Greed, he has come to understand, is, in many ways, very simple. Want. Take. Have.

It is easier to let Greed think he wants to keep her forhimself. Maybe he does, but it is more complicated than that. He is not certain if Greed understands the difference between "mine to command" and "mine to use." He is certain that Greed does not care.

Still, he has chosen this, and will, somehow, bend it to his advantage.

He has someone waiting for him.

But she must wait a bit longer. Because he, too, understands simple want. He wants to limit Greed's use of his body.

There are things he cannot allow Greed to do.

Use his breath to whisper what he would not, should not say.

Use his hands to take what he would not, should not take.

Whatever he may think, whatever he may wish, whatever liberties his lineage affords him, his very core sickens at the thought of abusing such privilege.

But in his current position, that obscenity is not just a nightmare. It is a posibility. It is an ever-present threat.

But Greed, he knows, enjoys the leverage of that threat,maybe as much as he would enjoy carrying it out. It is almost funny to watch Greed try to have both at the same time.

He knows which he would prefer. He would rather endure one for the duration of immortality than allow a single moment of the other.