drabble #6

"Nii-san, if you're still sleepy, we could go back to the dorms..."

"Eh? I'm fine, who's..." Ed's sentence was cut off by a yawn. "...sleepy." His shoulders sagged visibly as he valiantly tried to keep awake.

"I could carry you..." Al offered.

Ed refused. "Nah! I can walk on my own."

"It's HIS fault isn't it." Al accused his older brother.

"Huh? Whose fault? Ahahah.. aha..." Ed tried to avoid the topic.

"Colonel Mustang keeps you up all night, doesn't he? How long does he want you to do research or do filing, especially at night? You need your sleep, Nii-san. What is he making you do that is making you so tired?"

"I-I..." Ed wished for anything to make his brother stop his train of thought. Anything. Even an attack by Homonculi.

"AH! I'm going to kill him!"

'God must really hate me,' Ed thought miserably. 'It's Roy's fault,' he cursed the man. 'Damn him and his libido. Now Al's gonna find out we're sleeping together in a regular basis!'

"He knows better than to give you coffee during all-nighters Nii-san! Colonel Mustang knows that it'll make you tired and cranky in the mornings, isn't that right? Nii-san? Why are you hitting the wall with your head? You mustn't do that, it's dangerous..."