velvet mace


It had started two months ago, when Roy had, perhaps innocently, asked if Ed would like to be tied up. Ed's reaction had been an immediate, "FUCK no!"

"It's just an idea," Roy said, shrugging casually, but there was something about his expression that said that it was something he'd been thinking about for a while.

The idea was disturbing. "Why on earth would I want that?"

"Some people enjoy it," said Roy. "Why such a strong reaction?"

Ed was surprised he even had to explain himself. "That's what you do to people when you want them to do something they don't like," said Ed. Suddenly Ed had a very good idea why Roy would mention bondage. "I already told you, that part is exit only. You are not going there."

Roy had simply stroked his hand down Ed's back. "This isn't about that. Tying you up would force you to relax. You always seem so tense, like you are ready at any moment to get up and run out the door. And I get the feeling you don't trust me."

"That would be because I DON'T trust you." Ed had shrugged away.

Roy sighed and hadn't mentioned it again, though the ropes stayed in a drawer by the bed, right next to the lube, which Ed had also not allowed Roy to use. Hands didn't need it and mouths provided their own.

Hands and mouths, that was all Ed wanted. Screw what Roy wanted. Roy was sleeping with other people anyway, he could just get that from someone else.

Ed did not love Roy. But he was utterly, completely, and hopelessly in lust with him and it irritated him to no end because Roy was ... Roy. Smarmy. Teasing. Unfaithful. Condescending. And untouchable. Because all Ed would ever be to him would be one more name in a book.

The only reason why Ed accepted Roy's dates was because the food was good. The only reason he let the man take him back to his house afterwards is that his mouth was also good. So long as nothing hurt and Ed was in complete control then he could console himself with the knowledge that he was the user not the used.

Ed had wished to God he could find someone, anyone other than Roy, he could focus his lust on. But Roy seemed to have hit some sweet spot in him and no one else quite fit the bill. Maybe it was the voice... or the eyes. That's what Ed tried to convince himself of, but lately, since the rope thing, he'd begun to wonder if it weren't Roy's mind that truly attracted him. That devious, manipulative, predatory quality that always managed to put Ed at a disadvantage. Now that was a scary thought.

So, did he trust Roy? Fuck no.

But despite himself he found the rope in the drawer and the memory of Roy's suggestion haunting him.

Al crossed his legs on the bed and cupped his chin thoughtfully. His brows lowered. "I think you should just tell him what you want," he said after a bit. "And then I think you should just do it."

Ed shook his head. "The thing is, I DON'T want it. Or at least, I don't want to want it. But I can't seem to get the idea out of my head." He felt relief having confessed the fantasy, but he wasn't ready to actually admit how damn OBSESSED he had become with it. Being tied up and helpless was something that Ed never wanted to be under any situation, and yet perversely the idea turned him on beyond all reason.

Al's cheeks colored. "Would it help to have a witness?"

Ed jerked to look at his brother, surprised. "You mean, you'd be ok with that."

Al actually laughed. "I've been practically witnessing your liaisons since you started this affair. The first thing you do when you come home is confess in great detail."

"You don't seem to mind..."

"Of course I don't mind," Al said. This was a very familiar conversation. It happened almost every time the subject of Roy and sex came up. "It's kind of a turn on. And I like the fact that you trust me enough to let me know what you are doing and feeling."

"Its just..."

"You want me to be close to you." Al reached over and stroked Ed's hair. "You know I'll never leave you. And I'll always protect you. Even though I'm not big and spiky anymore, if Roy acts up, I will be all over him. Honestly, it's no problem for me. It might be a bit awkward for you, and I really don't know what Roy will think about it."

"He's a pervert. I doubt he'll have a problem with it." But Ed felt a bit worried. How exactly would he broach the subject.

Al came to the rescue. "So, do you want ME to ask him?"

Ed flushed. "I... it's embarrassing to change my mind after I made such a big deal out of saying 'never.'"

"It's no problem." Al patted his leg. "I've been meaning to have a heart to heart with him for a while."

Despite their conversation, Ed was surprised when Roy came to get him for the next date and pointedly ushered Al along as well. Ed felt a strange during dinner, and yet at the same time oddly relieved. It was almost not a date anymore, more a gathering of friends. Al and Roy spoke cordially together on safe subjects like alchemy and politics. It wasn't until they were eating their desert that any of them broached the subject of why Al was there.

"I must admit," said Roy. "I find the concept of a threesome intriguing. I've never tried it before."

Al colored. "Oh, I'm not..." he said. "I'm just watching." He covered his face. "Now I feel like a total voyeur."

Ed felt his heart skip a beat. Al couldn't be backing out now.

"And this is a bad thing? How?" Roy chuckled. "Now, now. You don't need to do anything you don't feel comfortable with," he murmured. "I've been telling that to Ed for months, but I don't think he believes me."

Ed wasn't sure he liked the gleam in Roy's eyes. He had a feeling Roy was up to something and the urge to back out grew even stronger.

No. I need this. I need to do it just ONCE to prove that it isn't for me. My mind needs to give my body a reality check. There is no way Roy would do anything too funny with Al there. And I'll be through with these fantasies once and for all.

Roy was looking at Ed speculatively. "Are you sure YOU don't mind him with us? He is your brother after all."

Ed was glad Roy didn't use the I word. He knew, shamefully, that it should bother him to have Al so familiar with his love life. He often wondered why it didn't bother Al more. But there was just something innately comforting and right about having Al close by. The need to share everything with him was almost overwhelming.

"There is no way I'd be doing this if he weren't."

"He is your safety blanket then," Roy's eyes seemed almost to dance at the notion, as thought Ed's need for Al were something delightfully funny.

Ed wanted to smack him right then, but he curbed himself. This was a restaurant, and he wasn't 16 anymore. Instead he just lifted the napkin off his lap and patted his face. "Lets get this over with."

Roy smirked and passed... was that a speculative look over at Al? Al just nodded his head and smiled.

Even with Al there, Ed almost called it quits when Roy pulled the rope out of the drawer, but he grimly offered up his hands instead. He had made up his mind; he WAS going to do this.

Roy brought his wrists together and looped the rope about in a quick, efficient, and quite effective way. It was only after he finished that Ed realized that his wrists were in fact crossed in such a way that he could not bring his hands together no matter how he wiggled. His stomach tensed with alarm, realizing that he was both physically and alchemically subdued.

He didn't like Roy's smile one bit.

But Al was there, sitting in a corner. Al would keep him safe.

Roy continued, tying his wrists to the headboard with just a little slack. Ed wasn't sure what that was for.

"How do you feel?" He asked when he stopped.

"Strange," said Ed. "I'm not sure I like it."

Roy ran his hands down Ed's naked sides. Ed was alarmed to realize that for the first time he COULDN'T stop Roy from touching him. Usually he would guide Roy's hands to where he wanted them to be. His heart raced to realize that he had no idea what part of himself Roy would be touching next. Fear and anticipation seemed to heighten his senses tenfold, and even though Roy's touch was light and no where near the erogenous zones of Ed's body, it had become the most amazingly sensuous touch he'd ever experienced. He gasped and bucked a little.

Roy lips were tweaked in a knowing smile. "Ah yes, this is what I thought. Come closer Al, look at the way he's responding."

Ed's heart beat faster.

Al pulled his chair closer to the bed. He seemed fascinated. "His lips are turning redder," Al said. "Is it ok?"

No, thought Ed, Yes. No, his body wasn't learning the lesson. His body was melting and oh God Roy had hardly even touched him. Yes, it was better than ok, it was amazing!

Roy stroked up the side of his neck, and then caressed his chin, brushing his lips with his thumb. Ed's nostrils flared and it seemed every nerve was on edge. This was the best foreplay he'd ever experienced.

"You see, you needed to let go. You are finally allowing me to be your lover."

Ed's brows knit. "You've been my lover for months."

"No, you've been masturbating using me. It felt good, I'm sure, but it's not the same thing." Roy continued to stroke him gently all over his body. "You need to trust a little."

"I can't."

"I know. That's why we are using the ropes. That's why Al is here."

Roy changed positions so he was sitting, turned sideways, his legs off the bed. "Come closer, Al," he said.

"I... I... why?"

Ed wanted to know that too, but the way Roy's hands were moving interrupted any coherent thoughts he might have.

"If you are going to watch, I want you to really get the full experience." Roy smiled and seemed focused on Al, but his hands never, oh god, never stopped. Who would have thought that the back of Ed's knee could be so sensitive?

Al brought the chair so close that it was pressing against the bed.

"Does it turn you on to look at two men together?" he asked.

Al was a bit breathless. "Yes."

"Here, give me your hand." Al reached out and Ed saw Roy take it in one hand and then lay it against Ed's stomach.

Ed sucked in a huge breath his mind narrowed down for a moment to just take in the incongruent touch of Als hand. He could feel the Roy's fingers sliding between Al's. Roy then moved Al's hand softly up his belly, over the ribs, to his nipple. Al gasped, his eyes wide.

"I think you both need to let go a little."

"What... what are you up to," said Ed. "Noth... nothing .... Weird .... I hope."

There was that predatory look in Roy's eyes again, only this time it seemed to be focused on Al. Al was just supposed to be there to observe, what on Earth was Roy up to?

I gave him an opening to take over, Ed realized with horror, and he has. What a fool he'd been, Al was far too naïve to stand up against Roy. Roy was far too devious.

Ed tried to speak up and save his brother, but Roy moved his hand, taking Al's with it, down to Ed's cock, and suddenly Ed couldn't save anyone. He was drowning. He writhed. Full thoughts would not form.

"Keep touching him, just like that, Al." And now it was just one soft hand on his cock, stroking him slowly. It felt marvelous, different from the other times he and Al had experimented with each other. When Al had done precisely what he wanted when he wanted it. Now Al was following his own notions, and his notions were slower, softer, more tentative than Ed had ever directed. If his hands were free he'd have forced his brother's hand into a fist and started stroking more swiftly now, but he couldn't move his hands. He couldn't even talk coherently.

Ed was distracted by Al's hand to such a point that he didn't notice the blindfold being put on his eyes until the world was blocked off. "Wha... wait..." said Ed. His whole body shuddered. He couldn't get any harder. He suddenly felt more vulnerable, not even being able to guess where the next touch would be, or even know who was touching him.

Ed squirmed, trying to evade Roy, but it was impossible and every stroke, every kiss was a surprise.

"You need to let go," said Roy. "You are still fighting."

"Al," said Ed. He needed to call this off now. This was too far.

"Mmm?" It was a soft, lustful query.

Ed felt a mouth on his nipple... who knew whose, and his thought, whatever it had been, was gone. Then the mouth was exchanged with fingers that pinched and pulled.

"Are you sure about that?" said Al's voice after a minute.


Something pressed against his mouth. He gasped and jerked, but couldn't resist it. It took him a moment to realize it was a gag.

"He needs to completely let go, Al. He needs to recognize that he can't fight, that he has to give in. Until he's completely helpless he will fight his impulses, he will continue to deny himself what he needs most. Allow me to show you. Sit back a second."

Suddenly the hands and mouths were gone. He felt nothing but cool air lightly caressing his body. The sudden lack of stimulus was if anything more powerful than the touches had been before hand.

"Notice how profoundly this effects him. Really, I've never seen anyone quite so responsive to this treatment."

He wanted to scream. Beg. Yell. Threaten. Anything to get the hands back, to be touched again. To end this agony. But the gag prevented him from using reason, the ropes prevented him from using physical force, and even the blindfold took away his power. He couldn't even plead with his eyes.

A single finger stroked down his chest. It was so intense that he bent forward into it, curling himself off the bed. Then it was gone.

Al, you were supposed to keep me safe! A small voice in him wailed.

"Yes," said Al. "I see what you mean. That's amazing."

More touches. Here and there. Each one so intense it almost made him cry. He was horny beyond belief.

Then finally when the agony seemed too much he finally felt a single finger draw a line up the underside of his cock. As minimal as that was, it was enough and Ed began coming. He wasn't sure whether to be mad, or astonished, or frightened.

If that felt good, imagine what else what it would have felt like if Roy had properly jacked him off.

He moaned inside the gag. Happy it was over. Disappointed it was over. And confused, very, very confused, because his body had just taken his mind's theories about control and sex and need and utterly shredded them. He liked being tied up. He liked being helpless. Hell, he even liked being scared. It made no sense.

"That was easy." Roy was chuckling. "I think we will have to work a little harder for this next part."

"Next part?"

Now that his thoughts were clearer and his lust was dying down, Ed suddenly realized how completely foolish he'd been. Roy was not going to let him go and there was absolutely nothing Ed could do to free himself.

Roy would want to come, too, but how in the world was Ed going to satisfy him in THIS position? His hands were useless and his mouth was covered and... of course... the bastard.

Sure enough he felt hands between his legs. He tried to hold them closed but the hands just pried them open.

"I'm not sure Brother likes this. In fact, I'm pretty sure he doesn't."

"Your brother has absolutely no clue what he likes and dislikes."

Ed wanted to yell, "Stop."

Roy continued, "He thought he didn't like being tied up, but he did."

"Yeah, I saw that."

"He'll like this, too."


"He just needs to be shown."

"You're probably right," Al said.

No, Al. Don't agree with him!

"Would you like to help?"

"S-sure. What do I need to do?"

"Lets get you out of your clothes first."

For a while Ed could only listen to the rustle of clothes, some minor giggles and hums. He wished he didn't have the blindfold on. It wasn't fucking fair. Al and Roy got to see everything, and here he was kept in the dark.

Then came some more amorous noises, the wet smacking of lips together, a low moan. Al whispered. "Good, there." And Roy let out a soft somewhat muffled laugh.

Whispers, too low for Ed to hear, but he thought he caught his name. What the heck were they up to?

Ed grew angry. Here he was lying helpless while his lover molested his brother—molested the man who was SUPPOSED to be watching after him. Molested and conspired. No. This was too damn much. Ed kicked impotently and tried to wrest his hands free of the ropes. Failing in that, he rolled over and scooted on his knees and elbows up to pull the blind fold and gag loose. He was going to give them a piece of his mind if nothing else.

"I think my brother's getting impatient."

"We really shouldn't neglect him."

The mattress shifted around as one or perhaps both climbed onto the bed with him. Someone, Ed suspected it was Roy, grabbed his hips and pulled him downward, keeping his hands away from his face. Suddenly he felt a wet coolness against the crack of his ass.

My god they were really going to do this... and Al was helping.

Ed thrashed his head back and forth in the universal signal, "No!"

"I've hardly touched him and he's writhing already," said Al, sounding delighted.

Al helping, shit no, Al was DOING! Al, Al, not you too! What did that bastard tell you?

"Now slide just one in. Slowly. Make sure you distribute the lube, we definitely don't want him dry on his first time through."

Ed could think of NOTHING but a strange intrusion, that for all his attempts to tighten down still parted him almost effortlessly. The chill of the lube vanished almost immediately and he was soon left with a strange warm fullness and a need to bear down.

"Ouch," said Al. "It's super tight."

"Ed you need to relax. The more you tighten up, the less comfortable this will be."

Ed thrashed.

"It's going to happen, you might as well enjoy it."

"If he doesn't want this..." said Al. Yes, there we go, Al. Stand up for me!

"Oh he does, he just doesn't know he does, continue." God damn you Roy!

The finger pushed in deeper. Ed realized that there was no point in fighting it. It was going to happen. The bastard had Al snowed. Had Al even doing the dirty work himself. There was nothing to do for it to relax as thoroughly as he could and listen to Roy coach Al into sliding a second finger in and rubbing, streaching, stroking the inside of Ed's ass.

And after the initial uncomfortable stretch, God help him, Roy was right, it did feel good. Weird, disturbing, but good. Ed grew firm again.

Meanwhile Roy continued to stroke and touch him, molesting and teasing the rest of his body. Forcing Ed's mind in several directions at once. That overwhelming sense of sensuality flooded him again, ripping away his thoughts. For a while he didn't care how helpless he was. He was lost.

When Al finally lined himself up and pushed in, Ed actually pushed back. Oh it hurt, but it felt fabulous. Such a thing shouldn't even be possible. He hated it, and he loved it, and it was honestly too much. Too much, too fast, too soon.

And it was over fairly soon as well. Ed breathed a sigh of relief when he felt a sudden warmth within him and Al slid completely out. "That was great! A lot better than his hand."

Oh great, and now Al was insulting him. Or possibly complimenting him. It was hard to tell. My mind has turned to complete mush, thought Ed.

"Yes, it is. Now slide over, it's my turn." Oh, HELL no.

There was a jostling on the bed. He felt a firmer grip on his hips, and then Roy was pressing in. Ed bit the gag. Roy was larger in all directions than his brother, and suddenly Ed was thankful Roy had let Al go first. He wasn't sure he could have taken Roy comfortably without it.

Roy was also a whole lot better at it than Al, for one thing, he seemed to be angling himself ... oh... yes.

Roy was talking, saying something. Ed couldn't hear, or rather he could but he couldn't make sense of any of it. All he knew was getting hornier with every stroke, and he was soon going to come for a second time, and right on the heels of the first. He honestly hadn't thought it physically possible.

It was Al's hand that brought him over the edge, snaking down under his belly, wet with lube to give his cock a slippery pull. It was simply more than he could take.

Roy, thankfully, followed not long after. Thankfully because after he'd come he began to feel rather uncomfortable and achy. Bruised in fact. And it would only get worse the longer Roy banged about in there.

Finally Roy pulled out. "Go ahead and release him," he said.

Al pulled off the blind fold first, then the gag, and finally worked on the knots by his hands. Ed rubbed his wrists and flexed the blood back into his fingers. Both Al and Roy were looking at him expectantly.

What could he say? Go to hell you demon bastard, I knew I couldn't trust you? Oh, Al, why did you betray me? Holy fuck that was the hottest thing I've ever experienced in my life? All of that? None of it?

"Well," said Roy at last.

"Yeah," said Ed. "I could do that again."

Al snuggled close and wrapped his arm around Ed's waist, and Roy rolled over until his cheek rested on Ed's head. "We can definitely do this again."