a big apple

Better Down Where It's Wetter

The human body (or rather, the nearly-human homunculus body) is really an incredible thing.† Skin, for instance.† Unless youíve got the Ultimate Shield (which Lust does not), skin isnít much of a protective barrier.† Itís fragile and strong at once.† Itís absurdly sensitive, a hotbed of nerve endings, ready to broadcast pleasure and pain.†

At the moment, itís pleasure Lust is most interested in.

Sloth flows over her bare body like water, even when she isnít, setting all the nerves alight; Lust discovers that the skin of her palms, of her throat, of her inner thighs all surprise her with their keen response to lips and fingertips and the strange solid liquid that is Slothís gift.† A heated mouth closes over her nipple, a cool fluid tendril slips down her belly and lower still.

Lust knows she was named for her ample hourglass, her Cupidís bow pout, the low purr of her voice.† She was named for what she inspires, not for what she feels.

That doesnít, of course, mean she doesnít feel it.

Written for nochick_fics with the prompt "How about some Sloth and Lust?"