Ed didn't think of it until the first time he decided to try braiding his hair himself. He went to the store and bought five or six pairs, since he knew he tended to lose things, and he would need them constantly.

"Those are very nice gloves," Pinako observed when Edward came back.

Edward ruefully grinned at her, and pushed his bangs back with his gloved right hand. "I can't keep getting my hair caught in my fingers, or you'll have to shave me bald," he said. After all, he'd liked his hair better when it was all one length and fit in the braid. Now, since his automail fingers had to be cut out of the ends of his hair, he had bangs like when he was little.

"I keep telling you that it will be easier if you just keep your hair short," Pinako reminded him, but Ed looked aside and spoke over her.

"Anyway," he said, "it's all right. Because this way, no one will see."

Pinako's eyes widened slightly, then she looked back down at her sweeping. "Wise, child," she said.

They did not speak on the subject again.