velvet mace

Efficiency Expert

"Oh for god's sake man, loosen up a little," said Havoc wiggling a bit uncomfortably in Falmans grip. "Can't you forget what you read for a few minutes, and just... you know... go with the flow?"

"If I do that you would get a less than optimal experience," said Falman, lifting Havocs legs a bit higher. "On the contrary, I need to stay stiff and it's you who needs to relax. Now here we go."

Havoc arched his back a little as Falman pushed in and began thrusting with well timed strokes. Havoc grunted and shifted his hips about until everything felt just right. "Oh god, you are right," he said after a while. "This is perfect."

A tight smile formed on Falman's face. "Dating an efficiency specialist has its perks."