Some things are priceless.

The month's accounts were in.

"Three rare books and hotel rooms and meals for two in Port Grant. That's not that bad," Havoc sifted through papers without much appearance of interest.

"Bill for repair of said hotel after occupants of said room 'incited riot'?" Roy flicked through the papers he held.

"I have the police report here, sir," Hawkeye was a step ahead of him as always. "Reports suggest a discussion between the smaller occupant and a fellow guest, developed into a brawl after certain research methods were called into question it appears the guest was also an alchemist."

"And the only alchemist in the area worthy of Edward's attention would be," Roy flipped through the papers he held. "As I thought Professor Clark. Claim for hospital costs and 'emotional distress' inflicted—" he whistled. "Well, we'd better get this to accounting."

Hawkeye leaned over his shoulder. "With the hotel damages claim, thats quite considerable. Shouldn't you have a word with Edward—"

"And lose my advantage? If he ever found out I was tracking him through his credit card, I would lose both the element of surprise and all my credibility as a superior officer." Ignoring the look Hawkeye gave him which told him clearly he had no credibility whatsoever, Roy smiled and continued. "Some things in life are priceless."

"And for everything else, there's alchemy."