He had become the Fuhrer.

It had taken a great deal of hard work and many years of distinguishing himself, but in the end, it was his name as a National Alchemist that finally pushed him forward into the dictatorship. His great fame led him to be amongst those chosen for consideration, and finally, his merits and efforts were recognized as the sword of power was handed over.

What would be his first act as Lord and Commander? they asked as he sat down on his thronelike chair.

"Bring Roy Mustang here, and have him kiss my feet," Edward Elric, the Full Metal Alchemist, and now the Fuhrer, grinned dangerously.

"He's snickering," Havoc noted, looking at the sleeping Edward sprawled on the bench in the corner of the office.

"Mm. Leave him alone, then; he's probably having a good dream," Farman said, turning back to his paperwork.