Paper in Fire

chapter 30.

It had taken almost the whole twenty hour trip back to East City by transport truck before Ed let Roy convince him to accept the promotion that General Clayton had recommended. There was no way in hell he was going to go quietly to slow death behind a desk if he could help it, even for just the short time remaining in his military career. The Brigadier General had to reassure his youngest subordinate more than once that he could guarantee some basic conditions to his acceptance before Ed had finally agreed. First, that Ed stay active in investigations until the end of his contract, and second, that he remain under Roy's command for the rest of that term as well. The last thing Ed wanted was to have to break in a new commander. The way his luck generally ran, it would end up being some promotion—happy jackass looking to cash in on the Fullmetal Alchemist's performance record by sending him off on a high profile suicide mission.

All in all, the trip back to East City had been one gigantic, stress filled ordeal for everyone. Locked in close quarters with Alphonse, Roy had looked like he wasn't sure whether to thank the young man for giving him and Edward his dubious blessing, or ducking under the bench seat to avoid the terrifying looks he was frequently cast. The whole situation only confirmed what Edward had always suspected: that the Brigadier General was actually afraid of the younger Elric. Well, only a fool would underestimate Alphonse as an adversary, and Mustang was nobody's fool. After the 'Rules' business it was likely going to take Al some time to warm up to his brother's lover, but Edward was confident that Mustang could eventually prove his sincerity to Alphonse' satisfaction.

Roy had expressed skepticism when Edward had told him that the office already knew about their affair, but the enforced close quarters soon proved the younger alchemist right in no uncertain terms. Havoc had somehow determined that things were different between the two alchemists and had put in a bid for Roy's Little Black Book. Edward had to admire his initiative, if not his diplomacy. Fuery and Breda just sat back and enjoyed having it more or less out in the open, at first taking every opportunity to make Edward the target of some good natured teasing. Havoc kept a low profile on that score, obviously happy not to be the object of his comrades' banter for a change. Edward was finally forced to explain that there were no circumstances under which being punched by an automail fist would not result in painful injury, which quickly put a stop to the teasing.

Maes wasn't any help in maintaining a reasonable comfort level on the trip either, although he meant well. His efforts to keep the mood light by distracting everyone with a seemingly endless stream of photos and accompanying anecdotes had the opposite effect however. Trapped in a moving vehicle, unable to escape from the photographic onslaught, the level of desperation became almost overwhelming. When the small convoy finally reached headquarters, the soldiers occupying that particular truck fled the vehicle in a mad rush reminiscent of rats abandoning a burning ship. Frankly, Edward was astounded that everyone made it back to East City in one piece, and with their questionable sanity intact.

The newly minted Lieutenant Colonel Elric was currently being escorted to the Brigadier General's home by the man himself, where he would be staying for the next few days. Using the excuse that some of the now former General Hakuro's supporters could still be at large, Mustang had reasoned that the dorms might not be the safest place to sleep. He pointed out that as a possible target for those seeking vengeance, Edward needed a safe place to stay and vigilant protection, and who better to protect him that one Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist?

"Havok and Breda are going to stay with the Fuerys in shifts for the next two weeks, just in case," Roy pointed out. He took Edward's arm as he exited the car, and waved the driver a quick salute to send him on his way. "And Alphonse is halfway back to Central by now, so he obviously isn't available to watch your back."

"Not helpless. I'd be safe in the dorms. Maybe safer." Ed tried, not very enthusiastically, to loosen the older man's grip on his arm. "I'm hungry and tired. I want to get something to eat and go to sleep. Your one track mind pretty much guarantees that once I step through that door I won't be doing ether any time soon."

"Relax Edward. It's not like I'm going to start pawing you the minute you're inside." Roy turned on his sweet, innocent puppy look, and Ed rolled his eyes.

Roy opened the front door and Ed strolled through, hands in his pockets. As soon as they were both inside, the Flame turned to grasp two handfuls of Ed's jacket at the shoulders. Smirking, he backed Edward against the closed door, pressing his body against the other's as he leaned in. Roy's mouth descended on already parted lips, his tongue tracing lightly over before slipping between them. Ed's hands stroked up Roy's sides, caressing through the coarse cloth of his uniform, his left hand settling on Roy's nape, fingers toying with fine, black hair. The automail hand dropped to press against the door, giving him more leverage to arch into the body pressed against him.

Roy let go of Ed's jacket, one hand curving inside, around to the small of his back, slipping up under his shirt. The other smoothed across Ed's chest, brushing the jacket from his automail shoulder, then cupped his jaw to change the angle of the kiss, deepening it. The need to breath finally broke them apart.

"Still want to sleep?" Roy purred, fingernails tracing lazy patterns on the supple skin of Edward's back.

"You're an asshole," Ed growled, pulling Roy back to give that smirking mouth something better to do.

Roy soon broke away again, to trail kisses and nips over the younger man's throat and collar bone, causing his victim's head to fall back against the door, giving him better access. The Brigadier General, always the opportunist, managed to rid Edward of his jacket and his belt while he was so distracted, then traced around the waistband of the blond's pants, fingers dipping slightly, teasing against warm skin.

"I'm sorry Edward. I wasn't completely honest with you," the Flame whispered. "Bringing you here to sleep was only a very small part of my plan."

"Well, that's okay I guess. The bed is really comfortable for sleeping, but sex sounds like a pretty good idea, too," was Ed's breathless reply. The young alchemist slowly unbuttoned his commanding officer's uniform jacket and then pushed it off his shoulders to drop to the floor.

"Pretty good?" Mustang growled, nipping the skin just below his young lover's ear, earning a gasp. "Just 'pretty good'?" he breathed as he pushed a knee between the smaller man's legs and pressed his left palm over the boy's growing bulge, fingers lightly stroking underneath. "Would you like to rephrase that?"

Edward's eyes closed as his head tilted back, but he still managed to finish unbuttoning Roy's shirt and push it off his shoulders as well. The older man let it slip to the floor as Ed tackled the new obstacle of a white undershirt, sliding it up. "Done talking. Busy." the young man managed, then darted his tongue out to tease a nipple.

The sensation arrowed straight to Roy's groin. Grabbing two handfuls of Ed's ass, he ground against his partner with a growl. "For a genius, you're rather ineloquent, Fullmetal." Roy sank to his knees, pulling Edward down with him, settling the younger man astride his lap.

"It's always a big fucking discussion with you," Ed moaned as Roy's hands skimmed slowly up his inner thighs, skirting around where he wanted friction the most, then up over his hips, down under his ass, retreating back towards his knees. "Let's see if we can't shut you up."

Ed leaned back against the door, again bracing his automail arm behind him, and reached for Roy's hand, gently lifting it to his lips. Carefully he bit into the white cloth of the glove at the tip of the index finger and pulled it from the unresisting hand, letting it drop. He then traced his tongue over long, calloused fingers, running the tip over and between them. He drew two of them into his mouth and sucked, feeling them move against his tongue, moaning as they caressed the inside of his mouth, and he sucked them deeper.

Roy growled quietly, then the fingers were jerked away and replaced with Roy's tongue, hot and demanding. Roy's hand moved back under Edward's jaw, tilting his head up for better access as he pushed deep into the younger man's mouth.

Edward gave himself up to the kiss, leaning forward, inviting Roy deeper, drawing him closer as his flesh arm curled tightly around his lover's back. Roy pulled him roughly against his chest, his grip close to bruising, balanced on the fine edge of control.

Edward writhed against him, and Roy groaned into the blond's mouth. His fingers threaded through Edward's thick hair, pulling out the tie to spread the spun gold loose around his shoulders. Edward pulled away, panting, and nuzzled under Roy's chin, where he began licking and sucking at the skin hungrily, feeling the man's pulse beating against his lips. Roy gasped as teeth nipped lightly at his throat.

". . . bed . . ." the older man breathed into his lover's ear.

Edward looked up the seemingly endless flight of stairs. The bed might as well have been on Briggs Mountain. ". . . too far . . ." he whispered against the pale skin of his lover's throat.

". . . rug burn . . ." Roy moaned softly as Edward traced lips down the centre of his chest.

" . . . don't care . . ."

". . . I do, Ed . . ." Roy put his hands around the young man's waist and gently tried to ease him away.

Ed locked his legs around the other's waist, and unwrapped his arms from around Roy's back just long enough to clap his hands, then the older man's clothes were blue and white confetti around them. Edward's flesh hand slipped between Roy's legs, touching, stroking, teasing. "Discussion over," he growled softly.

Roy's eyes were locked to Edward's as he conceded and slowly eased the teen to the floor, pulling at the rest of his lover's clothing, trying to gain access. Roy finally managed to jerk Edward's zipper open. The younger alchemist slid leather clad legs against the outside of his lover's thighs as the older man slipped his hand inside the pants, shoving the boxers out of the way, sighing when the fully erect cock met his hand. It twitched against his palm as he squeezed and stroked its hardened length. Supporting he weight on one elbow, Roy threaded his fingers into his lover's golden hair, gripping it tightly, and dipped to claim his mouth again.

Ed twisted his head, trying to pull away from under Roy's mouth, but Roy's fingers were tightly woven into his hair and wouldn't let him move. It only made Ed more frantic, head held still while Roy fucked his mouth with his tongue. He began arching his back, rubbing himself against Roy's hand, clutching the older man's hips. Roy slowly eased back until his lover was able to bring his hands together and add his own clothing to the scatter of confetti around them.

Roy lifted Ed's flesh leg over his shoulder and spread him open, moving his own hips lower, approaching the place he wanted to fill, nudging it with his tip, Edward's soft whimper encouraging him. Roy reached around to quickly sift through the shredded wool and cotton, finally coming up with a small tube of lube. He coated the palm of his hand, then slid it between them to coat his cock.

Edward knew this was going to be rough on the thinly carpeted floor of the hallway, but he didn't care. He spread his legs wider and guided Roy to the small opening, panting, eyes wild. Feeling the pressure and desperate for what was to come, he relaxed, waiting for Roy to push inside. It wasn't fast enough. Why was Roy taking so long? "Hurry, Roy. I need you. Please." He pushed upward, tilting his hips.

Roy's eyes snapped to Edward's face, the intensity of his passion burning in their depths. He paused for just a second more, and then Edward felt himself pressed open by a hot thickness, all his nerves ablaze as Roy pushed into him steadily. He sighed in relief when Roy's hips finally touched his, and looked up at his lover breathing heavily above him.

Roy began to move in long strokes, slowly at first, then picking up speed, slamming into Edward's hips even as the younger man thrust upward, lost to the sensation. Edward felt like his body was on fire, every thrust sending him closer to the edge. He again wrapped his legs around Roy's hips, urging him on, feeling powerful muscles contract between his thighs as Roy drove into him.

Roy's body was wet with sweat; slick under Edward's clutching hands. The pressure inside the younger man built to an unbearable level, impossible to hold back. Wrapping his flesh hand around his weeping erection, automail fingers shredding the rug, he cried out as all his pent up desire suddenly surged through his body to spill in waves across their chests, making him shudder helplessly as the world grayed out. He was vaguely aware of Roy convulsing as a soft groan escaped him, a flood of warmth spreading inside.

As his body relaxed, Edward's awareness returned. He opened his eyes. Roy leaned over him on his elbows, eyes closed, still inside him, breathing heavily, sweat sheening his body, so beautiful in the afterward.

Then Roy opened his eyes, and Edward saw what he'd thought he'd only imagined there before. A heat more intense, more possessive, more passionate than simple lust. He knew Roy was finding the same thing in Ed's eyes.

"I love you," Edward whispered. "But now I need to add a shower to my 'to do' list."

"I love you," Roy whispered back. "And I had envisioned a much more romantic encounter for our first time as an official couple, but . . . well. I guess I'll just have to join you for that shower and see if I can get it right this time."

"Well, if you don't, we have all night. You can always keep trying."

"My thoughts exactly, love."