drabble #5

Winry was ten when her grandmother commented that she already needed training bras. "Your generation matures so quickly," Pinako told her.

She didn't want to wear them since none of her friends did. Pinako only sighed and mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "...she'll learn."

It was only when Ed and Al returned from one of their training trips that she finally relented and bought her first trainers.

Ed's exact words were, "You okay Winry? Your chest looks like it's been bitten by mosquitoes."

He was knocked unconscious by a wrench Winry fished out of her tool belt. Al, wisely enough, didn't say anything and carried his brother to their house.

She was fifteen the next time Ed dared to say anything about her chest.

"It's kinda disturbing ya know... they bounce..."

It took Winry an hour to scrub all the blood off the floor.