Finding Lust

He can't find Lust.

The house is too big and he's not allowed to eat the brown one or the little one and Envy kicks him and that person scares him and he can't find Lust.

Where can she be? She has to be somewhere. But she's not in the hall and not in the big room and not in the room with the brown one and the little one and not in the little room out back and he can't find her.

He's worried. She's not supposed to be gone. She's never gone without him this long. She might have gotten into trouble and then who would take care of her and eat the ones who try and hurt her? He should have gone with her but he was too scared of that person and now he can't find her.

He has to find her.

The small yellow one that Lust likes and he's not allowed to eat is here. Lust was supposed to do something with him. That person says he knows something about Lust.

The metal in his mouth tastes cool and tangy and yummy but he can't eat because he has to find Lust. The yellow one has to know where Lust is has to know where to find her and bring her back because Lust isn't supposed to go anywhere without him.

Lust is... dead?

No no Lust can't be dead Lust takes care of him Lust needs him Lust can't be dead can't be dead can'tbedead.

It hurts deep in his tummy like the time he ate that green water and it hurt him and Lust said it was

ah-see-dick and tried to eat him from inside. He didn't like that because he was the one who ate things and they shouldn't try to eat him back but Lust gave him something that made the hurt go away.



The yellow one has to be lying. She has to be here somewhere. She needs him she doesn't like being alone and he has to find her.

He can't find her can't see her can't smell her. She's not here and it's his fault because he let her go without him and he shouldn't have let her go no matter what that person said.

She can't be dead.

It hurts it really hurts all deep in his tummy where he can't reach it and Lust isn't here and she can't make the hurt go away.

That person wants him to eat the metal one but he's not hungry he doesn't want to eat he just wants to find Lust. He has to find Lust she doesn't like being alone she's going to be scared without him.

He has to find her.


His tongue hurts and then all of him does and then everything goes dark but he doesn't care.

He's found Lust.