Nothing and Never


"Yes, sir?"

"... As soon as we arrive, I'm going to have to ask you to do something you won't want to do."

"There is nothing you couldn't ask of me."

"I know that. And that's what makes me worry."

Roy always knew that there were very few things he could not ask of Riza Hawkeye. One of these things was to leave him alone, to let him get injured when she was able to help him. He'd never believed that she was so blindly loyal to him that she would believe her own life was pointless without him driving her ambitions, but he had once again been proven wrong, and he had once again realized that although he thought he could read her like a book, the text was written strangely; the words, mixed up and blurred.

Even now, as he feels her shift in his lap, hears his own possessive growl as she shifts in his lap and lashes her tongue across his palate, their teeth clicking together and their lips roughed and bruised from each other's kisses, he feels separate from her. Like he is reaching, stretching out for her but unable to reach her, like a child chasing rainbows; trying hard but never quite achieving the goal.

He fumbles for her left breast and finds it easily through the only article of clothing she'd managed to pull back on before they made the contact that had sparked his arousal. They were parked in a back alley, on their way to a military base where Roy hoped to recruit some allies to retaliate against the Fuhrer, and had almost been at their destination when Riza had cited that they were still in their civilian clothing. Now the only items of clothing that remained on their bodies at all were her shirt, his boxers and her panties.

Roy reaches under his Lieutenant's shirt, palm sliding across her flesh and finding her swollen nipple easily, brushing across the dusky skin with his thumb, able to savour a puckish grin as she moans and brushes her fingers across the back of his neck, her fingernails leaving tiny trails of white across his heated skin.

Finally, he pulls away and snags at the back of her shirt, yanking up and over her head and flinging it over his shoulder and into the back seat. His mouth replaces his thumb and he buries his face into her breast, his tongue circling the rosy peaks momentarily before he takes her breasts back into his hands and places his lips against her throat, the gentle vibrations caused by the soft purr at the back of her throat ticking his swollen lips, making them curve into the start of a smile.

This smile quickly drops from his face and is replaced by gritted teeth and eyes clenched shut as her work-roughened hand slides into his boxers and closes around his erection. Her index finger trails along the underside of him and their gazes lock; her eyes are alight with strength and he can tell she's enjoying having this one moment of power over him; enjoying his flushed face, his heavy breathing and his soft growls as the supple pads of her fingertips find his swollen head and deftly pull away in surprise as she feels the warm slickness of his near-climax.

Slightly undermined at being caught unawares, his fingers work at her clitoris through her panties and he feels power flow back into his body as her moist fingertips slip from his boxers and to his thighs, once again clawing at his skin with her short fingernails and causing him to sharply release the breath in his lungs. His skilled fingers found their way around the hem of the plain cotton garment and the tip of his pinky finger found its way inside of her, the salt in his sweat making her sensitive inner flesh prickle with a new sort of heat. His finger slipped out like a whisper and she was momentarily surprised by its absence until she felt both his index and middle fingers take its place and her cheeks and forehead and neck flushing with temperature. His hand shifted and squirmed and twisted until she suddenly jarred forward; her head resting partly on his shoulder and partly on the leather driver's seat and her womanhood clenching intermittently around his fingers.

Roy removes his fingers and draws them across Riza's aching lips, and she can taste herself mingled in with his own flesh and sweat. His hand then dances lyrically down her backbone and simply yanks her panties down to her knees, not bothering to remove them entirely because of their already awkward position; her almost wedged between his body and the steering wheel of the car. He can't help but smile and shiver for the first time in a long time as she claws his boxers from his waist and traces swift, feather-soft lines along the shell of his ear with her tongue.

Both their hands dart for his erection in order to guide the way, and their fingers tangle together but they don't care because they're so close, so close to something they'd been tempted to do for who knows how many years. Her hips shift and she emits something between a growl and a sigh as his silky hardness finds her entrance and his arms wrap around her waist, drawing her slick and flush against him.

All at once, his hips jerk forward and she engulfs him to the very extent of both their abilities, and his left hand rushes up to the nape of her neck and draws her into a searing kiss, his clammy fingers tangling with the damp tendrils of blonde hair that are hanging loose from their usual style. He withdraws with slow, deliberate gestures before his hips snap back and he is once again inside her and gradually his rhythm grows to match hers and he breaks the kiss, instead nipping and suckling at every available skerrick of skin, leaving bright red blossoms where he places his mouth; her neck, her shoulders, her breasts and all of her.

Over time they near their climax and their bodies mould into each other; their flesh sticky from sweat and saliva and come, their breath sour and hot against skin and their kisses getting less and less refined, becoming nothing but gnashing of teeth and tongue and lip...

They both come in the same instant, Riza sliding taut against Roy and Roy's body becoming rigid against Riza's. She stays perched in his lap for a moment before giving him an unexpectedly chaste kiss and clambering off him into the passenger's seat. Clothing is discovered in odd nooks of the vehicle and placed back on the rightful owner's body and formality is regained. Roy Mustang still doesn't entirely understand First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. Perhaps he never will. But somehow, in his mind's eye as they reach headquarters, reapply the last of their clothing and she once again refuses to leave his side and he says he understands why, he sees one page of the book rearrange itself and become crystal clear to his gaze.