The Bright Side

"And this is Alicia on her third birthday—isn't she beautiful? She has her mother's eyes—"

"What a cute child! And just the age Alphonse was when this photo was taken! Aren't my boys gorgeous?"

"So this is Alphonse? I always thought he would be bigger—"

"Oh, he'll be tall one day all right. Not like his brother—this is Edward! Look at him! Five years old and already practicing arcane arts!"

"Look! I drew Ed-niisan playing in the snow!"

"Oh, Nina! Its lovely! It reminds me of the arrays Ed drew for me—you can't imagine how many times I had to tell him off for drawing on the walls—"

"Did I show you Alicia's latest picture? She calls it 'My house." Isn't she artistic?"

All in all, Hughes decided, being dead wasn't so bad. Sure, he missed his family, and he couldn't annoy Mustang by phone anymore, but there was a bright side. There were people here who did not run screaming when he whipped out a photo. Or five.