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Al was worried about Ed. His older brother had been acting oddly now for a couple of weeks. Making plans to spend time with Al, but then suddenly changing his mind. Sometimes he called ahead. Sometimes he outright disappeared for hours leaving Al feeling panicked that something bad must have happened.

When Al asked what was going on, Ed would just stare into space and say, "Nothing."

Al asked Hawkeye what to do about it. She said she'd look into it.

On the train to the next mission Ed opened the manila file with his briefing in it. Three trifold pamphlets fluttered to the floor.

A Soldiers Guide to STDS

Respecting Her, Respecting Yourself.

How to Say "No" to Unwanted Touching.

Ed blushed. "How did they know!"

"Brother, your face is covered in bruises and hickeys and you are walking funny. It's pretty much obvious to everyone."