Stolen Kiss

Well. Really. This was hardly appropriate for a lieutenant-colonel and his subordinate.

He stifled another put-upon sigh as he looked down at where Edward was leaning against him, eyes closed in sleep and body swaying slightly from the movement of the train. He supposed it was lucky he'd valued his own comfort enough to get them a private compartment.

He wasn't sure when the younger alchemist had dropped off. He'd only noticed when a blonde head had fallen onto his shoulder and he'd turned a scowl in Ed's direction only to be brought short by weighted eyelashes on pale cheeks and softly parted lips. His eyes had widened and he'd promptly turned back to the reports he'd been reading.

That had been five stations ago and he'd long since given up on completing any paperwork. Instead he'd forced himself to stare pointedly at what was outside the window and not at the scenery on the inside.

Oh, he probably should have pushed Ed off of his shoulder and jerked him into waking and maybe disgruntled embarrassment. But the very fact that the boy was tired enough to sleep here, in his presence and on a less than smooth train ride, was testimony to how much Ed needed the rest.

At least, that was the ready excuse for anyone unfortunate enough to disturb this somewhat peaceful moment.

He realised he was staring again when Ed moaned a little and shifted in his sleep, face tilting upwards and nose wrinkling briefly at something in his dream. It was, well, utterly adorable, really. And more than a little tempting.

He wasn't used to fighting his temptations. Usually when he wanted something he just took the steps he knew were necessary to getting it. And besides, Ed was asleep, so he wouldn't know, couldn't accuse him or blame him. He wasn't sure if that thought made him feel any less guilty for what he knew he couldn't stop himself from doing.

Slowly, carefully, ever so-ever so cautiously, he lowered his mouth the short distance required to brush—gently, gently—against Ed's. It was nothing but the feather-lightest touch and he was careful to pull away just as painstakingly slowly as he'd approached, but it nonetheless started his heart racing and his mind buzzing with pleasure, thoughts, possibilities...

He'd just told himself to stop acting like a giddy teenager when he felt a sigh waft across his neck as Ed crawled further along to press against his side, making himself more comfortable on the awkward bench. He toyed with the idea of slipping an arm around the boy—just as support, mind you, so he didn't slide right off the seat—but decided he'd already pushed his luck far enough with an alchemist well-known for his volatile temper for one day.

As the lieutenant-colonel heaved a silent sigh and resolutely picked up a handful of reports Edward slit his eyes open enough to check that the tiny smile he was incapable of repressing would go unnoticed. His carefully measured breathing drifted across lips that were left tingling, and he wondered if Roy realised he had just stolen the Fullmetal Alchemist's first kiss.