velvet mace

Being Reasonable

"Well," said Mustang, covering his amazement with his hand and trying oh-so-hard not to laugh. "I guess you aren't pulling my leg." He leaned forward across his desk to get a better look at what Ed had brought back from his last mission. "That proof is incontrovertible."

"Hey, don't look at them like that!" growled Ed crossing his arms in a way that hid nothing. "Remember this is ME, Mustang, not a date."

Mustang pulled his eyes reluctantly away Ed's new acquisition and back on his deeply flushed face. "Honestly, what do you expect me to do? If you don't want me to look, cover them up." He didn't bother to hide the smirk.

A bit to his disappointment, Ed did precisely that, yanking down his shirt and attempting to close his jacket around what was a quite fine, if a bit incongruent, pair of breasts. They were pale and round, somewhere between a C and D cup Mustang judged. Rather perky for their size, but then considering they'd only been there a few days, that wasn't too surprising. Gravity wouldn't have had much of a chance to drag them southward yet. Ed should consider investing in a bra.

"Is that the only addition to your anatomy?"

"Aren't they enough?" asked Ed in a half strangled voice. "Listen, you bastard, I'm not flashing you to give you a thrill, I'm here because I want to make these—these—things go away."

"Why would you want that?" asked Roy innocently. "I know plenty of women who would love to have a fine pair of breasts."

For a moment Ed was too full of rage to even get a breath out, much less say anything coherent, but when he finally did find his voice it was to say very loudly "I am not a woman. I'm a man, and men DO. NOT. HAVE. BREASTS."

"I'm just teasing you, Fullmetal," said Roy laughing. "You want me to help you research how to reverse the process, or some such."

"Fuck, no," said Ed. "I just want your goddamn signature on the slip of paper that will let ME back into the files I need to reverse it myself."

"Well, honestly, it's not that easy," said Roy, getting serious. "As superficial as the change is, it still counts as human transmutation, a crime, which as you are well aware, is punishable by death. If you walk into the library with breasts and ask for books on human transmutation, it will draw a bit of suspicion. Especially if those breasts suddenly disappear afterwards. You are already under a great deal of scrutiny."

"Fuck," said Ed, deflating. "What the fuck am I supposed to do?"

"Well, for one thing you can calm down and keep your shirt on long enough for me to figure out how you got them in the first place."

Ed apparently had found something absolutely fascinating about the carpet, because his eyes remained fixed down. The silence stretched for an awkward moment.

"Well?" Roy leaned back in his chair.

"I don't know if she meant it as a practical joke, or as revenge or what, but that so called WOMAN you sent me to didn't know fuckall about the philosopher's stone, but she sure knew plenty about cosmetic arrays." Ed flashed him an expression that clearly put the blame for his condition on Roy.

"So called woman?"

"The chick's got a dick, Mustang, and if you want to know how I know that, it's because he whipped it out at one point. Don't ask me, it's a confused muddle, but I think she—he—IT thought I was somehow interested in—fuck—dating or something." Ed was blushing pretty deeply at this point. "Which by the way, I wasn't, and I have no idea how she got the impression I might be.

"Anyway, after I turned her—him—it down he shoved that array at me and activated it, and there they were."

"Why don't you ask that alchemist to reverse it?" asked Roy.

"Well, two reasons. First of all, like I just said, she PUT THE DAMN THINGS THERE. Like I'd let her use another array on me. Secondly, Al kinda accidentally chased her off a cliff." The last line was a bit rushed and mumbled. '

"He did what?"

Ed looked up and met his eyes. "Chased her off a cliff. It was an accident and Al is REALLY upset about it, so don't you get on his case. He didn't even know the cliff was there until she plowed through the brush and fell off it."

"Well, what about her notes? Maybe you can use those to reverse the process."

Ed smacked his head with his left hand. "Why what a brilliant idea—that I had myself about two seconds after she went over the cliff." Ed reached over into his suitcase and pulled out a notebook and threw it at Roy. He caught it deftly.

Roy opened the notebook and flipped through a few pages. "Ah. I see the problem."

"Three year olds have better handwriting than she does. What is that, an n? a zero? The symbol for mercury? With penmanship like that, who needs code?"

"It's completely indecipherable." Roy closed the book with a sigh. "Well, this is something of a problem. How many people know about those?"

"Well," said Ed. " Al knows about them, and now you do, too. I've been avoiding people who might recognize me. Strangers just seem to think I'm a girl. Anyway, under my clothes it's not glaringly obvious."

"We better keep you out of sight until they are gone just in case." Roy rubbed his chin.

"Yeah, I can stay low."

Roy fished into his pocket and then fumbled with a ring of keys. He tossed one at Ed who caught it just as easily as Roy had earlier caught the book. "The key to my house. You and Al go there, and stay out of sight. I'll get the relevant material out of the library, if any exists. And then, Fullmetal, YOU will owe me a very large favor, collectable at some point in the future."

Ed rolled his eyes. "Fuck that," he said. "Just give me a signature. I'm not asking you to get involved."

"Even if my only involvement is a signature, it's still involvement. We do things my way for once, or you can find some other way that doesn't involve me at all."

Ed looked at the key, then shoved it in his pocket. Roy scrawled something on a piece of paper. "My address. Go there now. You can send Al out for food."

It was almost midnight when Roy finally got home. Between his usual duties and doing the research Ed required, it had turned into a long day. He awkwardly placed the stack of papers and books on the table in the entryway, pulled off his shoes and coat, the way he would any other night.

"Good evening, sir." Roy nearly jumped out of his skin at the quiet tinny voice. He turned and looked up at Al.

That's right, he'd ordered Ed and Al to stay at his house, to keep Ed out of sight, and his not so little—problems—as much under wraps as possible. The display in his office had driven home yet again what Roy had known about the boy since he was eleven. When it came to his mouth the kid had no sense of discretion. Or volume control.

"Where's Ed?" Roy asked.

"He's asleep already." Al turned his head towards the couch in Roy's living room. For the first time Roy noticed a bit of blond hair peeking up over the furniture's arm.

"I'm sorry," said Roy, lowering his voice. "I didn't realize."

"No need to whisper," said Al. "Ed can sleep through explosions. Did you find anything at the Library, sir?"

Roy nodded towards the stack. "That's everything I could find in the time I was there. It will probably be in one of those files or books."

Al sighed. "Do you know which one?"

Roy shook his head. "They are all in code. All I had to go by was the brief synopsis in the card catalogue as to what's in them. I'm afraid we will either have to be lucky, or Ed's going to have to hide his chest for a bit. I put in the paperwork to keep him off mission rotations, so at least he won't have to worry about someone other than me sending him off into the field until we've figured this out."

Al nodded with a bit of a clang. "That's a relief. Ed's really paranoid about people figuring out he has them. I'm kind of surprised he showed you."

Roy grinned. "To be honest, me, too. Though I did goad him into it."

"Yeah," said Al with just that faint hint of warning in his voice that reminded Roy that Al had just run someone off a cliff for going too far with his brother. "He said that you were threatening to send him on a long mission unless he showed you the problem. Couldn't you have just taken his word for it?"

"I sent him on the mission that created the problem. It was my job to be—on top of the matter, as it were." Yeah, that did sound plausible, Roy thought. And a whole lot less apt to get him hurt than mentioning that he was a breast man, and couldn't resist the temptation of seeing Ed with tits.

Al picked up the first file on the stack. "Well, I guess I better get started decoding this."

"Why don't we use my workroom. It's in the basement. The door is under the stairs."

Al nodded again. "Yeah, we found it earlier."

"Go ahead then, I'm going to fix myself something to eat, then I'll join you."

It turned out that the workroom wasn't the only part of the house Al and his brother had explored. Apparently, Ed had thoroughly researched the inside of Roy's refrigerator, to the point where there wasn't much left to eat but a few crackers and some toast.

A few minutes later, Roy was mildly fuller, and rather more annoyed at his houseguest. He passed Ed sleeping on the couch and paused. Why WAS Ed sleeping, when he and Al were still working? After all this was Ed's problem.

Roy kicked the couch slightly. "Wake up, Fullmetal."

Ed didn't even twitch.

Roy grabbed the blanket Ed had liberated from his closet and jerked it off. "No slacking, soldier. I don't want you living in my house indefinitely. Get to work."

Ed snored ever so faintly.

Roy looked down at Ed. The teen had stripped down to his underwear for sleep. In this state, the breasts were very obvious, stretching the black tank top to its limit. The nipples pressed temptingly upwards against the tight weave.

Roy grabbed Ed's shoulder and jostled it. Ed's breathing hitched just a bit, but then went back to it's former deep slow rhythm. Just how much could Ed really sleep through? Roy wondered. A naughty thought struck him.

"You know, Fullmetal," he said casually. "I'm going to need to examine your chest to figure out its composition. That alchemist must have pulled the extra flesh from somewhere. Since you don't have much fat on your body, I'm wondering what exactly she built them of. Now you can wake up right now and do this examination yourself, or I will just go ahead and do it while you sleep. Which will it be?"

Ed didn't move.

"Well," continued Roy. "You can't say I didn't warn you. I'm lifting up your shirt right now. If you don't want me doing this, just wake up and tell me to stop." Roy knelt next to the couch and carefully peeled the shirt back up, exposing his chest. He then waited for an objection that never came.

Oh, come now, Roy thought, no one can sleep THIS deeply. Nothing. Well—then again, maybe Fullmetal could.

Trembling just a bit Roy let his eyes go back down to the Edwards chest. There they were. So round and firm it looked unnatural. Roy bit back a laugh at that thought. Of course, they were unnatural, that was the point. Roy looked again, trying to be more clinical about it.

Just from the looks, they seemed to be normal, seamless pale mounds, lying symmetrically next to his armpits. The automail just missed the right one, framing the top of the breast in a way that seemed almost deliberate. Each perfectly round half globe was crowned by an equally perfect and very erect pink nipple.

Roy had dated women who would have killed to have breasts this beautiful.

But this wasn't telling Roy anything he really needed to know. Back to the problem—figuring out the composition of the changed part, and for that, touching really was the only non-invasive way to know.

"I'm going to give you a physical examination now, Fullmetal," said Roy, just a bit breathlessly. "Tell me if you aren't comfortable with this."

Gently, gently, gently, Roy placed the fingers of his hand up near the Ed's arm pit. He then followed the curve of silky flesh down to where the teen's ribs jutted. Then he slid his hand upward, cupping as much of the warm breast as he could in the palm of his hand. Touch confirmed what his eye told him. The breasts were not nearly as fatty and soft as they would have been if they were real. Roy gave the left breast a gentle squeeze. There was some fat there, yes, but under that the muscle of Ed's pectoral had grown out of proportion.

Roy ran his thumb over the nipple. It was soft. He pinched it, just slightly. Yes, that did feel nice.

Ed let out a breathy moan.

Roy froze, what the hell was he doing. "Are you waking up now?" Roy asked.

Apparently not. After a few moments, Roy went back to his examination, because that's what it was. Yes indeed. He had real legitimate reasons to do this.

Muscle had to come from someplace. The arms seemed to be normally proportioned, as did his thighs, but was it Roy's imagination or was Ed's waist a bit narrower than would be normal for a boy.

Just past the juts of his hips his waist did seem to bend inwards in a way that suggested femininity. Pulling his hands away from Ed's chest with a bit of effort he ran his fingers over Ed's belly. It did seem rather soft. But was it really altered? The teen always wore so many layers of clothes that it was hard to gage.

Roy paused. How deeply did the transformation go? Was Ed being completely up front? Or did he think that he could show off the breasts to gain access to the information he needed, and let other potentially more embarrassing alterations stay hidden. Come to think of it, Ed hadn't actually denied having any other feminine parts.

Any human transmutation was tricky. Roy wasn't going to allow Ed to do two transformations on himself, one to remove his breasts and another one down the line in private to remove the rest. It was time to get all the secrets out in the open.

Carefully so as not to startle or cause discomfort, Roy slid his hands between Ed's knees. He pushed them ever so gently apart until one threatened to slide off the couch entirely. Roy then took a moment to breathe and judge the situation. What would be the easiest way to approach this problem?

After a bit of inner debate and a pause to wipe the sweat off his brow, Roy placed a careful hand on Ed's Right thigh, then with a slow stroke he moved up, under the loose shorts until his fingers met what was quite recognizably Ed's testicles. Roy paused to move northward, just long enough to confirm the presence and get some sense of size of Ed's penis. Ed hitched a breath and a small smile formed on his face.

Oops, better stay away from there. Roy then performed a deft u-turn, sliding his fingers under the base of Ed's scrotum.

Roy found himself holding his breath at this point. Moving slowly, so as not to startle Ed and wake him up (because at this point Roy was pretty sure that Ed wouldn't wait for an explanation as to why Roy had his hands up his shorts before beating the crap out of him) Roy traced the warm skin downwards. He felt nothing moist or folded, and when he did reach a puckered spot it was quite dry and perfectly at home on a male body.

"Mmmm, that's nice Al," Ed murmured.

Roy froze again. That's nice AL? Could Ed actually be used to this sort of touching? And from AL? Oh my, what had those two been up to?

"More?" came the sleepy reply to his unspoken question.

Unable to suppress a grin Roy lightly stroked the tight ring of Ed's ass again and what do you know, the boy actually spread his legs wider and squirmed a bit.

"You forgot the lube, Al." said Ed not opening his eyes.

"I'm not Al," said Roy, unable to keep up the charade.

Ed's eyes flew open. The next thing Roy knew he was lying on his back on his living room floor with Ed sitting on his stomach and an automail fist tightening around his throat. "What the HELL are you doing?"

Roy choked pointedly. Ed released his grip. "Trying to wake you up," said Roy. "I have the research you requested."

"So you felt that gave you the right to go touchy feely all over my body?"

Er—. Time to switch subjects: "You didn't seem to mind. In fact you seemed quite used to it. Tell me, does your brother molest you in your sleep often?"

"My bro—" Suddenly Ed's face went very red. "No, of course not, he'd never molest me in my sleep. Did I—Listen, what we do is not your business."

Roy covered his own embarrassment turning to lecture mode. "You don't think it's my business to know if one of the people under my command is abusing his own brother?" That came out a bit nastier than Roy had intended, but the result was the Ed let go of his throat entirely. Ed looked like he'd been slapped, hard.

"I'm not abusing—I'd never abuse him. He's the one who starts it—" Ed sputtered and looked aghast.

"Really?" asked Roy. "I don't see what Al could possibly get out of the act."

"He's not abusing me," came a high echoing voice. Roy craned his head up to see Al standing a few feet away. "Ed your shirt is up again." Al's voice was completely calm and matter of fact.

Ed pulled his black tank top back down over his breasts.

"Al," said Roy.

"He's right, I'm the one who bullies him into it."

Everything he knew about Al suggested that physical pleasure, much like physical pain, was not possible. But then perhaps the idea of seeing Ed writhing ecstatically under his fingers was enough of temptation in itself.

Come to thinking of it, the idea of Ed writhing with pleasure under anyone's hands was something of a turn on. And Ed with breasts—

"Why?" asked Roy after awhile.

"Because, uh," Al couldn't blush, but the vocal quality suggested a deep one. "Well, he's always much more suggestible after he comes. When he's being unreasonable, sometimes it's just easier to give him a hand job than it is to argue with him."

Roy's eyebrows perked up. "So you are saying, that the way to get Fullmetal to behave himself and cooperate is to give him a good lay?" Well that was interesting information. Very useful, indeed!

Al nodded, the plates of his mail protesting a bit the way they always did when he moved. "Basically, uh-huh. He's been that way since we were little."

Ed got up off of Roy's lap. "That's enough," he said. "This jerk doesn't need to know about that. Al, let's get those papers Roy promised us and go."

Roy quickly got to his feet and caught Ed's arm. "I can't let you walk off with those books, Fullmetal."

"I'd like to see you stop me." He tried to pull his arm away but Roy held on hard.

"They are checked out under my name. It's my behind that's on the line if those get lost or fall into the wrong hands. No. I insist, they stay here."

"Ed," said Al. "He's right. You can't just steal them."

"Watch me," said Ed.

Well, if fate is going to hand this to me, thought Roy. Who am I to turn it down?

"Al," said Roy. "Would you say Ed is being unreasonable?"

"Yes, sir," said Al firmly.

"And do you think arguing with him will get anywhere?" asked Roy pointedly.

Al shook his head. "Probably not."

"Well, he was asking for you earlier. Care to make him reasonable?"

"Wait a second," said Ed.

"I believe you owe me a large favor, Ed," said Roy.

The situation was absurd in a way that reminded Roy vaguely of his plebe days, when he and the other cadets would try to one up each other on the most outrageous pranks they could get away with. He wasn't sure how he'd talked Ed and Al into his bed and part of him worried about the ethics of it, after all, Ed was so young, and Al was—well armor. Roy was less worried about the fraternization angle, since Ed was technically a civilian consultant, and no more under Roy's command than any other contract worker. Actually, he was most worried about how exactly Al fit into the equation. Those spikes looked awfully threatening.

Equation. Yes, this was a bit like science, in that there was a whole lot of discovery going on. Mostly of Ed's chest, which Roy now had free access to, but also to other parts. The more perverse part of his nature was really curious to see exactly what Al and Ed had apparently been doing with each other for the last five years, and now he was going to get an active demonstration.

"Come on," said Al grabbing Ed's tight black tanktop and pulling it up. "You need this and you know it."

"I do not," muttered Ed. "And I certainly don't need it in front of him."

"You aren't thinking, Brother," said Al. "Look, he's going to help us get you back to normal and all he wants in return is to watch us do something we do anyway. That and touch your chest a bit, which honestly we are going to have to do anyway."

Once again his quite attractive breasts slid into view. "This is easy for you to say, " said Ed, voice slightly muffled by the shirt. His head then popped free. "Al, it's not your body."

"Well, you said that when I first started doing this for you, but you don't object now. Listen, I can tell when you are sexually frustrated. You do dumb things like turn down help you really need."

The part of Roy's mind that wasn't preoccupied with Ed's chest noted with amusement that it was indeed Al who pushed for their incestuous relationship. He chided himself on being surprised. Normal and expected did not jive with the Elric's existence.

"We can do this ourselves—"

"No we can't!" said Al, reaching for Ed's boxers. "Listen, do you want to live the rest of your life with breasts?"

"Hell no."

"Then just give in." Suddenly, Al's voice changed pitched. "Please, brother? For me? Until we get you back to normal we can't look for the philosopher's stone. And who knows, maybe in all these books on human transmutation we might get some a clue for how to make one without killing anyone."

Ed's eyes widened, then his brows peaked up. A moment later his face softened. "Yeah, okay." For the first time he looked at Roy. "This is a one time deal, though. And you stay above the belt."

"That's all I'm interested in," said Roy, mostly honestly. One couldn't blame a man for being a bit curious.

Al finished undressing his brother and laid him carefully back on the bed. Roy took in the entirety of the teen's body for the first time. Height and automail aside, Ed had a body that most men could only dream of. The alchemist who fashioned Ed's breasts really didn't have much to work from because there was not a spare ounce of fat on the teen. His muscles dimpled the flesh of his belly even in a relaxed state. Ed was, in fact, extremely attractive for a male.

Ed arched his back just a little as Al ran his gauntlets up his sides from thigh to chest. Roy hitched in a breath as those huge leather hands cupped Ed's breasts, and bit his lip just a bit as the thick fingers found and pinched the nipples.

Ed moaned and his eyebrows rose up, as if he were feeling pain. As Al continued to gently massage and pull at the nipples, Ed's cock twitched in reaction.

"Ed's always had sensitive nipples," Al explained matter of factly. "He likes it when I rub them."

"Does he really," Roy said, his voice coming out about an octave higher than normal. Roy coughed slightly and tried to ease the tightening in his own chest. Ed's cock wasn't the only one growing at this point.

"Al," moaned Ed. "Too much information—"

Roy couldn't bear it any longer. He climbed up onto the bed next to Ed and slid his own hands over those breasts.

"Sss," said Ed. "Warm." And he smiled a little. Ed's breasts certainly were. In fact they were hot. This time Roy could fully appreciate their fullness.

Al backed off, moving his gauntlets lower, across Ed's belly into forbidden territory. Roy angled his body so that he could watch the younger brother gently sweep his dry fingers over Ed's firming cock. Roy involuntarily winced, knowing the strength of those large hands. Seeing them delicately tease such a vulnerable part of the body gave Roy a thrill of fear and perverse excitement.

Ed took a sudden deep breath again, pressing his breasts into Roy's palms. Roy's attention was brought up to that completely wrong, and yet so fascinatingly attractive enhansement. He was paying dearly for the privilage of feeling Ed up, he really ought to get his worth out of the experience.

Roy thumbed the nipples and smiled as they grew harder and more erect. Ed whimpered and arched his back again. Roy noticed him bite his lower lip. Damn, the kid was responsive.

Well if he liked that, he'll probably really like this! Roy lowered his head ran a teasing tongue over the nipple. Ed's reaction was to immediately and almost violently pull away. "Ah! No mouth."

Roy backed off and gave Al a worried look.

Al, of course, didn't have any expression, but what body language he did have wasn't threatening. "Don't worry," said Al, apparently reading his concern. "Brother always does that when you do something he really likes. He'll settle down."

"Al—" Ed's protest turned into a moan as Roy resumed teasing the nub of his right nipple with his tongue. "So hot," he gasped after a while. "So much."

So hot, indeed. Maybe it was the just the novelty of having a male writhe under his hands and mouth, maybe it was the way Ed gasped and flushed and wriggled so appreciatively, maybe it was the whole situation, but whatever it was Roy was more turned on than he'd been for years. He was so hard it almost hurt.

Roy pulled away. His pants were too tight. Any modesty or reservations he might have had about undressing had been pushed out of his mind by the lust that consumed him. It didn't take long to undo enough of the buttons of his dress shirt to pull it over his head and fling it away. The undershirt went off even quicker. It wasn't until after Roy had dropped his pants and drawers that he realized the other two had stopped what they were doing and were looking at him.

Roy blushed a little, "We are having sex here," he said. "It's silly to pretend it's anything else."

Al nodded and went back to gently massaging his brother.

Ed's eyes remained on him. For a moment Roy wasn't sure what Ed was thinking, but then Ed suddenly flushed and said "Shit, this does not change my mind."

"Change your mind about what?" asked Roy.

"Going below the belt," said Ed.

Oh ho. "You are turned on by me?" Roy said.

"Don't take it personally, you shit," groaned Ed. "I'm sixteen. I'm turned on by—fuck, anything with two legs."

"Brother!" Al admonished. "That's rude. And not true." Al let go of Ed and got up to walk across the room.

"Sorry! Al, come back!" The look of instant contriteness made Roy snicker.

"I'm just getting the lube," said Al a bit huffily.

Roy didn't make Ed wait for Al to come back with the lube, he set in again on molesting Ed. He had hardly started kissing the flesh around Ed's nipples when Ed broke his own word and roughly grabbed Roy's hand and put it down on his groin.

"Oh, fuck it," Ed said. "Nevermind. Rub me."

Roy repositioned himself again so that he could continue to lick and nuzzle Ed's chest and at the same time grope south past that invisible line and into unknown territory. He felt a bit tentative. Bosoms were familiar territory, penises, at least ones other than his own, were something new.

"Yeah," muttered Ed. "Yeah, like that."

After the first hesitant stroke, Roy found himself pumping Ed's erection with confidence. It really was no different than pleasuring himself, except for the obvious not getting direct pleasure out of it. Speaking of which, there was only so long he could continue touching and fondling Ed without relief of some sort. Ed seemed perfectly content to lie back and moan, and while that might be enough for Al to achieve satisfaction, Roy wanted a bit more—participation out of a lover.

Before he could quite find the words to broach the subject he heard a clanging and looked up to see Al entering the room with a small glass bottle in his glove.

"Sorry about that," said Al. "I should have remembered to bring it when we came up here."

Ed groaned. "Oh yeah." Ed threw his legs apart, unselfconsciously. "Lube me."

"Does it feel good?" Al asked. "When he does it? Does it feel different." There was curiosity in his voice, but no jealousy.

"He's warm—and soft. God his mouth."

Roy snuffled and switched breasts, pleased that he was able to please. His tongue wound a lazy spiral before reaching the harden tip at the middle. He gave the rosy tip a quick flick with the tip of his tongue before devouring nipple, areola and as much of the surrounding flesh as he could. He sucked deeply, breathing in the pleasant musk of Ed's sweat.

A cool liquid slid over his hand, distracting him from his worship. He looked briefly down to see Al liberally covering his own leather with the lube before flipping the tab on the cap down. Ed bucked his hips to remind Roy of what he was doing. Roy gave Ed's cock a brief squeeze of apology before pumping it again.

The oil reduced the friction to such a degree that his hand would actually fall off the end of Ed's cock if he wasn't careful. For some reason the idea of wet slick friction made his own groin twitch, and he reached down with his free hand to give himself some long overdue relief.

It didn't work. He just couldn't do it. He couldn't suck Ed's breast, jack him off and rub himself at the same time. It was simply too awkward and he didn't have enough support. He let out a muttered oath, then put his arm back down where he could support himself. He could satisfy his cock any day, but the opportunity to adore this chest would only last until Ed came, which didn't seem to be that far off judging from the way the teen wiggled and panted.

A moment later he felt a strange, slippery-yet-rough friction against his cock. Roy again lifted himself away from Ed's chest. Al sitting a bit awkwardly at the foot of the bed, both hands occupied. One had vanished between Ed's wantonly spread legs, the other had found it's way to Roy's groin.

Roy had been given hand jobs before, but they had never felt like this. There was something about the conjunction of slipper oil and stiffened leather that felt very very dirty. Good but dangerous, and Roys unexpected pleasure was heightened by a dose of adrenaline that made his nerves tingle and his balls tighten up.

Roy reminded himself that Al had been giving Ed hand jobs for years now with no apparent damage. Still it took a lot of willpower to give into the sensation and not pull away in fear of it. All it would take was a momentary loss of control and that gauntlet could crush him.

Ed whining took on a higher pitch and Roy felt a slight stirring of resentment. Here he and Al were doing all the work, and Ed was just kicking back and reaping the benefit. Roy stopped the handjob and squeezed hard against the base of Ed's cock.

Ed's eyes flew open. "Aah! Wha?"

"As long as we've gone this far, we might as well go all the way," said Roy. He let go of Ed's cock and reached down and grabbed the hand Al had between Ed's legs.

Ed closed his eyes. "Sure. Yeah. Whatever."

Al nodded and stood up, giving Roy the room to position himself between Ed's legs. Ed lifted his hands and rubbed them awkwardly over Roy's arms and to his chest. "I suppose I have been a bit selfish here," he muttered.

"It's okay. You aren't used to a partner who can feel."

"Yeah," Ed's eyes were closed again. "I can't wait. Please, do something. Fuck me. Stroke me. Anything. Just do it."

Roy lined himself up and pressed in. For a moment he found himself wondering once more at the chain of events that had led him to this point, but then but then the heat and friction took over and forced any trace of coherent thought right out of his mind.

Roy was only vaguely aware of the bed settling down again as Al found himself a new spot, near Ed's shoulder. Roy's eyes saw but his mind only barely comprehended the way Al ran one oiled gauntlet over Ed's lips prizing them apart, with the other reached down to cup and tease a breast.

Ed pushed against Roy, grabbing his arms in an attempt to make him thrust faster. Roy gritted his teeth, at this pace he wasn't going to hold out for much longer.

Ed suddenly reached over and grabbed his own cock and fisted it quickly. He came with a cry, almost violently bucking against Roy.

Roy took that as his cue to let himself give in. He came hard and long, and when it was done it took a moment for him to catch his breath. He pulled out and simply took a moment to get his bearings.

Ed went limp in every sense of the word.

"So brother," said Al. "Shall we start figuring out how to make your chest normal."

"Yeah, sure," muttered Ed.

"And you don't mind staying here and letting the Colonel help us."

"No. No, that's fine. Mustang's good."

Al's glowing eyes "met" Roy's. "See, much more reasonable now."

Yes. Truly. Hmmmm—..

"So Ed, what do you think about getting your mission briefings at my house from now on." It couldn't hurt to ask, now could it? Roy had visions of a Ed, melted with pleasure, happily accepting without complaint any mission he needed to have. "After all, having you reasonable is in my best interest, too."

"Mmmm—. Missions—" Ed started snoring.

"Colonel, I think I better come along on these briefings," said Al with just a hint of warning in his voice. "Just in case he gets too reasonable."

Roy snorted. Why not? "Sounds like a date."