Ante Up

Sometimes I find it really fucking funny what gets caught in a person's—or in my case a homunculus's—head.

There are days when I can't remember much of anything; not what the hag looked like back when I knew her (if you get my drift), not what the hell I used to drink to, not the name of the last whore I bought, but, eh, that's a minor detail, anyway. Over three centuries under your belt—over one spent sealed in a fucking laboratory—and a guy's bound to get a little nuts, a little nostalgic, and heh, even a little amnesic. Since I'm sitting here pondering all this shit while waiting for my honoured guests, I guess it shows that it can also make a guy a bit too thoughtful, but that's all right. I've been waiting for this day for a long time now.

Some things I've never forgotten, and this is one of them. I can stand to wait a little longer; about an hour now I've been trying to kill my boredom by flipping through the old bitch's dusty books or solidifying carbon around my hands and giving Miss Prim and Proper Dante's white sheets a few caresses, but that's child's play—immature shit, not very entertaining, and not too damned much better than what Envy would do. Just goes to show that things get pretty quiet without the usual crowd around; yeah, I told them to wait back at Devil's Nest. It's risky, because this is going to be one of those things I could probably use some back-up for, but, as everyone knows, I'm greedy as hell, and I don't trust that fuck Kimbley not to want a piece of this action if I do in fact win. Normally, I let the guy have his fun; he's a good little fuck with a tongue like a goddamned chimera, and most nights he keeps me pretty entertained with his wild ideas. Drugs don't do shit for me now that I'm, well, undead and everything, so Kimbley's pretty handy.

But this isn't his place or anyone else's. This day is gonna belong to me or no one at all. I'm here, licking my lips, glancing out the window at Dante's precious fucking garden and waiting on him to show up; I know he's coming. I have a sixth sense when it comes to this asshole, and besides that, I've had people watching him and the hag for a while now. I don't have the best information sources, but I have a few—enough, so news gets to me. I've had this set up for a while now, at least as far as hypotheticals go, and the news that Envy was planning to bring blondie to his cunt of a mother was just too intriguing for me not to latch onto. 'Course, I couldn't have imagined my good luck in finding that, wonder of wonders, the crone wasn't—and isn't—home. I could sit and wonder where she's at, but my guess is that she's out sucking and fucking and robbing some poor bastard blind. Seems to be her style.

Maybe she trusts Envy to take care of things all by himself.

Hah. I could've told her how stupid that was. But...y'know, instead of telling her, I think I'll just show her, and in a way that she can understand.

People think Dante is a genius, but I've fucked the woman; I know what gets her attention more quickly than anything else. Money. Sex. It's what makes the world go round, eh? Now, naturally, being greedy, I can't exactly resist making bets. And that, you see, is what brings me here today. A bet. A stupid fucking bet from over a hundred years ago. A bet I've never forgotten, even though there aren't even any actual stakes involved except for my goddamned pride. Well...mine and Envy's. That brat needs his ego knocked down a peg or two, though, and who better to do it than his...well, former step-father?

The thought makes me smile, but not as much as the sight of my favourite skort-wearing mortal foe. I glance out the window, absently rapping my knuckles on the glass as I watch Envy approach with the blond runt in tow. I'm eager, too eager; I can't stand it, but I have to, because hey, I've waited a damned long time and I can manage a few more minutes. Damn, though! Just the sight of those two! Short and shorter, pale and blond and dark, slender and taut and muscled so fucking beautifully.

Heh. Mmm. Blondie's all tied up, and bloody too, and from the looks of 'em, I'd say Envy's gotten carried away again. That kid never did know how to do things nice and slow and right like I do; he spoils everything. Envy can be pretty damned good at manipulation, I admit, but when he loses his temper, all plans get shot to hell and back.

That's my ace in the hole. That's why I'll win the bet.

I stand around and wait for a bit, listening as Envy kicks the door open. Even from upstairs, I can hear the little bastard cackling and ranting about this and that, but I know he won't hurt the kid too much. Obviously his old lady wanted the shorty or else Envy wouldn't be here with him, but that does make me wonder why the bitch didn't have the courtesy to show up for this little meeting. Guess she's off handling business elsewhere, maybe, but whatever. There's Envy, and the Elric shit, an otherwise empty house, and a helluva lot of spare time...or so I hope. If not, well, I think I can get away; I'm good at that, but I don't think that's going to be a problem. Not many people can stand up to Envy, after all, so why wouldn't Dante trust him to deal with this all by his lonesome?

After awhile, I get tired of listening to Envy prattle. Can't make out anything he's saying, but he's Envy, so I have a pretty good idea of what the subject is. Slowly, I edge out of the bedroom and, tentatively, I step onto the balcony. I'm careful; step by step, and I hesitate as I approach the railing. I don't want for Envy to look up and see me; that might spoil everything, and I've come too far for that. But, just as I anticipated—and fortunately for me—Envy seems completely preoccupied with his little toy. The Elric bastard's sitting in a chair, back to me, so all I can really see is that pretty hair of his, but I'm guessing he's got a good many bruises and maybe a broken bone or two on him by now. Envy's pacing back and forth like a cat, and I lick my lips at the sight, watching those pale hips sway.

Fucking hell do I want to humble that cocky son of a bitch. There he is, all little and pretty, white as a goddamned doll, and showing all that skin, to boot. Envy is snickering and grinning with that mouth too big for his face, and I can't think of anything except how much I want to wipe all of his smugness right off of him. I stare at him, stealing a peek at his ass when he turns around, watching his hair bounce along his hips. That tiny I've wanted it, and what a stingy bastard Envy is! Cocktease. I know he must give it to someone, must get fucked raw and bloody, but I've never had him, and I don't think any of the other homunculi ever have, either. He just designed that body of his to frustrate me; I'm sure of that, but now I'll finally get him—him and the shorty, too. This is going to be a day to remember.

I lean over the railing and look down. Envy turns his back to me, gets behind the kid and starts shoving his fingers through his hair, and I just have to wonder if he intends to start shoving other things into him soon. Probably so.'s my opportunity. My forearm slides against the railing, and I tap it absently, trying to decide what I ought to do. Envy's faster than me, but I have the element of, I'm thinking, should I just jump down, or what? That's risky and shit, but...

Aw, hell with it.

I have to do something, and clearly, I didn't plan this shit well enough. The worst that can happen is that I could get sealed away again, and yeah, that's a pretty big "worst", but if I don't do something now, I might spend another century wondering what in the hell I missed out on. So, I don't waste any time transforming, shattering the wood, and jumping down. It's so quick that I don't see anything but a blur of splinters hitting the floor and flying into my Shield, but working on instinct, I grab one of the spikes of wood and lunge forward.

I hit the ground hard, slamming into the wooden floor and denting it, but I don't stumble. I'm used to transforming quickly and dealing with the side effects of destruction. But I do inhale quickly, and grin, 'cuz that's all I can do in this form and 'cuz I'm not going to look like a fucking pussy in front of my mortal enemy. I'm...not scared, but apprehensive, I guess you'd say. I put that out of my mind and concentrate on getting this done, though.

Envy turns, looks shocked. When he sees it's me, that little sneer of confidence starts to appear, but I don't even give it time to fully form. I'm on him quicker than a blink. We tumble to the ground in a tangle of parts and a blur of movement, and something slams into me, maybe a foot or maybe a hand; I wouldn't know, since I can't see what in the fuck is going on. I hear his hissing, and my own breath already getting a little raspy, and both of us knocking around on the damned floorboards, but I don't rush it. He's beneath me, and strong as he is, he's also stunned, and I tell myself that he can't possibly figure out what's going where any better than I can.

Wait, I tell myself. Wait. Look, and fucking wait for an opening.

Boards clack, then shatter. One of my hands is fisted in that dark hair, and another is raised up above Envy's head. There's a moment where I realize that I'm smelling stone fluid, feeling something ripping; a second later, I see it: my opening! Everything seems to come to a halt; it's one of those things I can't explain, the kind of exultation a person just gets during rare moments of triumph, fighting, and sex.

It's a high, and it overcomes any pain I might've felt.

The spike pierces Envy's shoulder. He cries out, thrashes, and goes down, and a little voice in my head is saying I won, I won, I fucking WON! Of course, I don't jump up and squeal about it like Envy would. I just rise slowly, panting a little, and look down, glad for the chance to finally figure out what in the hell just happened. The first thing I notice—as it probably won't surprise anyone to know—is that I have a huge, gaping hole in my chest.

Well, yeah. I did feel a sharp, stabbing pain. Guess that'd explain it.

"Damn," I mutter, barely realizing what I'm saying. "I see you're still a kinky little slut, huh? You always did like it rough."

Yeah. I'm lying through implication, but the kid won't know that, and after all the stuff I've done, lying has gotta be my pettiest sin. I stare at my injury, marvelling over Envy's strength...not that I plan to let him know how taken aback I am; but, damn! He tore right through my Shield! That's really saying something, and I don't want to think too much about what might've happened if I hadn't gotten lucky. I breathe steadily, watching the wound close, and I can't resist the urge to touch it, even though doing so causes me to get a smear of red liquid on my fingers. I pull my Shield back, let myself relax, and listen to the kiddo's agitated sounds. Not surprisingly, blondie is all worked up now; I can't see him, since I'm looking at myself and Envy, but I can hear him. He's exclaiming my name, and not in the good way; he just seems shocked.

He's hoarse...but not as hoarse as he will be soon, I wager.

I laugh beneath my breath and watch Envy kick and froth. So pretty, I think, smirking. I guess I'll finally get to see what's beneath the skort. He can't move much, and he'll tire himself out quickly with the way I've impaled him. He's already made a mess on the floor; his hurt shoulder keeps slapping the ground, dripping thousands of lives all over Dante's precious rug. His 'blood' is slick, thicker than a human's, and bright in the sun. I'm no poet; everyone knows that. I can't begin to describe how it makes me feel to look at him, to look at the rage in those eyes—the pure hatred and indignation. I can't even begin to explain how I love seeing that unsatisfaction, that misery, that feeling that everything is against him and that he never gets anything; he thinks others have it all, and I want it all: I want everything in the world, even Envy's distress. Maybe especially Envy's distress.

It's so pure. So empty, and senseless, and raw. So primal.

Envy is base and simple, just like all of us Sins are, but he's mastered hate, made it into an artform. His eyes are intense, really intense, and I can't even imagine what kind of feelings of betrayal he's turning over in his head. It's...gorgeous, really, but again, I'm not a fucking poet, so...instead of trying to wax poetic about how Envy's emotions make me feel, I figure I'd better just fuck him. Because, you know, that's a more straightforward way of explaining myself, and it gets the point across just as well.

"Hey, kid," I say, and turn, leaving Envy to his anger for the moment. The little Elric is shifting in his seat, trying to get a look at me, but he's not having very much luck with those ropes. I approach and glance over him, thinking that the way the hemp is digging into his flesh arm looks pretty damned painful. When he gets a look at me, he flinches, probably expecting me to attack him. The look on his face is mixed anger, frustration, and weariness. I can tell that as much as he wants to pick a fight with me, as much as he wants to kick and spit at me, he's also tired and cautious; he doesn't want to be hurt any more, and, well, I can't blame him. I can smell his sweat, his fear, and his fury; they're all so perfect for what I'm about to ask for.

He's looking down, hair covering his face, but I got a good look at him a moment ago. Spots of blood are on his cheeks, in his hair, on one arm and his chest. He's a bit banged up, bruised here and there, but still damn pretty, and I don't see anything that won't heal in a matter of days. I grin; I can almost hear myself purring as I step close and twist the chair around so that the former captive is facing his former captor. That startles the kid, and he looks up, first giving me a pleading look, then shifting his gaze to Envy, then furtively looking away altogether. Oh, I bet he's enjoying the sight; who wouldn't? But he's not ready to admit that he might be capable of relishing it. I guess he thinks that would make him as bad as...well, us.

We'll see if he still feels that way by the time everything is said and done.

"So, I did you a favour," I say, not wanting to beat around the bush. The boy looks away, looks down, looks...thoughtful. Maybe. Or pissed. Or both. I can tell that he's grinding his teeth together. "What?" I ask, rhetorically, and laugh. "Why the hell do you look so damned annoyed, kiddo? Lighten up. Much better to be in my company than in his." I gesture, but I still get nothing out of the shrimp. "Hey, I saved you," I point out, coolly. Again, I laugh. I'm not mad that he's ignoring me; I know he can't—and won't—ignore me forever. He can take all the time he wants about it; in the meantime...I have other ways to entertain myself.

"So, what about you, Envy?" I turn away from Ed, boots striking the floor hard. I'm still smiling and trying not to laugh too much at the sight of Envy flopping around helplessly. At my question, he gives me the most hateful look, and I can't hold in a guffaw. His facial features are all contorted, and his chest moves in and out in laboured pants. Good. Perfect. Envy is beautiful when he winces, when he strains and tries to pull away. I can see muscles running smooth beneath that skimpy black costume. I lick my lips. "You got anything to say? Your friend isn't feeling so talkative right about now, but surely you must have a few words for an old acquaintance?"

His face reddens, and he snarls at me. Yeah. Fucking snarls—like an animal or something! I chuckle, because I know that right now, that's about all he can do. I look back, flicking Ed a glance. The kid's eyes meet mine briefly; a-ha! Then, just as quickly, he averts them. Heh. Too late, shorty. Now I know what I needed to know. I'm satisfied in the knowledge that the half-pint has gotta be watching everything I say and do.

Without even casting another glance backwards, I lean down and brush the back of one hand against Envy's hair. He struggles to pull away, but I close the distance between us. He's not so quick now that his energy supply is fucked up, cut off. I grab his hair and touch it, and unlike the little blond, Envy does look me in the eyes. I bet he wants to say "Fuck you," but those are the wrong words, and he has to know that.

I'm glad he can't transform right now; otherwise, I know he'd become ugly just to spite me. When his cheeks darken, I lick one of them, swirling my tongue along his cream complexion. He grunts and tries to pull away, but I hold him still. One of my hands slides down and eases his legs apart. I'm not gonna be forceful, not yet, but I want the kid to see what I'm doing. He needs to see this, every part of this, because I want him to know what he's in for. A peek is a good start. I'm in no rush; I want to savour Envy, drink him like a fine wine.

His chest is moving up and down quickly. I rake my eyes over him, pausing to stare at that hopping belly. Damn. Damn! My hand plays at his thighs, stroking a little here and there, but slowly, I inch up until my fingernails drift across his exposed abdomen. I can hear his breathing shift, hitching as his mood changes. I can't be sure, but I think he's getting uncomfortable...I hope he's getting uncomfortable.

I know Ed is seeing this, and I know he won't be able to resist my demands once I make them. It's all shaping up wonderfully. In the meantime, I continue to touch Envy, rubbing circles over his ouroboros with my own tattooed hand. He growls, and when I lean closer, I hear him swearing, rasping my name along with every expletive you could imagine, and I purr and kiss him, glad that my sunglasses have already fallen off; I want to look into those pretty eyes and enjoy that venom he stores just for me, and I want to match my tongue with his, but more than that, I want that tongue and those lips on my dick, wrapping it, sucking it while he moans like the theatrical little slut that he is.

He bites me—hard. I can't help but laugh; doesn't he know that won't do him any good? Blood...well our kind of blood...pours out, filling his mouth. I lick it, gulp it, drink it. It'll go right back where it came from, but in the meantime, I bite him back. My teeth are a good deal sharper than his, and he startles, then yells, muttering soft swears beneath his breath as I lap up his cool blood. Oh, the things he says—reciting every damned lie Dante every told about me and some he probably made up himself. I guess he's trying to raise my ire, but I'm not sure why. One way or another, he's about to get fucked; he ought to know after all this time that I don't just rise to the bait like he does.

I solidify my hand with my Shield, then drag carbon fingers along Envy's stomach. "You fucking just wait until the others get back," he threatens, but like a little pussy, his back still arches up off the floor when I touch him, first tickle-soft, then hard enough to draw blood. Rivulets appear, flowing down his cut abdomen and onto the floor. I slice patterns, loops, not caring if he gets hurt; fuck, I want him to hurt. I want it to sting, to burn. I want him to remember this, to remember how completely I violated him, even if he can't begin to match how completely he violated me, he thoroughly he fucked me over by persuading his hag of a mother to seal me!

So here he is; bleeding, dark hair spilling everywhere, panting softly with pain, pierced and on the ground and helpless...not to mention...ripe for the taking. I dip my fingers in the blood and paint circles on his belly with it, watching as he heals and the substance begins to vanish. He's so beautiful like this, pissed and flustered and trying to think of something to say to get the better of me. He's perfect with red rivers decorating his creamy flesh. I don't stop; I don't let him heal completely; I keep touching him, keep digging, keep making the blood rush. He bites down and holds out against the sensations, barely reacting outwardly, but I know he must be trying to think of a way out of this.

He can think all he wants, for all the good it'll do him. He can rant and rage, too. I like a good, hard, rowdy fuck. I lean down, pressing my lips to his tight stomach. In and out, in and out; he's really breathing hard. Heh. He must be hurting a lot more than he's letting on, to be so strained. My tongue finds the paths made by my fingers, drawing each of them over again. Love the way he flinches, the way he writhes, the way he spits my name at me like it's a goddamned insect he's spitting out of his mouth. I taste more blood, nice and cool and nothing like a human's at all. I flick a finger across his navel, push in, and pull that tiny little hole back. Envy always was so adorable in this little body of adorable it makes me want to puke. But he has good taste, or he knows my good taste and wants to piss me off; either way, his body accomplishes its goal.

I look back at the Elric shit—making sure he's still paying attention and all—before sinking my tongue into Envy's bellybutton. I watch him carefully, taking in the sight of the way he winces and twitches, bloody shoulder opening itself up again as he thrashes against me. His muscles go tense and his toes curl, and well, what do you fucking know! I think the little slut is starting to like this! Envy's skin tastes like stone fluid and not much else; going around half-naked like he does, you'd think he might taste kind of shitty, but no, not at all. I'm between his thighs now, keeping them open, and he doesn't dare try to shift too much. He knows that would just get my attention in the worst possible way. Doesn't matter, though. I bury my face in his gut, biting and licking and sucking, while one of my hands raises and pushes up that little top of his. I look at his face, at the indignation there; it's the same look a human would make if bugs were crawling all over their skin, and I think it suits Envy damned nicely. He kicks uselessly, biting down—what? A groan? A scream? I'm curious to know!

This damned black thing is tight, too tight. Still, I slip a few fingers beneath it and expose his chest. Too bad blondie isn't getting a good view now. I know I'm blocking the sight of what's happening, and I can hear the kid behind me. Ha! Guess I did get his attention. He's asking me what's going on, demanding to know...what? What I want? Doesn't the little shit have eyes? Oh, and prattling about his tin can of a brother, too. Feh. I ignore him right now. He can put his mouth to better use later, too, but I want Envy first. The Elric shit can just shut the fuck up and wait his goddamned turn.

Envy's chest is tight, sturdy, but I could crush his bones if I put enough weight into a blow. The thought is refreshing, as is his current helplessness. I run my fingers all over the planes, stroking the slight indent between muscles, and then I find those pink little nubs and pinch one first, then the other. Everything about his body is simple, but amazing, and when I move my thumb a bit here and there, he hisses and starts with another round of names. I appreciate that he's acknowledging me, at least; I pull myself up and bite his neck, his collar, his earlobe. That crazy hair of his falls all over me, tickling me. It smells the same as the rest of him, heady and electric, like the air after a storm. I sink my teeth in, and the body beneath me goes rigid as my hand continues playing with his nipples.

My other hand sinks down, sliding under that damned skirt thing. Everything Envy wears is so tight that it just clings, but I peel it back, exposing him. I'm slow at first, easing the black cloth down little by little, but when I catch sight of his cock—already getting hard and stiff against his belly—I lose control and just yank the fucking fabric away. My fingers become claws without me even having to think about it, and when I pull back, there are shreds of black between them. I push my face next to his, smirking against his cheek, and he breathes awkwardly when I reach and fondle and grope, curling my fingers around his cock and pumping viciously, stimulating that skin which probably hasn't been touched in a goddamned century. Yes. Yes. This is right; this is fitting! This is what I deserve to have after years and years of imprisonment! I can feel him getting harder in my hand, twitching and pulsing as his muscles get impossibly tighter and he arches up and into my touch even when it seems like he's trying to move away. I laugh and kiss him, drowning out those sounds of protest that are almost enough like sobs to satisfy me.

I don't hold back. I don't show any mercy. I clamp down hard and force my palm up and down that shaft, loving the way blood rushes to the surface, loving the smell of Envy's sweat. He's flushed pink, shining with moisture, noticeably pale against his Mommy's rug. Nothing about Envy is really soft, even if his body looks a little so; he's all hard muscle, and I can feel everything when I press against him. Up and down, I jerk slowly, and hard, but I don't have any fucking self-control when it comes to Envy, so I up the pace quickly, shaking as I give the little bitch a quick and intense rub. If Envy were a human, my touch would burn his sensitive skin like a fucking rope, but he's not, and I just don't give a shit if he gets ...ripped up. Once, I hear a squeal, and I can't hold back my amusement at that; what a little girl Envy really is underneath it all! He must be embarrassed, because suddenly he leans up against me, and, in what I might call a lilting purr, he threatens me with, "Ah...Greed, you fucking bastard...just wait...until...the others...find you..."

The last word thins into something shrill, and I roll my eyes. Yeah, whatever, bitch. Moan like a whore, or close your mouth and keep rolling your hips like the slut I know you are at heart.

I sit and watch, and nothing I've experienced in years matches the look on Envy's face, or the shame I know he feels, or the knowledge that for once, Envy—the master of forms—is not in control of his own fucking body. I've got power over him, complete power, and the thought almost makes me cry out. Instead, I speed up even more, then gently stroke a claw over the wet head of his dick. I tease, stroking with a feather-light touch, watching as his eyes go wide—oh, he's expecting pain, hah—and then I'm swirling my finger, round and round, easing the pinky against the slit, whistling innocently, and all at once, he gasps, then screams, grinding his back into the ground and thrusting his pelvis upwards. Fingers dig into the rug, gloved knuckles going even whiter. I lick the sweat from Envy's cheeks as he breathes my name in a pleasured curse, shuddering as I wring him dry. I want...I want everything he can give me, every fucking thing, he obliges, filling my hand with sticky cum, whimpering in euphoria and misery as those gorgeous eyes close to slits and roll back in bliss.

Right about now, I bet he hates himself...or maybe just me. Either way is good.

"You know I want everything in this world," I inform him, hearing how my own voice rasps, husky with desire. I need to rip these fucking pants off and soon. "Starting with you...and your hatred. So give it to me, Envy." I sneer; he looks like he wants to match the expression, but he hasn't quite gotten it down yet. He's still caught up in that orgasm, face contorted, teeth grinding together, and I can't say I fucking blame him. When in the hell was the last time he got a good fuck, I wonder? Must've been a long time; he came so quickly, after all. "Hate me all you want. I'm still gonna bury you into that fucking rug."

I can't stand it anymore. Just listening to myself talk about this shit is causing me to get so horny that I can barely focus; I lower my hand and massage all that ready flesh, rolling the perineum, and Envy closes his eyes and looks away. My hand is now like a human's, claws pulled in for the time being. I pinch skin between my thumb and forefinger and then trace patterns over the balls, slicking him with his own release as I probe further down. Any minute now, I'll pop a finger in and start stretching that little ass. Or...maybe I won't. Maybe I'll fuck him dry, no lube and no preparation.

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

"So what about you, Elric?" I stand and ask, figuring it's about time that shorty had some say in the matter. I raise my hand to my mouth, licking my fingers indulgently, wetting them more. I figure some spit'll do me good if I actually do want to get Envy's ass nice and ready. We'll see how that goes. For now, I want Elric to know he's not been forgotten, not at all. I mean, I'm ready to be this kid's new best friend, and I want him to appreciate that. He's my property now, and I always take good care of my things. So I figure the first part of that is giving him a chance for some fun right now. I'm greedy as hell—no shit—but sometimes, fucking cliched as it sounds, sharing can actually get a guy more good shit. Sometimes. And this, I'm thinking, is one of those times. Mmm.

"How about you leave me the fuck alone?" he answers, muttering, looking down. The kid's words have bite, but his body language betrays him, tells me how he's really feeling. Disgusted. Upset. Pissed as hell. And who wouldn't be? Heh. "I don't care what you monsters—" Ooh, emphasis. "—do! I want no part of your...your sick perversions!"

"Funny you should say that," I reply, and with that, I approach the kid.

The little brat's really a little too appealing for his own good, and by appealing I mean I want to rip off those black plants and gag him with the fabric, then run my hands along his aching cock and squeeze the hard skin until he spills cum all over his lap. Yeah. Pretty appealing I'd say. And looking at him now, I can't figure why in the hell he's still dressed, why Envy hasn't already fucked him bloody. His hair is wet, matted, sweaty; he's flushed a bit and his shirt is torn; there are scratches on his chest and his lip is bleeding. Wet and gold and pink; I love it, but the fucker could stand to pant some more. He presses his eyes closed, but he doesn't look too much like he's crying. Oh yeah. Something else to fix. "Funny you should say that, I mean, 'cause I'm your new best friend. You want to be freed from those ropes, don't you? You want up and out of this joint, yeah? Well, kid, there's only one exit at hand, and it's through me. Cooperate with what I want and you'll be with your brother again in no time. How about that?"

No response.

Could be that he's considering, though. I know I have his attention, anyway.

"So here's the deal—"

I reach down and place my palm against the kid's crotch, grinning at the immediate reaction: eyes go wide, practically fucking pop open; he gasps, pretty, dick-sucking lips come apart; ah-ha, what a slutty little virgin. I curl my thumb inwards, move it up and down like I'm trying to scratch some dirt off his cock. At first there's no bulge; I don't feel anything. Then, after a few seconds, something stirs, jumps beneath my hand, and the kid bucks, freezes up, tenses, whines. He makes a funny little sound like unnngggghhhh and looks up at the ceiling, eyes rolling back; his foot taps wildly and blood drips down his chin. "...stop...stop..." he pleads, breathless he doesn't he doesn't get what's happening...

"I bet you touch yourself like this a lot, don't ya, Eddie?" A slight whimper. Then, he looks pissed off all of a sudden, growls at me, red-faced; eyes narrow, and then there's another wobbly sort-of-sob-sort-of-moan. He grits his teeth. I just smile more and rub his cock through the fabric a little harder, a little more quickly. His legs are spread; he shakes some, gasps and swallows air, gulps it. All at once he shivers and arches, moving into my touch and looking pretty damned upset about it.

"...what the fuck...what the fuck do you think you're..."

"But y'see, I have two warm hands. Well, they can be warm, anyway. Better than automail. Wanna feel?" And I watch him shake his head, muttering no, no, no, even as he shudders again and gets harder. His hips are trembling now and his chest is shaking with the force of his breath and I find it funny, so fucking funny, and of course so fucking sexy; harder, a little harder, I stroke my thumb down his shaft; I can feel it twitch through his pants and this time he cries out, actually screams.

"What do you want? FUCK! What THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?"

"Everything," I say, and I roll my eyes, because what a fucking dumbfuck question. Maybe it's true what folks say about blonds. "But if you're asking me what I want right this minute, well—" I turn my hand to carbon, my fingers to claws. The brat's eyes shoot open again, goggling, this time with obvious fear; the poor fucker knows he's got claws about a millimeter away from his cock, and who wouldn't dread that? This time when it moves, it feels like it's trying to leap away, and he pulls backwards, kicking wildly; the ropes rip into him, he hits his head on the chair, and the chair screeches as it slides backwards a little. Ugly, ugly, annoying fucking sound. I just laugh and grab him by the hair with one hand, then put the other back over his cock. He opens his mouth, looks like he's going to beg, but I don't give him a chance.

With one slice, most of his pants are shredded.

With two more slices, everything above his knees is exposed.

But that's not good enough. I reach up and grab hold of his shirt, ripping what's left of it away in several handfuls, then dropping the black tatters to the ground. Now he looks more shocked than anything; well, since the kid's all bared now, I turn my fingers back to flesh and rub them all over his chest; fuck, wow, he's a muscular little bastard! I hear the moan as I touch his sweaty stomach and brush over his sores and scratches. There's one dark, rigid scar where his automail and flesh connect; I run a fingertip over it and shudder; my own cock can't take much more of this; it's already weeping; fuck, it hurts, but there's no reason to let blondie know that. I'll have his mouth and ass soon enough, and Envy's too. Yeah, I haven't forgotten about Envy; not in the fucking least.

"As I said, kiddo, I want everything in this world...but right now?" I slide my hand lower. "Right now, I want to show you what it's like to want. And believe me when I say I'm good at that. Very, very good."

He's panting and his cheeks are red, bright red, and with one hand I pinch a nipple and roll the skin between my fingers, while the other hand edges closer and closer to his very hard cock. "I do want...agh...the only thing, the ONLY fucking thing I want is—" Another gasp. "—for you to let me go!"

I snicker. "And by let you go, you mean let you cum, right? Not gonna happen anytime soon. Sorry." I push my pinky finger against the slit of his erection, turning it in a circle; his cock is wet with pre-cum, and to think, I've barely even done anything to him! Boys at that age, I tell ya. They get horny so easily. Problem is, boys at that age also cum at the drop of a hat, too, and this one looks like he's on the verge of exploding already; he won't stop jerking, body pushing into it and then away from it, and his eyes are starting to look kind of glazed. Might be best if I didn't pay his cock much more attention for a while. I reach over and twist his other already hard nipple and give his cock an experimental tug, closing my hand around it and jerking up and down a couple of times and that orgasm face he's wearing now just intensifies and he looks brainless; his determination is already giving way to arousal...and that's exactly what I want.

"— fucking bastard!"

An insult, yeah, but it sounds so sweet when said in a puff of breath, when raspy, thick with his own undesired lust; I trace a throbbing vein, squeeze, dip down and cup the balls. He tenses again and his cock swells a little more and I think oh fuck he's going to go overboard and I'm going to have to get the little fuck hard again! But he doesn't. He doesn't; he just thrashes, hard, and I take that as my cue to pull away.

And now he screams for a very different reason.

"You're starting to get it," I inform him, because it's plain that his body wants release. Needs it. Cock is probably hurting like a bitch; I know mine is, and I might just have to sit back and take care of that while watching the little show I'm setting up here. "Feel how it burns, Eddie? Feel all that blood filling up your dick? Bet you want it to go back down, yeah? And you want out of here, I know. So—"

"What? What? Get to the fucking point! Fuck you! Goddamned fucking bastard! You want to—" He falters, suddenly looks ridiculously chaste, and I can't tell if his cheeks are red because he's so fucking horny or if he's embarrassed about what he's saying. But right, kid. You're on the right track. "—to—fu—fuck me? Is that what you want?"

"Sure. Sure, yeah, and I'm going to fuck you. And I'm going—" I turn and point. "—to fuck him." I turn back. "But you're thinking too small, kid. Too small. Remember how I said I wanted everything in the world? So I have you. To fuck. And him. To fuck. And what's a guy to do with two people he wants to fuck? Problem is, greedy as I am, I only have one cock. And unlike that crazy bastard over there, I can't just add another one to my body so I can fuck the both of you at once. So what do I do with you both? How do I make the most out of this situation I've...conveniently happened upon?"

And now I think he's starting to get it.

He looks at me, looks behind me, and gasps—yes, another gasp, but this time it's not a slobbery sort of fuck-me-already gasp; more of a what-the-fuck?-no-fucking-way gasp—and I lap it up, enjoying his apparent torment.

"NO!" he insists, and now I know he gets it; oh yeah, letting himself be fucked in exchange for a freedom is something I know he's not okay with, but I could see that he was considering it; on the other hand, what I'm asking for is a different kettle of fish altogether, and poor blondie doesn't seem to like it in the least. But he's desperate, at my mercy, and in no fucking way is he in any position to say "no". "NO! That's...DISGUSTING. Repulsive! No. No fucking way! Not a chance!"

"Now kid, you and I don't seem to be communicating very well here." I sigh and scratch the back of my head, purposely dragging out the moment. Outwardly, I have to put on a show, pretend I'm surprised, but I was actually expecting this reaction. I'm sure it's not every day that someone asks the brat to rape his mortal foe, but you know, you'd think that after all the weird shit he's been through, he wouldn't be too surprised. "Because you seem to have this misunderstanding that I asked you to fuck Envy. But I didn't ask for that. I'm just telling you that that's what you're gonna do. You can argue all ya like, but you can't say no. You're going to do it. You're going to stick your cock in his ass. I'll stick my cock in his mouth. And we can basically stuff that turkey. Come on, kid. Don't be such a pussy. All it takes is to blow your load in his ass and then you'll be done, right? Right. You're my property, and I don't much like it when property starts talking back to me. So cut it out."

He gives an indignant squeal as I take hold of his cock—now slightly soft—and jerk again, yanking at the base and winding upwards to ease my knuckles against the head. I place my other hand over his balls; then I bring my hands together and run my fingertips through the thick blond hair on his crotch; he shivers, spasms, but I don't apply enough pressure to do anything but get him in the mood to hump something. Mmm. He smells so raw. Human. Bloody and salty and sweat-drenched. Tangy. I can almost taste him and that gives me an idea for what I should do next.

I decide to take this situation one step further by dropping to my knees and pressing my lips against his shaft; I kiss it, then kiss upwards in a line until I've reached the tip; and he squirms, squirms hard, and I can tell, I can just fucking tell that he wants me to swallow, suck him dry, but I don't and I won't. Instead, I just breathe against his cock, nudge it with my nose, slip a tongue out and lick it. My tongue just lightly—barely—feathers against his skin; I lap, but barely, and I taste his salty juices, and now he's panting harshly, pleading, saying please just get it over with, please don't... but he can't say the rest, and fuck, he must be so ashamed and humiliated and—

And I can't stand it anymore.

I jerk away from Elric's cock and clamp a hand down on his shoulder. There's time for one horrified look before I pull him to his feet. His stumbles awkwardly, hands still bound behind his back; I massage his cock again; hard now, fully hard, and he sucks in his breath, trips and gulps and then looks angry all over again, but he doesn't have a chance to do or say anything, because in a matter of seconds, I turn and hurl him onto Envy. He recoils, tries to roll away; he fucking flops and hisses and looks as stricken as if I'd just tossed him into a goddamned frying pan. Envy doesn't seem very fucking amused, either. In fact, he immediately begins thrashing and swearing, and I'll be damned if he's not even louder and more incoherent than blondie.

So the deal is, I was planning to just fuck Envy up the ass myself, but that didn't seem very creative. And there's still the matter of the bet: years ago, Envy bet against me. Bet me that I could never fuck him over, that I could never pull off a better mindfuck than he could, and now is my time to prove him wrong. Prove him wrong and collect my dues. And Elric? Well, here's where I just got lucky. Much as I want to fuck Envy, I think I'd rather see the look on his face when his estranged half-brother fucks him.

Oh yeah, that's right; thought I didn't know the details of Envy's past?

No, no. Dante's lips could be as loose as her cunt, sometimes.

But more important than the fact that the kid is Envy's half-brother is the fact that he's Hohenheim's son; today Envy is going to be fucked by the son of Hohenheim. I can't imagine anything he could hate more, and the best part? The best part is that one way or another, I'm going to see to it that the fucker gets off. Envy is going to be fucked by the son of Hohenheim, and Envy is going to be fucked until both of their bellies are soaked, and Envy is going to be fucked until his ass drips with the cum of a human, and I'm going to have him, and Ed, and everything. Everyone and everything. I'm going to watch, and I'm going to take.

Now that Ed is down, I get behind him; he's so short that I have to get on my fucking knees again, and bend over so that my mouth is right against his ear. I sweep his hair out of the way and run my tongue along the throbbing vein at his neck; then I stick my tongue in his ear and he pulls away. I wrap my arms around his belly and knuckle him up and down one more time before taking hold of his weeping, pulsing cock. Oh fuck, kiddo. Just...fuck. I can't stop looking down, looking at Envy lying there helpless; for once, he's too stunned to speak, at a fucking loss for words. I bet he doesn't believe Ed'll do it. Oh, but he will. I'll see to it that he does if I have to stick his cock into Envy's hole myself. And hell, at this rate, I may just have to do that.

Thing is, shorty still can't move his hands. Now if he tries to go forward, he'll just end up thrusting into my grasp, and if he tries to go backwards, he'll just bump into me. Nowhere else to go but down.

"Now here you go, kiddo." I smile down at Envy and wink; predictably, he growls, but that's all he can do now; I love it, fucking love it! The bitch is pretty, dark hair everywhere, white and vulnerable. I remove one hand from Elric's cock long enough to reach down and push Envy's legs further apart, spreading him wide. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I think I'm starting to sweat, too. Fucking pants. Gotta get this kid lodged in already. "Since this is your first time and all—well, it is, isn't it, kid? Since this is your first time and all, and since you're being a difficult little prick about this, I'm going to guide you inside of your bitch here. You'll thank me afterwards, trust me." Absently, I bite down on his automail shoulder, muffling a sudden groan. I can't believe I'm already thrusting against the kid, dry-humping his ass and shoving my cock against his thigh and shoving my groin at his balls.

"You'll thank me," I go on after I've caught my breath. "The Gate made you a man in one way. The military made you a man in another. And me? Me, I'm gonna make you a man in the final way. You'll be an adult after this is over, Eddie boy. A real, true adult. If you can fuck Envy, if you can muster the guts to get this over with, then you can handle anything, and you'll know it. You'll have proven it to yourself."

With that, I adjust positions and take hold of Envy's cock—currently disappointingly flaccid—and grind it against Ed's, trying to work up some friction. Both parties writhe and shake; I'm determined to get them together, completely together, so I use my own weight to ensure that Ed is bearing down on Envy (though not close enough for Envy to snap his teeth into him), skin on skin and sticky, sweaty hair coming together. I want them to smell like each other. I want them to feel, really fucking feel, every inch of one another. I want their tastes together, and their hips, cocks, and so on, and most importantly, I want to have them both beneath me; together and mine.

I'm careful here; yeah, I do want Envy to get another stiffy and better sooner than later, but I don't want to accidentally set the shrimp off, either; stupid kid and his stupid virginity. Fuck, he can probably only last a few thrusts, but so what? If his endurance runs out, then I'll just finish the job. I lean over, way over, and look down at my hands; here I am holding two cocks, one pale and one tan, one tinted red and the other starting to get a little pink. I take the pressure off of the shorty's cock and let it bob down, let it dribble its wetness onto Envy's head and shaft, and now that my little "conversation" with the shrimp has given Envy time to cool off from his earlier orgasm, he begins to stiffen in my hand.

I can see I'm probably not going to get a chance to get my cock sucked because from the looks of things, I'm going to have to stay "on top" of this fucking situation, since Envy kicks and might well kick Ed off of him if I don't stop that from happening. Envy's all fired up again, for all the good it'll do him, but when I glance over at blondie, I see resignation. Not acceptance; big difference—just resignation. I'm sure he'd love to kick my ass and Envy's too but he can't, and no matter what, he's got no choice but to ride things out...yes, pun intended.

As much as I'd like to drag this out, I'd better speed this fucking up some more; after all, any minute now, the old bitch might return, and who knows who she might bring with her?

With that thought in mind, I place the head of the shorty's cock at Envy's ass and nudge it against the crease. Whether he means to or not (and I think he doesn't), he's arching into a pretty perfect angle right now, I guess because of his attempts to get away combined with the pain his shoulders and back must still be in; I never did bother to prepare my dear step-son, so he's still puckered and drawn and tight, way too fucking tight. I go slowly, pressing the very tip against the hole and sliding about an inch of it inwards. Both parties react strongly to their forced sexual interaction; Eddie boy's body goes rigid, and Envy only howls, and it's simultaneously one of the most horrible and one of the greatest sounds I've ever heard.

Using one hand, I lower my own pants and pull what's left of Ed's pants off so that his ass is exposed; my other hand remains occupied with slowly dipping the cock into and out of Envy's ass, manuevering it inwards until the head is almost buried and then jerking it outwards again, and again, and again, causing the kid to make these intense staccato bursts of sound until he eventually gets into it and begins thrusting his pelvis forward, filling my hand with his surprisingly sizeable cock and burying about half of it into Envy before shuddering and sobbing and fleeing with a pop.

Now I want to fuck Ed, but I'm torn on one question: should I prepare him, or fuck him dry? I consider and decide that I'd probably better make some kind of attempt at preparation; after all, if I get the kid bleeding, then chances are that he'll go limp, and what fun would that be? Nah, don't want that, especially now that I've told the kid I'm his new best friend. Not a crock of shit, as far as I'm concerned, 'cause when you side with me, you become my property, and I do treat my property well. With that in mind, I lick my fingers and then scoop up some of the cum from Envy's belly, as well as some of the pre-cum off of Ed's dick, and with that, I drag my fingertips across Ed's ass.


"Relax, kid," I instruct, hoping I've doused my fingers enough. I don't really think I have; I need some oil, or, well, anything would be a better lubricant than spit and semen, but there's no time for that, so instead of worrying about looking for other options, I pop a finger in, then another, and not surprisingly, the boy agggggggggggghhhhhhhs, tenses, slides completely free from Envy again, and his entire body hardens and contorts so suddenly that I think, fuck, that seems painful. "You wanna end up like him? I don't think so. Just chill the fuck out or else I won't even worry about preparing you; I'll just shove my cock right into you if you make this too difficult for me, all right?"

He whines; his breathing is jagged, and I can tell he'll probably eventually start weeping, but not yet. Not yet. Now, he's dry sobbing, holding out, but he's plainly overwhelmed, and Envy, if anything, seems caught between continuing to scream and flail uselessly and being in a state of pure shock and revulsion. Purple eyes are wide, but the pupils have constricted; they're basically nothing but dots now, pinpoints, and the look on Envy's face? One hundred percent mortification all the fucking way. While I'm busy fingering the kid, I lean over—way over—and sweep my tongue across Envy's lips; I then slip it between them and kiss him. Not a sweet kiss, mind you, but I really get my tongue past his teeth and give him the most messy, sloppy, whorish kiss I can manage, all teeth and tongue and spit. It's noisy, and when he clamps down on me, it even becomes painful, but I'm not daunted.

The pain only intensifies the pleasure, sparking in my groin and flaring all throughout me; fuck, fuck! All right, fuck tenderness. Forgetting about being gentle, I work more quickly to prepare Ed, who finally seems to be taking the initiative to thrust his cock into Envy without me helping him along, although now I suspect he's just in a hurry to get everything over with, and I can't say I entirely blame him. I loosen my grasp around his cock and let him move and he does, hips shifting as he takes a deep breath and practically lunges forward, burying himself all the way to the balls. Both of my bitches keen when they come together, when one sinks into the other, and that's it.

That is fucking it. I cannot fucking stand this for one more fucking second.

While Ed gets his rhythm beneath me, I place my hand around my own erection and stroke it, pausing to pet the hair of both of my treasures; I take hold of Envy's slick calves and pull them upwards, wrapping his legs around blondie's waist as the boy tentatively begins setting his pace; I wonder if Envy's body is shifting to accommodate the cock or if it's hurting him like hell; I can't tell anymore 'cause he's gritting his teeth and that could mean pain or just hate, but it doesn't really matter, I guess.

Afterwards, I pry Ed's legs further apart and thrust against him, stabbing his thigh and hearing an answering groan (or was that to Envy? fuck, I can't tell...) before guiding my cock to his ass. "Heh." I literally sigh the word. "Remember what I said about making you a man, Eddie boy? Guess...I guess that goes double for this particular instance, doesn't it?"

And then, then? In one second, my eyes roll back and I hiss in delight as I'm in him, completely in him, that tight virgin ass surrounding my cock and squeezing it like a vice, like a warm, tight glove. He seizes again, screams; I didn't prepare him enough and I know he's in pain, but I can't care, and he can't go and fuck up his own rhythm, so I allow myself a long, trembling gasp, and then place my hands on either side of Envy's shoulders and thrust inwards.

My cock disappears. Completely disappears into the kid. And he gets knocked forward, fucked into Envy; I wish I knew what the fuck these two are thinking, feeling; are they hurting? Are they feeling good? Both? Pain and pleasure? Ed starts swearing, and all I'm hearing is fuck, fuck this, fuck that, fuck, fuck, fuck, and it's surely not meant to be a command but I laugh and growl against him, bite his ear and smell and taste his hair. Oh yes; I do as he asks. Nails dig into the rug. Holy shit! Patient. I've been so damned patient about getting Envy, and now I have him, and Edward Elric too, and I'm tired of patience.

I lose control quickly and go fast, maybe too fast; I'm fucking up shorty's pace but I don't care, because I'm looking over his shoulder and grinning down at Envy as I fuck his enemy into him, deeper and harder each time, spearing him and embedding myself in this rippling, warm ass; the noisy pile of flesh under me fades from my mind as I lose myself in it, thrusting more quickly, then more quickly even than that, gazing drunkenly down at Envy, purring at the pain I see, then the pleasure; his eyes close to slits and I bite down on Ed's ear and thrust in so hard that his head slams into Envy's chest.

I lift one hand, carefully slide it beneath Ed's abdomen, and clutch Envy's cock once more. Ed's not going to last much longer, I can tell. I steal a glance at his face and beneath his mop of hair (which is now sticking in several directions), he looks exhausted. Completely exhausted. Any minute now. Knowing I'm almost out of time, I rush with Envy, jerking his cock in haste. There's a moment—a moment in which he whimpers uncontrollably—lips open, eyes mostly closed, and I know, I know Envy is completely fucking helpless.

Completely fucking defeated.

He spasms.

Shudders. Convulses. Throws his head back and wails.

And beneath me, I see white splash onto his belly and chest. The kid's, too.

Twitches. Still twitching, even afterwards, and it sets off a goddamned chain reaction, because the next thing I know, I hear an, "...oh GOD..." beside me, but strangled, like he's choking on the words, and he moves wildly, erratically. I recognize the way he clenches around me and know what's next; oh yes; I ride it out, plunging into him and taking the full pleasure of Ed as he's caught in an orgasm—his first orgasm off of another person. Amazing. Fucking amazing, but it doesn't manage to finish me off. By the time he's pulled out of Envy after a few more shallow thrusts, I'm still finishing up, but right as I can feel my own climax approaching and my fingers ripping holes across Dante's rug...I decide to do something different. Something neither of them expect.

I slide out of Ed, then push him aside.

I almost expect him to protest or at least ask what in the hell is going on, but instead he collapses bonelessly, tears in his eyes, and his gaze is distant, faraway, like he's thinking about something; well, fuck, he probably is. Stupid teenage angst and ridiculous grief about losing his virginity like this, I don't doubt. Crazy melodramatic brat. But I don't pay him any mind. Instead, I let my eyes wander over Envy: not completely naked, but everything beneath the chest is nude, and his top is pulled up and lopsided; his hair is a fucking mess, covering parts of his face, and even though we homunculi are soulless creatures, Envy looks more like the definition of mindless right about now. He's well and truly drenched with cum—his whole stomach is soaking wet, and looking downwards, between his legs, I see a thin amount of semen running out of his ass.

He looks at me, and it's as though something suddenly snaps him back to reality. He seems to comprehend. Dull eyes grow bright, lock on me, and his expression turns fierce. "Enjoy yourself?" he asks, clearly sarcastic as hell. "Good, 'cause you won't be enjoying yourself much longer. Not when my Master returns and lets me free and I show you that there's more things you can do with your enemies than fuck them!"

"Is that so? Heh. Well, guess I'll leave you with a parting gift, then," I laugh, jerk fast and hard about three times, and deposit my "gift" all over his face.

His expression is part astonishment and part disgust; I half-groan half-scream, biting my lip and stroking a few more times just to drain myself dry. In the end, orgasm is almost not worth it—not compared to the sex—because you're left with a mess and the sexual high starts to dissipate as soon as your load is blown, and there's always a sort of; fuck, I want my arousal back feeling, but this time? This time it's not really like that, because I fix my pants and stare at Envy, stare at him long and hard, and I know that I've won. We both know that I've won; I fucked him over both ways, body and mind, and at the end of the day, that's really a hell of a lot better than sex. Seeing him now, degraded and debased, shamed and humiliated, fucked by his enemies, smeared with their fluids, I know that there's no further he can fall today, and killing him now would be a waste. Best to let the bitch come home. Best to let the self-righteous cunt see what her treasured, valued servant has gotten for himself. I can just imagine the look on her face when she sees how I've left Envy. I can see it in my mind's eye, and it makes me ecstatic.

I retrieve my sunglasses from where they fell off earlier and put them on again. Winner, I'm thinking to myself. I won. And there's no material prize from this bet, nothing of the sort, but there is the satisfaction of knowing that I bested Envy at his own game, in his own arena, and I suppose that's worth more than a good many objects and possessions. Yeah. Yeah, in fact, I know that it is. It was definitely time for Envy to ante up, and now I'm satisfied; very, very satisfied, as satisfied as a greedy bastard who wants everything can ever hope to be, and even if I know my contentment won't last very long, it's sweet while it does. A real high. I sigh and shrug, thinking that now that I'm in a pretty upbeat mood, I ought to deal with the little Elric shit. It's a shame. I just can't stand it when teenagers whine.

I give the loser one final look before turning away.

Immediately, he begins complaining, insulting me, ridiculing me, calling me names, as though he wants me to give him more attention, but Envy is just fucking stupid that way; he has no self-control, as I've mentioned before. His mouth is always going; never closes. Heh heh. And maybe I'll make use of that later; after all, I never did get that sucking off I wanted. I never did get those sweet lips wrapped around my dick, and you know, they do look like they'd make a perfect fit. But I've no intention of getting sealed again, and tomorrow is a new day; who knows what the future'll bring? Maybe I'll have Envy again. Yeah, I'd like that. But for now, he's of no consequence to me, and he can't stand that, because that, after all, is the final degradation, the final sign of my victory.

"Congratulations, Elric!" I claw away the ropes that are binding him, letting him free; then, I run my fingers through his hair, grab a fistful of it with one hand, grab one of his arms with the other, and pull him to his feet. He just looks at me. Or not at me. At something. Or out into space. His brain seems to have been suspended in some sort of limbo and he's looking very disheveled right about now, what with white and red liquid (I'm guessing that's Envy's blood) still seeping from the head of his cock, as though it's actually crying. Moreover, he's crying, so as you might suspect, this isn't making for a very cheery picture. Nonetheless, being as I'm so magnanimous, I wrap an arm around the kid and pull him close, reminding him that I'm his new best friend. "See, with me, you get freedom, you get to beat your enemies, and you get good sex. Win, win, and win."

He looks up with the most stricken, awful look I've ever seen, tears streaming down his cheeks, saying nothing, not even mumbling, and I laugh and add, "Welcome to adulthood, Ed."