Twu Wuv

It was kind of irritating, the way Colonel Mustang was grinning and hugging the letter sealed with a heart sticker he'd been given, so finally Ed sighed and demanded, "Why don't you just OPEN it, Colonel?"

Mustang smiled in what he probably thought was a charming manner. "I must enjoy every moment of every love letter I recieve to do the sender justice," he said, before proceeding to open the letter.

It was very interesting how his eyebrows raised and that infuriating smile dropped off his face.

"Who's it from?" Ed asked, grinning at the Colonel.

"It is hardly your business, Fullmetal," Mustang replied firmly, but Ed grinned even more widely, and in a flash, he had jumped from his seat and snatched the letter before Mustang could stop him.

He scanned the contents, and then his grin stretched clear past his mouth. Havoc, who was sitting in the other corner of the conference room, raised his eyebrows.

"It's a letter from his MOM!" Ed crowed to Havoc, just before he was engulfed in flame.

Mustang took off his glove. "Never read my mail, Fullmetal," he said flatly, plucking the unburnt letter from Ed's fingers.

Ed coughed smoke.