First Kiss

She'd always expected her first kiss to be stolen by Edward. There was no doubt that he was both confident and cheeky enough to pull it off with a smile, maybe a laugh at her blushing face afterwards. And he was cute, and funny, and sure he was a boy but he was one of her two best friends and she couldn't say she didn't like him even when her other friends teased her.

Yes, it had seemed such an Ed thing to do, stealing an eight-year-old's first kiss with playful delight.

So she was not surprised one summer morning to round the corner into the Elric's side yard and feel lips press chastely, sweetly, against hers. It was a pleasant thing, warm and innocently tender. So she smiled as the other pulled back and she opened her eyes.

A nervous smile was quirked on the lips that had shared her first kiss. The boy's hands were twisted anxiously in his shirt and he was looking at her from beneath a fringe of blonde hair.


The boy's smile widened at the breathy but not upset acknowledgement, and he grinned unrepentantly at her before running off to tell his brother that Winry had come to play.