Familial Relations

"You know," Havoc said as he tapped the ash off the end of his cigarette, "the Colonel and the Full Metal Alchemist are awfully alike. They're both conniving, they have moments of insanity ..."

Hawkeye just gave Havoc a Look. "Your point, Havoc?"

"Well ..." Havoc leaned forward conspiratorially, and reflected that if he died now, at least it would be at the hands (guns) of a pretty woman. "The Full Metal Alchemist is 15 years younger than the Colonel. You don't suppose that Mustang ..." he trailed off.

Hawkeye twitched. "At fifteen?"

"Well ... yeah." Havoc shrugged. "He'd be old enough. And they've got the same personality ..."

"Havoc," Hawkeye said, turning back to her paperwork, "Consider yourself lucky I do not report you for insubordination." She paused. "Or tell the Colonel that you said he's old enough to have a son."