velvet mace

Ed’s Cliched First Kiss

Ed banged into Roy's office, stomping his feet and snarling. "Goddamn bastard, what did you do with Al?"

Roy smirked. "I sent him home to Rizembul because he wanted to. He said that you were getting on his nerves. Apparently, Fullmetal, you've been SHORT tempered of late."


Roy sighed and leaned back in his chair. "Not me."

"Grrrr," said Ed he walked over to Roy's couch and sat down. Suddenly he sighed and his head hung down, his golden locks covering his face.

"Tell me," said Roy gently. "Why are you two fighting? It's hard to see you at odds."

"I..." said Ed. He covered his face with his automail hand. All anger had drained from his expression. He looked up at Roy, his eyes huge and golden and twinkling. "I've made a mess of things, Roy."

Roy stood up, sensing that Ed was truly at his wits end. What he needed was some comfort. Roy felt his heart go out for the small, slender alchemist. It was almost reassuring to see that the normally strong boy had a breaking point. There was so much grief in his life. It couldn't be healthy keeping it pent up inside.

Ed jumped a little when Roy sat down next to him and put his arm comfortingly around his shoulders. He looked terribly vulnerable. "I have been short tempered with him lately, Roy. I can't help it. I've been... Oh I can't say."

"Let it out," murmured Roy. "You'll feel better."

"Can I trust you," Ed's dewy eyes were huge and he looked some how younger than he'd ever looked before.

"Absolutely, " Roy pulled him close in an embrace. Ed snuggled in against his chest.

"I've been having feelings about him, for a long time now. Even though he is armor, I can remember what his skin used to feel like, and I ... I love him. I love him in a way brothers aren't meant to love each other. And I know he'd be disgusted with me if he found out I felt this way. Every time he comes close to touching me, I find myself being mean to him just to... just to keep him away... so he won't know."

Roy gently rocked him. "It's totally normal for you to have these feelings," he said. "But I understand, you have hormones and he doesn't, and you don't want to risk your relationship with him."

"Yes," said Ed, sobbing with relief. "Yes, that's it exactly. What should I do?"

"Well," said Roy, "Maybe if you found a substitute for your affections, you would feel less of a need for your brother." Roy wiped away Ed's tears with a gentle thumb.

Ed looked up at Roy, his adorable eyes pleading. "Roy, would you... would you... let me... kiss you?"

"Of course, I've been hoping you'd want to for a while now."

And the two kissed. Roy saw fireworks and heard angel's sing. It was everything he'd ever hoped for.