Master began to laugh as Edward Elric began to repeat, "Please bear me sons" over and over again under his breath.