Edward jumped when he heard the clanking of his brother's armor as he snuck out of the Colonel's bedroom in the barracks, carrying a camera. "Gah! Al, what're you doing here?"

"Niisan, what are you doing?" Al demanded. "Why do you have a camera?"

Ed looked down at the camera again, and smiled an evil, evil smile. The sort that told his enemies that death or dismemberment was close at hand.

"Payback," was all he said.

Three days later, as Edward was chased, laughing uproariously, down the hall by a flame-throwing Colonel, dozens of papers fluttered after him.

Havoc picked one up. "The Colonel sleeps with a stuffed rabbit?" he asked.

Hawkeye snatched the picture away. "Let me see that!"

It was the only thing the staff would talk of until Mustang threatened to suspend them all until Edward came out of the hospital for severe burns.