spinny roses


It was inevitable. When she actually wanted to date, the men thought of Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye as untouchable as a virgin goddess. It was her fault, she thought with the slightest bit of annoyance. In order to even make it in the military, she had to prove she was the better of the men. Now, even Colonel Mustang thought she was too pure and chaste to even think about courting.

That thought pissed her off. She was human. She had hormones like the rest of them. And she saw the dark side of Colonel Mustang that the women he dated never saw. She knew what it was like. She was still interested. So why did the colonel decide she was not to be touched?

Lieutenant Havoc certainly wanted a girlfriend. She would date him for a while. Havoc was kind, sweet, and loyal. Though, she would have to break him of smoking...

Fury... well...

He was much like Edward, and unlike. He was short, cute... but he appeared so painfully naive that Hawkeye was afraid of what would happen if war really and truly broke out.

Her thoughts took the small drift over to Edward himself. He definitely wasn't lacking in the looks department. He was quite intelligent as well, and he was more adult than a certain Colonel she could think of.

The problem was his age. Even if it was something as harmless as dinner, something that if it had been Lieutenant Ross would have named her a motherly type, it would still feel odd to imagine dating the child with the mind of an adult. He would be her intellectual equal... more like her intellectual better, actually... but still.

It wasn't like she really saw Edward as a child anymore. She knew, in her mind, that he was still biologically a child. But the evidence given to her spoke of an adult.

She juggled her files, as they realized she was daydreaming and decided to try and slide off. It was a losing battle, however, as folders started hitting the floor. At any rate, she could try to keep them all from falling...

"Hey, Lieutenant, I'll help with that." Edward strode over from the door and helped her steady the folders. He nearly took them from her as he shifted them around. "Uh... okay, Lieutenant, I think you're carrying too much."

"Nonsense," she replied crisply, trying to keep her thoughts out of her face and voice. "I've carried... shit." The curse was spat out as all their work was for naught and the papers went flying. She swiftly squatted and piled the closest papers.

Edward laughed nervously. "I didn't think you cursed." He bent down next to her, and started to gather up a small pile. "Lieutenant, I..."

Hawkeye looked at him, faintly surprised and confused. Edward usually did confide in her about...

Her thoughts trailed off as Edward leaned forward, giving her an awkward and utterly adorable kiss. He pulled back as quickly as he leaned in, his cheeks faintly pink. "That... was all. Here." He shoved the papers into her hands and started to scramble away.

When Havoc came back from lunch, he wondered why Hawkeye was picking up scattered papers with a small and warm smile on her face.