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Keeping Close

When Edward Elric had returned to Amestris, everything had been absolutely wonderful for his little brother. Alphonse had regained his body, had regained his memories, had regained his brother... had gotten back everything that he had lost. It was fantastic, being able to feel his brother again, simply enjoying his body and his life, the way it was supposed to be...

But after a few weeks, something started changing. Edward was still happy to be back, still overjoyed to be with his brother... but he was starting to become nervous and fidgety, constantly gazing at the horizon with a longing look on his face.

It was a matter of concern for Alphonse, who had just gotten his brother back, that Edward wanted to leave again. Especially since he had, during the two years Edward was gone, procured a house large enough for the both of them (and in Resembool, where the military didn't often go,) and had otherwise prepared as best he could to get his brother back. Then he had gone out to find his brother.

It had been a long search, but in the end, Alphonse and Edward had found each other, they had been reunited and everything was made right once more. They had shared each other's bodies, their minds, their souls... everything that they had wanted to do for so long. And for some time, it was perfect bliss.

But now Edward was trying to leave. Alphonse, even after being seperated for so long, knew his brother in and out. The sheer desire to go wandering again, to never settle down... it worried Alphonse. He didn't want to lose Edward, but at the same time, he didn't want his brother to be miserable... and he couldn't just force Edward to stay.And he didn't want to go wandering again, either; he had done enough of that as a suit of armor, and more alone and with his own body. It had really lost its novelty.

How, then, to keep Edward at home? All of the plans that Alphonse came up with just wouldn't work, not against someone like Edward... until he hit upon a brilliant scheme. One that would undoubtably work, because his brother had changed in the two years he was gone. Alphonse didn't know if it was due to something that had happened while Edward was alone, or if it was always there and he just now noticed... but there was something different about his brother. Something that he could exploit.

So it was on a bright Spring day that he sprawled out on his bed and called to his brother. "Brother! Come here for a moment, please!"

Alphonse had already placed the items that he'd need on the far side of the king-sized bed  they shared, and all of the other pieces of furniture had been pushed to the sides; only the bed was left in its usual spot, centered on the far wall.The younger Elric took a deep breath, nodded, and waited. This will work, he repeated to himself, I'll do anything to keep Brother with me. And maybe this will turn out to be a good thing.

Edward appeared, as he always did; always dutiful, always accomodating to Alphonse. It was almost eerie, the way he'd drop anything the instant the younger Elric called his name. For example, he hadn't had the time to put on his red coat or his boots; both feet bare, exposing an automail left foot. But in this case, it would work out well; he wasn't expecting anything at all. "Yeah, Al?" He offered a warm smile.

"Brother..." Alphonse took another deep breath, steadying himself. "I... um... just wanted to hold you again. If you don't mind?"

"'Course not, Al." He was being too kind, too conciliatory. It made Alphonse worry; the Edward that he remembered always needed to be poked and prodded before he'd do much of anything. He quickly walked forward, the smile still on his face. "But, um... is it 'just' holding me, or are you thinking about something more...?"

That made Alphonse feel a bit better; if Edward was in a mood, then the entire thing would be so much easier. "Well... I was thinking about trying something different..."

"'Different'?" Edward crossed his arms, gloved fingers clenching on black fabric. "Why'd you want to try anything different, Al?" He frowned in concentration, then asked, "You're not... getting bored, are you? I mean, I know that you usually top, and we could change that if you'd like, but I don't see why—"

"Brother." Alphonse sighed, sat up, and beckoned. "It's not that. I just know that you're getting a little fidgety lately—"

He indignatly protested, "I am not!"

Alphonse continued as though he hadn't heard. "-and I think that you're going to want to travel again soon—"

"Well, yeah, but you can come with me, you know. I'm not just going to—"

"-leaving me behind, Brother." He added just a hint of hurt to his voice, which instantly caused Edward to stop cold.

"I... you know that I wouldn't want to leave you, Al. It's just... you know... this is a small town, there's not much to do... I kind of want to go wandering, you know? See other places, meet new people..." He sighed. "If you don't want me to, I won't go, but... think about it, all right? I think a little travelling might do both of us some good."

"Maybe..." Alphonse considered this. "Resembool is a small town, Brother, but it's peaceful. And after everything that we've been through, a break would be a good thing. You know... just some time for the two of us? Maybe travelling later might help out..." The younger Elric sighed, but forced a purr into his voice. "Mm... but you know what would help me even more than that, Brother?" I'm so sorry, Brother, I really don't want to trick you like this, but it's for your own good! He gave a small, hungry smile. "You could help me with some of my boredom and frustration, you know..."

Edward quickly, all too quickly, leapt forward, delight on his face. "Sure, Al!" He beamed. "Here, let me take care of—" He eagerly reached for Alphonse's belt, which was exactly what the other Elric was waiting for.

As Edward leaned forward, Alphonse abruptly grabbed his arm and yanked him down, at the same time kicking out his flesh leg so that Edward fell across the younger blond's knees. He indignantly squawked and tried to get back up, but Alphonse placed a firm hand at the back of his head, keeping him down and helpless.

After a moment, the elder Elric started squirming and struggling, but still didn't offer too much resistance. "Al? What are you doing!?"

"You left me, Brother." Alphonse's voice was low but sad. He'd need to get all of the issues out in the open. Maybe then he could work them out.

The older blond didn't let up for a moment. "Well, yeah, but I had to do it to get your body, so—ack!"

His spiel was cut off by a whistling smack dealt to his backside. He howled and squirmed again, but Alphonse held onto him and kept him from escaping. "For two years, Brother."

Edward's struggles slowed. The combination of Al's voice and punishment touched something deep inside him. "I... didn't mean to, Al. And I came back, you—"

Another whistling smack. Alphonse, while not enjoying the sound of his hand impacting with black leather, was starting to be entranced by Edward's squirming and writhing. He softly whispered, "You left me all alone, Brother..."

"Al... I didn't mean to—" Edward's voice was becoming choked with emotion. This is right, a part of him wanted to say, after everything that I've put him through... Al deserves to punish me for what I did.

Yet another. For a moment, Alphonse stopped moving. In both areas that he was holding, Edward felt so warm, so alive. All of the loneliness and hopeless wandering, all of the effort that he had spent, all culminated in this, in him holding his brother. He never got tired of feeling his brother, of reminding himself that they were together again... "Oh, Brother... I care for you. So much..."

Each smack seemed to atone for a sin; each impact of leather and flesh relieved a part of the burden that Edward had carried for so long. So, he sought another one. He squirmed, guessing that Alphonse would try to spank him to keep him still. "F-funny way of showing—"

Alphonse obliged him with another spanking. His own voice was becoming choked, his chest tightening with emotion; the words were starting to pour out before he could organize them. "I love you so much... I travelled up and down this continent, looking for you. Trying to find you. I could never, ever accept that you had left me."

That outpouring of emotion, the feeling of a warm hand against his now-sensitive backside, the way that he was finally getting to see a piece of his brother that he had never even imagined existed... it was moving, and exciting, and Edward wanted to see more. He wanted to feel more. So much more. His voice was a breathless gasp. "Al..."

Another stinging impact. Alphonse was starting to enjoy this; after spending so much time trying to hide his emotions, to hide his resentment at being left behind, pretending that the loneliness hadn't affected him at all... finally complaining about it, and doing something about it, brought such a feeling of relief. So, he kept going. "And now... now you want to go travelling again, Brother? After I spent two long years, alone, doing that?"

Edward's writhing increased. He had just realized that, by squirming, he was grinding an extremely sensitive spot of his body against a hot, firm thigh. And, of course, each spanking forced him up and down... his black leather pants were starting to feel far too tight. "Well... I... maybe!"

Another whistling smack. Alphonse leaned down, so that he could whisper directly into his brother's ear. "That's selfish, Brother. And you never even asked me if I wanted to go or not."

No response this time. Edward just shivered at the hot breath in his ear and writhed a little bit under Alphonse's grip, and as the younger Elric spanked him again, he moaned. Yes, Al was usually the one on top... but he was never this forceful, never this controlling. And a rapidly-growing part of Edward really, really liked the difference.

Alphonse whispered, "You never asked me. But I never complained, Brother. I still won't complain now."

"Then stop spanking—" Edward managed to summon up some of his energy, but he was spanked again and yelped.

"No." Alphonse smiled, and added, "I'm not going to let you leave again." Out of nowhere, he spanked his brother again, smiling at the response. Then, slowly, something clicked. "Are you... enjoying this, Brother?" He just now felt the hard, warm length rubbing against his thigh from behind black leather. He looked down, tilting to the side so he could see his brother's face... and Edward's blush told the whole story.

On the one hand, Edward was now screeching, "Fuck no, I'm not enjoying this! Get your hands off of me! Aaaaaaal!" But on the other... he was obviously liking it, if his hard erection or his grinding against Alphonse's thigh was any indication. And seeing him actually protest, to actually work to get what he wanted... Al decided to see just how far he could drive his brother. And, of course, to see how much Edward would enjoy it.

Another whistling smack delivered to Edward's backside. "Stop moving, Brother." Instantly, Edward obeyed. And it was at this point that Alphonse realized his plan was going to work just fine. Gently, soothingly, he caressed his brother's backside, and whispered, "See? Just do what I tell you, Brother, and I'll make you feel so good..."

Edward couldn't help but lick his lips in anticipation. If he obeyed, then he got that warm hand caressing him; just that one touch felt so good, he could only imagine what more would be like. And if he didn't obey... the punishment was just as good as the reward. "Sure, Al—"

As soon as his brother had started speaking, Alphonse spanked him again. At the indignant noise of protest and confusion, he simply repeated, "Just do what I tell you, Brother. Nothing else."

No response, which Alphonse took to mean that his plan was working. "Good, Brother." He gently started kneading the black leather and the skin underneath, earning a shaky moan. "Now..." His voice dropped a bit, gently urging, "Take off your belt, Brother."

"But, Al..." Edward wanted his brother to punish him a bit more... and besides, why should he make it easy for Alphonse? He wriggled his hips, inviting another spanking.

Which, of course, Alphonse obliged. "Come on, Brother... take off your belt..."

Edward tried to straighten up in order to take off his belt, but a swift swat and Alphonse continuing to hold Edward's head down stopped that idea. So, he stayed bent over, blindly fumbling with the clasp before it came loose and he could drop it to the side. As a reward, Alphonse gently rubbed his brother's backside. "Good..." He smiled, just enjoying the sensation of his brother whimpering, of seeing Edward wanting more but knowing that he wasn't allowed to ask. Then, voice low and so very warm, "Take off your gloves, Brother."

The white fabric was instantly torn off and thrown aside, Edward obviously wanting to please his brother and earn more pleasure in return. He placed both hands; one warm and soft, the other hard and cold, on Alphonse's thigh, still bent over and still with his head bowed and submissive under Alphonse's grip. And oh, how good that hand felt against his sensitive skin...

Another low, heated chuckle from the younger brother. "Very good, Brother..." Alphonse lightly patted Edward's backside, earning a pleased sigh from the elder Elric. "Now..." Alphonse let go of his brother's neck, and gave a hungry smile. "Get on the bed. On all fours."

The way that Edward scrambled to obey, the way that he squirmed and flailed his way onto the bed, obediently assuming the desired position and instinctively spreading his legs... it was quite endearing for Alphonse, who gave another low chuckle as he leaned forward and ran his hand up and down Edward's back, smoothing out the black fabric and tracing over the curve of his spine. "Now, Brother, don't move."

Though he couldn't see it, Alphonse could almost hear the hungry smile, could easily imagine golden eyes nearly burning with desire. Edward arched into the touch, still obeying Alphonse's command and staying on all fours... but also wanting Alphonse to punish him some more. So, he whined, "Don't wanna. You'll be so slow—"

As he had expected and wanted, a swift spanking was Edward's reward, and he groaned under the impact. "All right, Al, I'll just—"

Another spanking. "Don't speak, Brother," Alphonse whispered. "Not until I tell you to. All right?" Silence greeted this question, which made the younger Elric smile and resume his stroking. "Good Brother." He allowed his hands to wander across the black fabric, not needing to know where to touch his brother; he had long ago memorized where to touch, where his brother was sensitive and where he wasn't; knowing how to touch, just so, to make his brother whimper in need...

After a moment, he fumbled with the clasp of Edward's outer shirt, and started sliding it off of his brother's shoulders. After a moment, he added, "Hold out your left arm, Brother."

With a mischevious smile, Edward held out his right. "Like this, Al?"

A swift smack, though Alphonse was still relieved that his brother had accepted this game. "No, Brother. Your other arm. You're supposed to be a genius, remember?"

"And I—" A swat. "Right, rig—" Another. Edward finally stopped, smiling, but still wanting Alphonse to do more. He adjusted all of his weight on his right arm, letting the cold metal support him as he stretched his left out to the side.

This earned a pleased sigh from Alphonse, who shifted over so that he was between Edward's body and his arm, preventing his brother from clenching. Then, he leaned over and gently started lapping at the junction of Edward's throat and his shoulder, whispering, "See? Feels good when you obey me, hm?"

That earned a pleasured groan from Edward; he was sensitive there, as Alphonse well knew, and feeling soft lips and a warm tongue pressing against him, starting to trail down to his shoulder... "Aah, it's—"

Edward got that far before Alphonse swatted him. Still with a softly teasing tone, still with that note of passion, Alphonse whispered, "Didn't give you permission to talk, Brother."

Edward licked his lips; the hot breath playing across his bare skin felt so good, and he wanted to feel a bit more... "But you asked—"

Another whistling smack, and Alphonse gave a heated chuckle as Edward yelped and tilted his head to the side, submissively offering his neck to his brother. "Good..." Alphonse started trailing kisses down Edward's real arm as he continued pushing the black fabric away, exposing more tanned skin. He traced the strong muscles with his tongue, allowing Edward to whimper; he knew that his brother wasn't able to restrain them. Then, finally, he pushed the overshirt away, manipulating Edward's automail to do so and smiling as his brother offered no resistance.

Out of nowhere, he spanked Edward again, unable to help his mischevious nature or his desire to hear Edward moan and yelp again. Right on cue, as a warm hand impacted black leather, Edward moaned, "Aaaal!"

And right on cue, Alphonse spanked him again. "Now, now, Brother," he whispered, "you almost make it sound like I need a reason to touch you like that." He leaned forward, now whispering directly into Edward's ear. "But I don't, Brother. You're mine, aren't you?" No response, so Alphonse smiled and gently lapped at his brother's earlobe, wrenching another moan out of him. "You can answer me, Brother."

"Oh, Al..." Edward gasped out, emotions starting to overflow, "I'm yours, always yours. I'd... I'd do anything for you. You... oh god... you can do anything to me. Anything at all. I love you, Al, I love you so much that it hurts, so anything you do to me feels good, you know? Absolutely anything..."

"Anything, Brother?" Alphonse's voice was both emotional and teasing; already knowing what the answer would be but wanting to hear it anyway.

"Y-yes, Al. Anything. Anything." Edward's voice was pleading now; wanting Alphonse to do something to him, his erection feeling so very confined in his tight leather pants.

"Good..." Alphonse lapped at his brother's earlobe one more time, then pulled back and stood up. "Strip, Brother."

Edward blinked in surprise; usually, Alphonse would do it himself or ask politely. He never just gave commands like that. "Just like—"

Alphonse leaned down to swat again, noting that Edward let him, that he actually tilted his hips a bit to accommodate the spanking. "Yes, Brother, just like that. Strip. Then I'll do more for you."

It was amusing, Alphonse had to note, that Edward immediately started tugging at his clothes. It was even more amusing to deliver another swat, and get another indignant squawk in exchange. Before Edward could say anything, Alphonse said, "I didn't say to get up, Brother. If you want to have my permission... you'll need to ask me. With a 'please.' All right, Brother?"

Stubbornly, Edward didn't ask; letting Alphonse control him was one thing, but this was pride. No matter how dominant Alphonse might be, Edward would always be able to take care of himself. So, he squirmed out of his undershirt, still keeping his hands and knees on the bed but oscillating and twisting his way out of the black fabric. Alphonse watched, fascinated; he knew that his brother was really flexible, but actually getting to see it...

He watched on as Edward's muscular torso was revealed, tanned skin exposed to view. When the fabric was caught above Edward's head, and he bent his head to the bed, trying to get it to slide off... Alphonse leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his brother's waist, hugging him tightly, molding himself into that warm, firm skin. "Good job, Brother," he whispered, "but tell me how you're going to get your pants off."

"Well..." Edward frowned, considering. "I'll think of something, Al."

"Mm..." Alphonse leaned forward, nuzzling into Edward's golden hair and the sensitive skin of his neck. "But how long will that take? I don't want to wait, you know..." His tone of voice left absolutely no doubt as to what, exactly, he didn't want to wait for.

Edward groaned low, and started struggling; he earned a swat for trying to use his automail hand, so he tried using his feet to catch the cuffs and squirm out. It, of course, didn't work at all, and he soon grew frustrated with the whole thing. Especially since Alphonse was watching with an interested expression on his face, even while he ducked down on the side of the bed to grab the small bag he had left there earlier.

As soon as Alphonse ducked down, Edward clapped his hands and pressed them against the black leather. In a flash of blue light, his pants were transmuted apart, and began sliding down his body.

Alphonse popped right back, a chiding, "Brother, I told you not to move!" on his lips... but he stopped cold and gaped when he saw what had happened. Namely, at the now-revealed tan skin, the firm muscle... and the now-reddened area of his brother's backside. "Brother..." Al's voice was choked with emotion. "What did you..."

Grinning widely, Edward stretched, exposing every inch of his lithe, muscular body. "Mm... thought you said you didn't want to wait, Al." His voice was lazy and indulgent, and just a bit teasing. "Come on, Al... Don't you want to punish me?" He wiggled his hips invitingly.

The younger Elric blushed, but crawled onto the bed. That was how Edward Elric was supposed to act; that was more like the brother that Alphonse knew and loved so well. Punishment could come later; right now, he wanted to reward his brother, just for being himself for the first time in awhile. The younger blond leaned forward to caress his brother's backside, gently patting the reddened area. He smiled; not because he had caused any sort of pain, but because what he had done made Edward so much more sensitive now.

Each pat and rub made Edward groan softly, pleasure and warmth radiating through the sensitized skin. Golden eyes narrowed slightly in pleasure; that wasn't what he had expected at all, but he certainly wasn't going to complain. "A-ah... Al..." He sighed happily. "Feels so good..."

Giving one last affectionate pat, Alphonse suddenly brought down his hand in a whistling smack, aiming at a patch of mostly-untouched skin. "But I still didn't give you permission to move your hands, Brother. Or to use alchemy." He leaned over, looming over his brother's body, leaning over to whisper in Edward's ear. "And... you want me to punish you? Do you want me to make you feel like this, Brother?" He gave another spanking for emphasis.

Edward groaned again under the impact, and whispered, "Y-yeah, Al... make me feel—"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Alphonse gave another spanking. "Ask me, Brother. Beg me to make you feel better." His voice was low and full of heat, completely commanding and demanding.

So much so that it nearly took Edward's breath away. He could just barely manage to squeak out, "A-Aaaal!" It wasn't that he didn't want to beg; no, he'd be more than happy to do that, especially when Alphonse was in such a mood... but he wanted to put up some resistance, to make Alphonse really own him. And because he was Edward Elric, and he never gave up without a fight.

"Come on, Brother..." Alphonse's voice was soft, warm and inviting... completely unlike the harsh spanking he gave his older brother. "You want to feel better, don't you... you want me to make you feel good..." He licked at Edward's earlobe, smiling at the trembling shudder that passed through his brother's body at the unexpected pleasure. "You know how good I can make you feel..."

And oh, how well Edward knew. His mind went flying over all of the times they had done this before, at how well Alphonse knew his body now, at how they would almost merge together, effortlessly giving each other pleasure and taking more in return, always more and more... He whimpered softly; his erection was so hard now, his body almost begging to be fucked, his legs spreading slightly to give Alphonse a nice view of what, after being claimed so many times, belonged to him now. Two more impacts of Alphonse's hand against Edward's skin, making the older boy gasp and groan, the slap of skin against skin driving him wild; and two more long caresses, gently soothing the reddened areas and sending arcs of pleasure through the sensitive spots... and Edward groaned, "A-all right, Al! Please?"

Alphonse considered this for a moment. A part of him just wanted to accept it, to stop this and make Edward feel so much better... but another part wanted to hear Edward beg some more, to get vindication for the entire experience. And this once, Alphonse listened to that side. "Please... what, Brother?" He smiled, and lustfully whispered, "What do you want me to do to you?"

"F-fuck me..." Edward groaned again, growing so impatient now. "Please, Al... just take me!"

The younger brother drew a shuddering breath; he loved seeing his brother like this, needing him so much... almost as much as he loved seeing the pleasured look in Edward's eyes just before he came, golden orbs glazing over just so... "Much better." Alphonse smiled hungrily, and knelt right behind his brother. He was setting the pace, so he knew that he'd get to see that look soon enough. Until then... He nuzzled his brother's neck, and whispered, "See? You just need to ask nicely, Brother..."

Then he abruptly leaned back, crawling a little away from Edward; slowing the pace, despite Edward's whimper of protest at the lost of warmth. To occupy his thoughts for a moment, Alphonse let his gaze sweep across Edward's body. No matter how many times they did this, Alphonse never got tired of looking at his brother. The tense, strong muscles; the tanned skin; the faint tracery of scars and old wounds... Edward's body was marvellous, and Alphonse groaned, "All mine, Brother... you've always been mine."

"Y-yeah, Al..." Edward's own voice was husky and tinged with heat; "Always. So, why don't you..." He wriggled his hips invitingly, wanting Al to claim what was his. Whether by spanking, by licking, by touching, or... well, any way that Alphonse touched him, any way that he was claimed, drove Edward mad with lust. And he wanted more; the spanking that he earned just whetted his appetite for everything else he knew Alphonse had in mind.

Edward's wiggling and obvious displays of wanton lust drew a pleased goan out of Alphonse's throat, and lead him to gently caress his brother's backside. The revealed skin was a bright red now, and so very obviously sensitive; each motion of Alphonse's hand resulted in Edward responding, and the younger Elric was most pleased; not that he had hurt his brother, but that he could make it better. "You're so beautiful, Brother," he whispered, admiring the rippling muscles as Edward arched into his touch, loving the feel of warm skin under his hands... "I love you so much..."

The elder Elric couldn't help it; while the whispered endearments made something catch in his throat, the renewed confession of love made something in his chest clench... sheer, out-and-out desire and the need for more contact won out. So, he snidely countered, "Funny way of—"

It felt so much different, the direct impact of hand and backside. Alphonse could see the impact rippling across Edward's body, could see how the muscles tensed and responded. And, of course, he could see Edward thrust weakly into the bed, groaning low and so very obviously aroused. "Mm..." Alphonse hummed softly as he considered his brother, thinking of what to do next. After a moment, he whispered, "Get on your back, Brother. "

"But Aaaaal..." Edward falsely whined, wanting nothing more than for Al to resume his contact. He was so very, very hard; he just wanted his little brother to get on with what he was doing.

And the spanking he earned didn't hurt, either. Well, it did hurt, a bit, but feeling a warm hand on sensitive skin was well worth it. "Fine, Brother," Alphonse gave a hungry smile; he didn't really want to prolong this too much, either. He used one hand to gently massage the reddened area, while the other fumbled with the bag, sorting through its contents by touch. After a moment, Al found a small bottle of lubricant, and brought it out.

"Brother?" Alphonse continued his massage, smiling at the groans. He could almost imagine the way his brother's eyes would be glazing over, how the pleasure would be overriding him... "Here. Take this." He pressed the bottle into his brother's left hand, waiting long enough for Edward to recognize the object and close around it, then crawled back just enough to give him a little space. Al's voice was low and heated, full of unsatisfied desire. Oh, how he wanted to see more of Edward; how he wanted to see what it was like, what he did to his brother really looked like. "Get back on all fours... and put two fingers in."

"A-Al?" Edward blinked in confusion, which the spanking he got really didn't help. Al never asked for something like that; especially since he was usually the one that handled preparing. He usually loved touching Edward, being so intimate and so warm with his older brother... so this made little sense at all.

"You heard me," Alphonse whispered, "get on one hand and both knees... and put two fingers into yourself." He rested both hands on Edward's backside, starting to knead and spread them, exposing his brother's entrance to his scrutiny. "Just like you would have had to do when I wasn't there..."

"A-all right, Al..." Edward whimpered as he felt Alphonse manipulate him like that, and again when there was another smack against his sensitive skin. He quickly fumbled with the bottle, working it one-handed and eventually managing (with only a minor spill) to get two fingers wet.

As Alphonse parted the smooth, reddened orbs, Edward spread his legs; then, obediently, he slid the two fingers in. He hissed slightly; no matter how many times he did this, his body was still tight, always hot and inviting... and he never, ever took it easy or slow. Especially now, when he was so eager, so wanting, obviously wanting to get that part over with so they could move on.

So, Alphonse dealt another spanking on one side of Edward, careful to not jostle his arm. It was at that moment that he made a discovery; spanking Edward made his muscles clench. Every muscle. The groan he earned, more heated and pleasured than any previously, was proof of this, even more so than seeing it happen. That, of course, put a hungry smile right back on Alphonse's face.

"Slow down, Brother," he whispered, "I want to watch you."

And, of course, Edward complied; grudgingly, but he complied. And Alphonse truly enjoyed what he saw; short but muscular fingers sliding in and out that tight entrance, the ring of muscles clenching tightly after every penetration, the way that Edward rocked his hips in time with it... Alphonse crawled behind his brother, then started massaging the reddened curves, parting them and pushing them together, forcing Edward almost impossibly tight one moment and stretching him the next. Each motion on his sensitive skin made Edward moan; his fingers started pistoning faster, and Alphonse let him.

The sight of that, of Edward doing whatever Alphonse wanted him to; and more than that, obviously enjoying it, low groans escaping from the older Elric's throat with each thrust, nearly took Alphonse's breath away. It didn't help that Edward's sweat-soaked body, rippling with muscle and trembling in pleasure, was so beautiful. And all mine, Alphonse reminded himself, all mine.

"Stop." Alphonse reinforced this command with another spanking, and Edward complied with a whine; he had been close, so close, and his erection was hard enough to nearly be painful.The younger Elric crawled off of the bed, and whispered, "Look at me, Brother." He waited until golden eyes, glazed over in lust and pleasure, focused on him. Then, slowly, he started taking his clothes.

It was so very gratifying. Alphonse knew that Edward loved the body he had given Alphonse; the fact that it was handsome, muscular and proportioned and a perfect example of Edward's alchemic genius, didn't hurt matters at all. Nor did the low growl that escaped Edward's throat as the shirt was carelessly thrown aside. Yes, Alphonse knew that Edward had always loved him, and that no matter what shape he took, his older brother would still love him. But, having a body that Edward so obviously wanted, that could drive him to such heights of lust... that wasn't bad. At all.

As he unbuttoned and stripped off his pants, freeing a raging erection and baring himself to his brother, Alphonse whispered, "You... like this, don't you? You like seeing me. Watching me." His bronze eyes fixed on Edward, especially on the parted, panting lips and the glazed eyes. "Why would you want anything else?"

"O-oh, Al..." Edward groaned low. "You're... you're all I need. All I want..." He gave a shaky, hopeful smile, and licked his lips. "You're not going to keep me waiting, are you?"

Alphonse, had he been meaner, would have quipped that he knew all about waiting. But, in this instance... he wanted his brother too much to risk ruining the mood. Especially since he had just found out so much. "Of course not, Brother." He leaned over and snatched the bottle, and gingerly spread it on his erection, giving a lustful smile at Edward's needy groan. "Not much longer, Brother, I promise..."

"C-come on, Al..." Edward was pleading now, wriggling his hips and looking so very inviting. "Come on and take me already..."

The younger Elric opened his mouth, about to complain that he was the one in charge, and that he'd be spanking Edward for pleading without permission... but then an idea popped into his mind, and his smile became positively diabolical. Spanking caused clenched muscles. And if Alphonse was in Edward when he got spanked... "Sure, Brother," he purred, "just stay on all fours, all right?" He crawled back up on the bed, and positioned himself behind Edward. "And don't move. Not until I say so."

"S-sure, Al." He really didn't care what Alphonse was saying; he would have agreed with anything at that moment, just so long as it made Alphonse come down and take him.

"Promise me, Edward." Alphonse leaned forward to whisper into his older brother's ear. "Promise me that you won't move." He knew that Edward wouldn't be able to resist moving once they got started... and then he'd have an excuse for putting his plan into action.

"All right, all right! I won't move until you say so!" Edward sighed; he just wanted Alphonse inside of him. What was with the sudden promise? "Just... can you get on with it, already?"

"Yes, Brother..." Alphonse grabbed his brother's buttocks, and spread them as far as he could, exposing his brother's slicked entrance once more. "Anything for you..." And with that, he slowly sank in.

He knew, as a matter of course, that his brother was always hot and tight, no matter how many times they did this. And he also knew that he himself was just big enough to stretch Edward a bit, without causing an excessive amount of pain.

What he was constantly reminded of, though, was just how good it felt. It felt right, being in his brother, with those muscles clenching against him, squeezing him and making him groan low in his throat. Each inch that he slid in was hotter and tighter than the last; he took it slow enough that Edward had time to adjust, of course, but it was still faster than he usually did this; he didn't want to wait a moment more than necessary.

All too soon, Alphonse was buried in his brother; he stayed there for a moment, reacquainting himself with just how good it felt, just how tight and warm his brother was. Then, slowly, he pulled out; both brothers groaned when he had almost left, the one feeling empty and the other unsatisfied.

Alphonse repeated the motion; sharper and harder this time. Then again, even harder, starting to fall into a rhythm even as his brother was; Edward's body relaxing when Alphonse thrust, then tightening and squeezing him as he withdrew. Alphonse squeezed and kneaded the smooth orbs in his hands, gently patting the reddened areas and murmuring small endearments to his brother as he thrust again, reveling in the heat and the friction there.

Then Edward thrust back. He groaned low and loud, impaling himself on Alphonse's erection and grinding against it, feeling so full, so complete. Then, when Alphonse angled his thrust just so, experience telling him exactly where to find that spot that could make his smaller brother scream...

The younger Elric gave a whistling smack to his brother's backside, to punish him for moving without permission... but he then gave a choked cry and partially collapsed onto Edward's strong, muscular back. Concern was instantly evident in Edward's voice, "Al! Hey, Al!? What's wrong? Hey!"

"T-too... tight, Brother..." Alphonse's bronze eyes glazed over from the sheer pleasure of it. When he had spanked Edward, the other's entire body had clenched and tightened, and the combination of heat and previously-unknown pressure had overriden the younger Elric for a moment. He lay there on his brother, taking gasping breaths for a moment before he could regain his composure. "Brother..." He groaned, overwhelmed. He hadn't expected the plan to go that well. "That... was so good..."

Edward couldn't help but let a small hint of smugness enter his voice, even when his backside was red from being spanked, and he was on all fours, being fucked by his younger brother... he was still smug. "Isn't it? Aren't I the best? Nobody quite like—"

Alphonse smacked him again, and both brothers groaned from the intense feelings. Oh yes, that was a plan that he needed to put into action. The younger started thrusting again, this time spanking Edward every time he thrust in, loving the change from a pleasured yelp to a low groan to a cry when he hit that spot, ending in a whimper when he withdrew; only to thrust in again, repeating the entire process.

"C-come on, Brother," he hissed, starting to feel overwhelmed, "y-you can move now, if you like."

Those words instantly energized Edward, and he thrust back against the intruding member, grinding and impaling himself on it and crying out in pleasure each time it pounded into him. He futilely tried to spread his legs further, trying to offer more of himself to Alphonse, to make the other go faster and harder. The feeling of a slicked member inside of him, pounding him and owning him so completely, was absolutely wonderful. Each spanking made him clench down on his brother's erection, and while it hurt a little bit, that was nothing compared to the way it made him feel, sensitive skin sending shockwaves of pleasure cascading through his body even as each groan and endearment whispered to him made him that much hotter, drove him that much closer to the edge.

And none of this was lost to Alphonse. He reveled in the feeling of being in his brother, but more than that, he loved the feeling of owning Edward, of doing things to him that no one else ever could. No one else could spank Edward, no one else could wrench pleasured screams out of his throat or make him beg for another thrust, another smack, for more.

And no one else could possess him like this. No one else knew what it was like, sliding into that hot, tight entrance and feeling the muscles there clenching, rewarding him for doing so. And Alphonse was the only person in the world that Edward would thrust against, would work so hard and beg so much for the pleasure of being fucked time and time again. Each cry from Edward, each pleasured groan and whimper for more, made Alphonse go that much harder, that much faster.

The pressure was starting to build. Alphonse was thrusting with wild abandon, alternately spanking and massaging his brother's backside even as he completely owned the other's entrance. Edward, on the other hand, was almost completely lost to the sensations: his neglected erection was throbbing painfully, overly sensitive and aching; even as each spanking drove him further, making him thrust and groan with renewed passion; he would have collapsed from the feeling of warmth and tension inside of him had his arm not been made of metal. As it was, he just enjoyed being owned by his younger brother, being thrust into time and time again, having that spot in him pounded over and over again...

Another spanking, and another deep thrust, and Edward came, screaming his younger brother's name even as arcs of pleasure shot through him. His entire body spasmed and rocked from the sheer intensity of his orgasm, able to do nothing more but cry out and shudder as Alphonse continued thrusting into him, pounding out every last drop of pleasure from him.

It took Alphonse a few more thrusts to follow, the thrashing and constricting of his brother's body milking his erection. It was so much, that heated entrance squeezing him so tightly that it was nearly painful. He came with a scream as well, slamming in one last time and shuddering as he filled his brother.

They both collapsed, Edward's automail not enough to support both their weights. For a long moment, they just laid there, panting and molding into each other; warm skin merging effortlessly, both of them feeling content and complete like that. Alphonse mumured softly into his brother's ear; small endearments and thanks that were barely audible, but comforting nevertheless. Edward simply sighed happily, basking in the afterglow and letting his brother lavish attention on him.

Softly, Alphonse whispered, "So beautiful, Brother..." He pressed a kiss into the back of Edward's neck, gently nuzzling aside the golden hair. "Thank you."

"I-it's all right, Al..." Edward took a shuddering breath; after so much neglect, his body was so very sensitive. "Felt so good..."

With a soft smile, Alphonse gave one last spanking to his brother. Edward indignantly squawked, "Aaal! What... what was that for?"

A soft chuckle, and Alphonse gently massaged the hurt area. "Do I really need a reason, Brother?" He nuzzled into a soft neck, and whispered, "But I didn't give you permission to come, you know."

"Shouldn't have been so good, then," Edward replied, smiling. "What was I supposed to do? Say 'pretty please'?"

"Mm..." The younger Elric wrapped his arms around Edward's waist, and also smiled. "That would have been nice. A 'thank you' would be good, too..."

Edward gave a half-indulgent, half-exasperated sigh. "All right, Al. Thank you. You're the best."

Flattered and mollified, Alphonse gently kissed his brother's neck. "I know. Thank you, Brother." After a moment, he added, "And if I'm the best... then why would you want to go anywhere else?"

"Aaaaal..." Edward sagged even more. "We've been over this. I just want to travel a little bit, that's all. I want you to come with me... but if you really don't want me to go, then I won't." He sighed. "And why'd you bring it up? Especially since I can't move..."

Edward did not like the laugh that emanated from his brother's throat. Nor did he like how Alphonse straddled his hips while reaching for the bag he had left on the bed; he was helpless, and that was never a good sign. Well, truth be told, he usually did like being helpless, especially with Alphonse straddling him like that. And, considering the mood Al was in, it might just be a good sign after all...

After a bit of rustling and fumbling, Edward saw a metal object dangling in front of him. Circular, and with a chain leading up to another metal circle... his heart simultaneously sank as his erection started to reassert itself. Alphonse was planning on using handcuffs. Edward's mind quickly started filling in the blanks. "Um... hey, Al? What are you planning on doing with those?"

Almost innocently, Alphonse offered, "I'm going to keep you here, Brother. You don't mind, do you?"

"No... of course not, Al." Edward grinned, happy... but at the same time, unsated. He guessed that Alphonse would be willing to tease him mercilessly as soon as he was cuffed... but at that moment, the prospect of having his little brother sex him down again outweighed any other considerations. Obediently, he stretched his hands forward, and whispered, "But you'd better make it really good. Or I might be tempted to try to leave..."

"Don't worry, Brother." Alphonse nuzzled into his brother one last time, then pulled back, licking his lips. "I'm going to keep you here for a long time..."