velvet mace


Please don't tell my brother. I don't think he'd understand. He doesn't even like Major Armstrong. Something about the way he's so big, and he tends to lose his shirt every time he uses his alchemy makes Brother edgy.

I don't mind Armstrong at all. Maybe because I'm big and intimidating, too. I can kind of relate.

Anyway a few months ago I was standing next to him when he did his muscle flexing alchemy thing and one of his sparkles actually hit me. Maybe they have some kind of metaphysical substance to them, I don't know, but for some reason I could feel it in a way I can't with physical objects. It felt... nice. Tingly.

For a while I tried to find excuses to stand next to him, and hope that he'd put out his sparkles, but people asked questions. I'm weird enough and following Armstrong around just made me look weirder. I'm kind of shy, you know.

So I found I could stand a few feet a way, and then quietly collect up the sparkles while everyone stared at the Major. I'd lift up my helmet just a little and drop them in. And they'd kind of bounce around and tingle. Mostly they only last a few minutes but I had one last two hours once. That was a good one. Brother couldn't understand why I seemed so distracted.

I'm really glad that I can't show my expression. As long as I don't giggle, I can have a dozen sparkles buzzing around inside me and no one would know. That's why I like long train rides with the Major. While Brother pouts and stares out the window, I can quietly gather up the sparkles until I get a really good tingle going. It keeps me entertained for hours.

I'm not sure if doing this is a bad thing. Do you think the Major minds? I mean, he doesn't do anything with them after they bounce off his muscles. It's not like I'm stealing or anything. Is this bad?

Anyway, no one has noticed me doing this until you. I think I'd be happier if no one else did. So, will you keep this a secret for me? Please, Colonel? Please?