Bad Dream

part 7 of The Unforgiveness Arc

Al looked up at him, a tiny frown creasing his face the way it had when he struggled with a word in Father's alchemy books. "I'm sorry; who are you?"

No; no! Ed didn't want Al to forget him! "I'll give them back," he said desperately. "I'll give them back, I swear."

"I don't want them back. I don't even know you." Al seemed genuinely confused.

Ed's heart tried to beat its way out of his chest. He was on trial again. "You will never see Alphonse again!"

"You can't do that!" Ed shouted even as his knees buckled in his horror. He grabbed handfuls of soft earth between his fingers. "You can't—Al, I swear I'll come find you," he choked out.

"Why?" His ten-year-old brother looked at him. "I don't know who you are."

"I'm your brother," Ed gasped, straining to reach for Alphonse; hands held him back. "I'm your brother! I'll take care of you—Let go of me, goddamn it, let—"

Blinding pain exploded behind Edward's eyelids.

Ed felt his limbs go limp even as he came spiralling back down into himself—he was on a cot, he was in prison. Al's not here, he thought fuzzily, trying to make sense of things. He opened his eyes wearily, his head spinning; his cheek was trapped between the pillow and the bedframe, his chest pressed into the mattress. "Wha ...?"

A fist came down on his temple forcefully, slamming Edward's head firmly into the metal framing again. Ed saw stars, the world spinning around him furiously, and he cursed indistinctly. What the hell was going on—!? His limbs wouldn't work right. Something heavy was resting on his thighs and across his back, but Ed couldn't see straight, much less turn his head; his ears were ringing loudly.

"Aww, is the rough and tough Elric crying for his dead brother?" sneered a voice in his ringing ears. "How cute. How very, very cute."

"Guh ..." Ed tried to make sense of things. Over his head things were happening; the weight shifted on his back, and he felt cool air where cool air had no business being. Cellmate ... Ed expelled a sharp breath and sucked it back in. "Gerroff," he slurred, feeling sluggish and wounded even as adrenaline suddenly coursed through him. He struggled weakly, but his limbs just wouldn't cooperate. His head pounded furiously.

Something hot was between his legs. Ed tried to close his knees, but couldn't do so—flesh rested between them. That was when the weight shifted on the bed and heat came down over his back; a hand clapped down on Ed's mouth, and an arm wrapped around his chest and elbows. A voice whispered in Ed's ear. "The great Edward Elric, so tough, so ... unbeatable," sneered Ed's bunkmate.

Ed's ass was hoisted up, and his temple bounced off the frame, sending another burst of pain through Ed's head. He coughed, shuddering; his arm tingled. His automail was limp. Edward had always had this connection problem when he was concussed. Panic set in; he wiggled, he squirmed, but everything felt sluggish and unresponsive. He could feel a hot, firm something—dick. Oh, shit, oh shit that was his bunkmate's cock against his ass—!

"Such a goddamn beautiful little prick—!"

His bunkmate penetrated Ed hard and fast with a grunt, and Edward screamed into the palm of his bunkmate's hand, eyes wide and unseeing. It hurt oh god it hurt. It hurt so bad he couldn't think. He panted and squeezed his eyes back shut, feeling woozy for a long, floating moment.

"Fuck, you're tight," Ed's bunkmate muttered, a trace of pain in his voice. "Don't tell me this is your first time!" He laughed roughly, a low, dark sound, and shoved his cock forward into Edward. Ed rocked forward under him helplessly, dizzy, and gasped, making a raw sound. He had to move. He just had to ... to get his automail free ... but his automail was non-responsive, twitching. He tried to bite the rapist's hand, but his hand was cupped perfectly. He's had practice, Ed thought woozily.

"You are a virgin!" His bunkmate was wheezing as he pulled back. "Holy shit—you're a goddamn virgin—!" He was laughing, choking on his laughter. "Don't worry, it gets easier, cunt. You'll stretch, and I bet you'll even fucking bleed."

He slammed up into Ed again without pause, shoving in until his balls pressed up into Ed's ass, and Ed let out a low moan of pain, trembling stiffly in the rapist's arms. His rapist let out an enthused sigh, and pulled out and shoved in again just as hard.

Ed felt something trickle down his thigh after several thrusts. His bunkmate was making low sounds of pleasure. Ed concentrated on getting his automail to work, but he couldn't focus long enough at one time to do so, losing track of his thoughts with each dizzying, painful thrust.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah," the rapist gasped. "So fucking tight, so goddamn perfect. You're perfect for this, little cunt. Oh yeah ... Yes—!" He shoved himself into Edward so hard that Ed whimpered again, arching his back.

He held himself there for a long moment, his hips twitching, before he slowly relaxed, slumping over Edward and flattening him into the mattress. "Goddamn, Elric. I needed that."

Ed shivered, panting through his nose, his heart jumping wildly in his chest. He didn't know what to think. He still felt dizzy and sick; his sides hurt, his head hurt, his mouth hurt, and his ass hurt. He whimpered when the rapist leaned back and pulled out of him, slowly.

"Speechless, Elric?" Ed wanted to throw up with the man touched his back almost reverently, climbing off his bunk. "A first time as good as that one will do it to you."

"I-I'm going to t-tear you limb from f-fucking limb," Ed said tremblingly. He struggled to push himself onto his side and curled his legs up—ah, it hurt—!—to grab his pants, twisted around his ankles. His teeth were chattering.

"Yeah?" His bunkmate sneered at him. "Like to see you try." And then, suddenly, he grabbed Edward's leg.

Ed yelled in protest, arching his back as a sharp pain in his anus whited out his vision, but rough cloth was all he felt, wiping down the inside of his thigh, pressing none-too-gently against his anus. "Fuck, you're a bleeder," he muttered, and before Ed could manage more than to gasp and flinch violently, he yanked Ed's pants back up around his waist and swung himself back up into his bunk. "Nighty-night, Elric," he singsonged under his breath.

Edward lay there in silent shock, shivering and hurting.

"Elric!" called the night shift guard outside their cell. He rattled the bars with his nightstick. "What's the yelling about!?"

Ed slowly curled into a ball on his pathetic cot, smelling sex and blood and trying to lessen his trembling.

"Nothing," he said slowly, his voice still shaking. "Just a ... a bad dream."